Review: P.K.O. ‎– Tha Good, Tha Bad, Tha Mafia

P.K.O. ‎– Tha Good, Tha Bad, Tha Mafia is one of PKO’s hardest albums next to They Scared Of A Nigga and Don’t Fuck With Texas. This album captures even more of that hardcore aggressive gangsta rap sound. This album is filled with old school hardcore gangsta rap, old school soul, and funk. Some expect excitement and aggressive hardcore raps as the tracks are harmoniously arranged. There is some chill G-Funk vibes harmoniously arranged on tracks such as Ridin High, Old School, Gonna Be Alright, and Sunday. The album has decent production from Ricé, DJ AK, DJ Snake, Mike E.D., and Ron C. Ricé, DJ AK, DJ Snake, and Mike E.D. did a bulk of the production work though. As I said before on my other album reviews on P.K.O., P.K.O. was the southern version of N.W.A. except they stood together longer than N.W.A. and so on.

Tha Good, Tha Bad, Tha Mafia album is a milestone in San Antonio rap and hip hop because that album hit #64 on The Top #100 BillBoard and #71 on The Top #100 BillBoard making P.K.O. the first hip-hop/rap group from San Antonio to chart on the BillBoard. The Good, the Bad, the Mafia which has sold 400,000 units to date. PKO was the only rap group from San Antonio that has albums charted on the Billboard Charts and has toured all over the world beside 3rd Degree, Liveola, Lil Ken, and Lil Sin.

Notice how the copyright notice reads, “Youngsta Records. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication will get you killed!” That was included on the original 1994 pressings of Tha Good, Tha Bad, Tha Mafia. Some of the later represses don’t include the shocking controversial copyright notice “Unauthorized duplication will get you killed!”. That is because Midwest Records made Youngsta Records take off that warning label/copyright notice in later represses. You don’t hardly ever see or get those controversial copyright notices anymore.

One way to differentiate the original pressing and the represses are to look for the barcode. The original 1994 presses have a barcode. The 2005 repress and other represses do not have a barcode. On the cassette version, the A Side is listed as Old School and the B Side is listed as New School. All cassette pressings have this. Only the cassette version of this album has those listings. That is not on the CD version.

Shoot Em Up served as the explosive introduction and opener for Tha Good, Tha Bad, Tha Mafia marking PKO’s dynamic entry and return to music. The production is very much spectacular and is laden with funky grooves. Several foley sound effects are used throughout the track. Ricé and DJ Snake had produced the explosive exciting Shoot Em Up.

Now the original version of Shoot Em Up had used the sample of The Intruders – Cowboys to Girls. This is not included in the 2005 repress or any of the other represses. My guess is that copyright reasons prevented the original version from being used in the represses.

Not many people are aware of this or know, but Shoot Em Up samples a portion of the lyrics from the 1968 song The Intruders – Cowboys to Girls as follows: “Cowboys and girls/I remember (I remember)/When I used to play shoot ’em up(Shoot ’em up, bang, bang, baby)”

Not many people are aware of this but the chorus is a line taken from Da Lench Mob – Freedom Has An AK. That is where the chorus sample came from.

Then the sample switches over to a vocal sample pulled from the 1991 movie Boyz In The Hood which goes, “Watch me shoot this motherfucker.” A gunshot is fired leading to the explosive introduction and explosive entry which marks as their dynamic entry.

PKO are the niggas everyone is scared. Sometimes Pony J wonders if his gang still needs him even though there is a peace treat in effect. Don’t you run because he will shoot you with the bop gun. He’s got the gat and serving people with murders. Death is knocking on his front door everywhere he goes. C-Lo will hit you with the tech. That is the tool he uses when acting a fool. This episode is all about peeling caps. It never stops. C-Lo is the 817 Criminal from Fort Worth, Texas. The Youngsta Mafia don’t play that shit.

Niggaz in The Hood is your typical gangsta rap song about how shit in the neighborhood has not changed in several years. Niggaz in The Hood is a Nino solo which was produced by DJ Snake. The song uses some solid Eazy-E breaks.

This gangster is fresh out of the penitentiary and back on the streets. This gangster has been gone for 10 long years. Tears keep coming from his mother’s face. He ain’t good for shit. He can’t keep a family. Being a hustler is in his blood. He is a hustler amongst the real niggaz. A welcome home party is what they threw him. Some niggaz gave him cash and jewelry. In the basement was 5 bricks of cocaine which made them all rich. They no longer sell pills as they have graduated on to selling cocaine.

6 months have passed. Pony J is now living rox to riches as he is eating steak and shrimp every day. He has to give them geekers what they want and desire. He is under constant surveillance every day because he sells cocaine. They can’t fade a nigga like Pony J because he has been selling drugs since 1983. He’s still running with his same gang because niggaz in the hood haven’t changed.

Pony J is feeling like Tony Montana. Even though he is rich he still can’t throw up his bandana. He keeps an eye closely on his friends in case some niggaz try to jack them and him. Niggaz from his hood stay strapped with guns.

Havin’ Thangs is about having those materialistic things in life through acts of robbery. Havin’ Thangs samples MC Breed – Gotta Get Mine and Dr. Dre – Ghetto Boy. PKO copied some lyrics from MC Breed – Gotta Get Mine to use the chorus of Havin’ Thangs. The song uses some solid Snoop Dogg breaks.

The motto for the Youngsta Mafia in 1994 was, “You gotta use what you got and take what you want.” That was the motto which Youngsta Mafia lived by.

You’re listening to a young nigga who is having things. It’s mandatory that Pony J busts a rap. He’s breaking off people by leaving a trail of homicide. This was the only way the bills were getting paid. Still he ended up broke. Now the only thing left for him to do is stick his gat down your throat. Don’t try to play the role of a hero because your ass will be shot. His love for your ass is zero. He’s gotta get his. So he’ll take yours.

This young nigga gets full of the weed and takes someone’s money. He creates a bloodbath whenever he kills them. It’s a jack, bitch. Don’t make this a homicide. In situations like this only the dumb ones die. He’ll get 900 more mother truckers from the Rigsby (Rigsby Courts). They next thing you know you’re getting slammed. He’ll take your wallet and the keys to your car. He’ll split your wig. Next he’ll dump your body in a remote location. Only he knows where you are. He’ll also add your cash to his cash flow.

A chance to flip a car is something Pony J should not have gotten. Because now he can rob anyone. Pony J is not with hiding out or running scared. He put a gun up to someone’s head and is about to put a slug into their head. 2 shots laid the person down. He is going on a jacking spree next.

Gonna Be Alright explores the ups and downs of Pony J’s life in the both the drug game, night life, and music business. He knows everything is going to be alright even when shit ain’t going right. Gonna Be Alright samples The Floaters – Float On. You don’t hear rap songs like this anymore. Gonna Be Alright also features Mr. Joshay.

Shit ain’t going right. Pony J wonders why a nigga gets sweaty. His mind is playing tricks on him like the Geto Boys said. But in Pony J’s case it’s much, much deeper. The downhill slide for him is even steeper. He sold a lot of crack cocaine and pistol-whipped a lot of dope fiends just from being in the game all the time. However he still stayed one up in the process of drug dealing. Pony J was a top notch slanger on a day to day come up. (Pony J was a top notch slanger on a daily basis.) Trying to fuck Pony J over will have your ass taken out.

The only shorts for him were the ones that he was wearing. And if their ass got jacked then they worked to get the next sack for free to make his money back because confiscated drugs don’t make a player or slanger shit. Because it’s all about trying to get rich in the drug game. They drop south to put your funky ass tank so you can rot and the drug dealer get off scot-free without any punishment, repercussions, consequences, fines, or penalties. Pony J is always on his P’s and Q’s to avoid the SA-Town County blues, which is San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) and Bexar County Police Department, just to avoid arrest. The laws are waiting to lock a nigga up. But Pony J thinks because he is black that he has bad luck. Police can’t find anything to arrest Pony J for or use any evidence against him. Pony J can’t stay low key or undetected because police already know him. But this is something black folks have gotten used to. Right? Even though police are all on his nuts, Pony J knows everything will be alright.

Hangin in the club is a bad idea because a money mackin’ bitch is there looking all fine with that tight ass dress on. He buys her a drink anyway. Another nigga high sides her. Pony J has the 411 about her fading more players than a barbershop. So while Pony J is in the club doing this shit, he wonders if there’s someone sleeping his bitch. Because if there is, he’s a certified OG. Because she won’t fuck with a player lesser than Pony J.

PKO has been the music business for years. It’s past time they get some respect and recognition. They’ve been working like Mexicans just to get some fucking props from fellow Texans. Every year PKO keeps climbing up the ladder. They slipped a few times but that still didn’t matter. That is what the lyrics “A nigga been working like Mexicans just to get some fucking props from fellow Texans/Yeah we slipped a few times but that still didn’t matter” are a reference to. People only say gold and platinum records matter but that’s a lie. The profits Youngsta Records makes are splendid. Such as when they first made their quarter million ($250,000 dollars).

Lickshot revolves around the basis of robbing jackers, drug dealers, and robbers. That is the synopsis of the song in a nutshell. Lickshot samples Funkadelic – Free Your Mind.

Pony J got into the dope game back in 1986. That’s when he became a hustler with his nigga Magic Mark, Cowboy, and Quinn (?). Fucking off and popping off fulls that want to start some shit. Pony J is giving you this game because is that niggaz hand him. That’s the reason why he has love for the Youngsta Mafia.

Him and Youngsta Mafia are on a late night creep to the club while rolling 10 deep. Pony J’s cousin is in his Cadillac sitting on Dayton rims. Security at the club is fucking with the Youngsta Mafia because they think they are gangbangers. Pony J is interacting with some bitches at the bar. He’s fucking with the same bitch that wants to fuck his car. This bitch leans over to whisper in Pony J’s ear. She said, “Let’s go to your place.” He tells her, “Bitch, please! You only want to get with me because you heard I slang them keys. But keep it on the cool.” He can’t let these bitches know where he keeps his stash and where he keeps his dope. He only gives her the number to his pager. Pony J is out to get rich.

Pony J gets hooked with some dope dealers out of Houston who tried to fuck him out of his money. So Pony J ended up shooting them. He caught those dope dealers out of Houston slipping at a red light. Bullets started flying and ricocheting off the curb. Money Cheeks grabbed the loot out of a black 1964 Impala. Now they are back on the highway on cruise control. Looking out for the laws because it’s Friday. Pony J reaches his destination. It’s time to set up shop in a different location. Magic Mark called some niggaz in California. He said he had a spot waiting for him in East Oklahoma. They bought a fat grip and went back to Texas.

Youngsta Records made a quarter million dollars ($250,000 dollars) off sales from They Scared of a Nigga in 1992 as 52,000 copies were sold without any promotion. This is discussed in the song.

X Marks the Spot is a solo track performed by Pony J the 817 Criminal. Pony J goes on a murder spree and executes people in a gruesome manner throughout the song. Explosive foley effects are added to the production.

Pony J caught somebody slippin. He has his .9 millimeter glock aiming straight for the bull’s eyes and is guaranteed to hit the bull’s eyes on the first try. Too late to try to compromise. Your life is fucked. The only thing stopping Pony J is time. Don’t expect to see a gangbanger when you see Pony J as he is the East Side Gun Slinger. So watch out. He fights dirty. Pony J is on the run with his bop gun.

No matter where you are Pony J is going put in the range of his infrared laser beam from his bop gun and is going to pump your ass up full of lead bullets. Avoid all street corners at night. Even in a room full of people you’re a goner. Pony J is coming at you with a death wish. And with a scope at the top of his barrel he can’t miss. He knows you’re shaking like a bitch. You never know when you are going to get hit. Pony J can promise you one thing. It will happen so fast that you will not feel any pain. The only thing you’ll be hearing is gun fire. Pony J will be waiting for your kinfolks who want revenge and they’re getting murdered too.

Pony J is plotting up a scheme. He lets you know fucking with him is like living on death row. Pony J was born to raise hell on these concrete streets. Better watch out when he is on the creep. He is never falling less than hardcore because his salary depends on reality.

Redrum is about robbing jackers and getting back at them. The song also revolves around the subject of murder too. The song uses some wicked Redman, KRS-One, and Snoop Dogg breaks.

It’s just another day in the neighborhood for PKO. Rolling in a drop top convertible, sipping on a 40 .oz. Pony J is well-known throughout his neighborhood. So he has to lay low and keep a low profile. He is headed to the playground. That is where the pimp niggas chill in SA-Town. He stopped at the corner store to go read a magazine. He is tripping out his picture he seen in the Source Magazine. Everything was all right.

But just his luck, Pony J got jacked by this young nigga throwing up a set. And now he’s walking up easy. Pony J is peeping out game while he is checking out his Dayton rims. Pony J is getting in position to lullaby ass his mission. He acts like he does’t see him. This punk thinks he has it made in the shade. That is until he yelled out “Jack!” and he is laying on his back from being murdered. The police sirens soon blare off in the distance which can be heard at the end of the verse.

Jackers roll in cliques. Pony J knew this was not the end. He seen the same jackers before and they wanted revenge. He has to make a choice to run away like a buster or retaliate back. Pony J is a Youngsta Mafia nigga who stands by his word. Behind the back of his steering wheel is where he takes cover. The closest person to him got his cap peeled. His luck ran out when he ran out of bullets and when 3 more people showed up. Magic Mark rolled up in a beige Cadillac followed by C-Lo and K-Sam just in time to assist Pony J.

Girlz Best Friend is about horny girls wanting to have sex with different men and about how a penis is a girl’s best friend. This song goes out to all you hoes, sluts, tramps, skeezers, and cunts. So peep game. Girlz Best Friend samples Art of Noise – Moments in Love and Guy – Piece of My Love.

They say a dick is a girl’s best friend, right. Girls gotta have dick every single night. C-Lo says girls are only for fucking. But leave it up to Pony J to give them a good to dick to suck. He knows these girls like some mean dick for sexual gratification and pleasure. And also based on the size of their juicy lips. A penis is a girl’s best friend.

Pony J plays the role of a buster and a player all in the same sequence. He’s the type of nigga that will lay her and never play her. These hoes like to wear see-through lingerie. His bitch is a freak because she likes to wear see-through lingerie. So why should a nigga get married when there is a 50%/50% percent chance of the child being his. It took a long time to find that information out. And she’s friends with too many dicks so she needs to take a time out.

Riding High is a nice mellow weed anthem for you bud heads out there. Riding High samples Faze-O – Ridin High of course.

Nino (Rox II Riches 2) is a rags to riches styled story of selling drugs to get rich. In this case cocaine. Nino (Rox II Riches 2) was the 1994 remix of Rox II Riches which went even harder. Horrorcore meets gangsta rap and P-Funk on Nino (Rox II Riches 2). San Antonio was the drive by capital and gangbanging capital of the nation during the 1990s. That is why there is a lot of violence.

The song also explained why he changed his name from Pony J to Nino. Pony J changed his name to Nino after he saw New Jack City and was inspired by the character Nino Brown (played by Wesley Snipes). You can tell he was obviously inspired by the movie New Jack City because vocal samples from New Jack City are used randomly throughout the song. Much love to that black hearted nigga named Nino.

The lyrics “I started out with a 50 flip then bought a 16/Fucked around and bought 2 ounces the same damn week” are what made Nino (Rox II Riches 2) a classic.

Pony J started with a 50 flip then he bought a 16. Fucked around and bought 2 ounces the same damn week. So now he’s rolling. Those 2 ounces were made into 6 ounces. He has a gun for protection. He keeps a plastic chrome over his 357. People including children want to be like Pony J since he is making that money. Now the old school niggaz won’t fuck with him. They can’t slang where he slangs unless they come to get the cocaine from him. Nino is taking over SA-Town with the youngstas from Youngsta Mafia.

He always knew the game was for fucking keeps. You reap what you sow and you sow what you reap. And sell what you reap. Like these niggas who tried to put his game on tilt. Nino had to stop his business and wound up killing them. One nigga lived but the Youngsta Mafia still got him. This is what Nino told that motherfucker before he shot him, “If you sell a whole fucking chicken I want in. And if you sell a whole fucking pound I want in. And if you sell a whole fucking pound I want in. And if you sell a whole fucking ounce I want in. And if you sell a dime rock, bitch, I want in.” Nino is not showing any love up in this game. Niggaz in his hood ain’t changed. Fuck St. Ides. He drinks the Red Bull energy drink. He is fucking over busters. And none of you can’t fuck with this black hearted motherfucker. You shouldn’t have made him slow his role because now his dope is moving slow and selling low. So now Pony J has to play the role of Nino Brown.

A clip dialogue used from the movie New Jack City is used after the 1st verse. Nino Brown: [after the carter is shut down] A million dollar a week business reduce to fucking rubble! Nino! Nino! It’s your responsibility!

Nino changed up his game without hesitation and rearranged his organization. He had to go to a whole different fucking route because this punk motherfucker ratted him out to law enforcement. So Nino shot him with the street sweeper. You fuck with fire and your ass is getting burned.

Nino and his Colombian friend have the drugs flowing. San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) is scoping him because nobody has more drugs than him. He paid off SAPD just the previous week.

Now Nino is dressed to kill walking through the fucking club. Niggaz are showing much love. But just like Nino Brown on New Jack City, Pony J is living life on the limb. That’s when he snapped and realized he is living the same life Nino Brown lived. What’s wrong with selling dope to go legit? No matter how people get rich off selling drugs they still can’t quit.

Watching the New Jack City movie at his house is what he does next. That’s when SAPD kicked down the door to his house. He saw SAPD coming in on his big screen TV. However all cases and all charges against Pony J were dropped in court due to lack of evidence.

Old School reminisces about the old days of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. However this song primarily reminisces about the old days of the 1970s and 1980s. Ron C and PKO take you back to the old school. Old School was produced by DJ Snake and Magic Mark. The song has that slick G-Funk sound.

Remember waking up Sunday and eating Mama’s soul food? Remember those 1.5’s? Niggaz didn’t gangbang. Niggaz used to fist fight. Now this was way before crack cocaine became a popular drug of choice and a mainstay. Newports were the joints people smoked. Bad ass motherfuckers were always skipping school.

Ron C says Olde English was popular way before Hennessy ever was. Rolling to a house party bumping them oldies. Never worried about the laws because they touched him or his crew. Police did not harass him either. His cousin had the two-tone tinted windows on his Cutlass Oldsmobile.

Around the 1:43 mark is where Pony J reminisces about getting his first piece of pussy and loosing his virginity. Pony J reminisces about getting his first piece of pussy by this bitch who wore plaid clothing with the butterfly shades which was in 1976. That was the year Pony J lost his virginity. You know that Pony J was with it regarding anything related to getting pussy.

Pony J also remembers riding the bus to go to Windsor Park Mall. No other crew could fuck with the Youngsta Mafia. So everyone stayed away from the Youngsta Mafia. The only things on his mind were fun and girls. Every other month he got a jheri curl. He was not writing any rhymes and was not rapping at the time. He chilling at his house and was watching a show called Good Times. He gave a fuck less where his money went. But that was in the old days with the old fools. He remembers waking up Sunday and eating Mama’s soul food.

Ron C remembers before he left California that he saw pimps pimping hoes and selling pussy in the alley. Everywhere he looked he saw niggaz rolling in Trues and Vogues. And those plush ass Cadillacs. He also remembers when he had first seen a mack. He was told by people not to act like that. He had the hoes on his tip but the money was better. Ron C stayed paid in 1994.

All Day Sunday is a laid back chill G-Funk song about what Pony J does every Sunday. San Antonio was wild back in those days. All Day Sunday was produced by Ricé and features Mr. Joshay. The sample used in All Day Sunday was Juicy – Sugar Free.

Pony J barely goes to church but he still prays to God for letting him wake up and see another day. Pony J kisses his daughter Shaquira on the forehead. He shaves and takes a shower. His woman pitches a fit as he is walking out of the house. Every weekend is the same old thing. He spends all day Sunday with his friends. They are at the carwash waxing cars and shining rims. 64s, 50s, Cutlass Oldsmobiles, and Cadillacs. This includes drop top convertibles.

Everybody is celebrating at the park at 3:00 pm in the afternoon. Money Cheeks had the barbeque pit. They are just chilling and not worried about any set tripping. DJ AK is bullshitting around with a camcorder. He fucked around and saw his wife and his daughter sitting on the car. They are fucking with fine house. OG players are up under the tree playing Dominoes. Everybody is high off the chronic. Nobody is even thinking about committing a murder. Nobody is thinking about murder. Pony J gets hungry. So he heads off to Murf’s Burger/Murf’s Better Burger. (In memory of Murf’s Better Burger.) Then he went into his drop top convertible and rolled off in the Texas heat. A .9 millimeter handgun is in his front seat. He plays the song Ice Cube – Today Was A Good Day. Today was a good day up in SA-Town. Pony J is chilling on the East Side basing in a fat ride.

Lyrics to the chorus is what made the song All Day Sunday memorable which were “Chilling on the East Side basing in a fat ride”.

The sun went down at 7:15 PM. His top is still down as he rolls through SA-Town. Now he needs some more chronic weed. So he beeps his nigga Chris up and meets him at a Sonic™. They had seen the same two women they had seen at the park earlier that afternoon all while shooting some game at these punk ass marks. Pony J went up to the bitch and kicked the 411 to her. Then she came back to his car and fired up a blunt. Now she’s all up on his jewels reminiscing about when they went to school together. Later that night he took her to a motel and fucked her. He had seen her at the club later that night. So he avoided her ass. Pony J was with all the big booty bitches in the back of the club all night long. Drinks were on Magic Mark.

Of course the Youngsta Mafia had to start some static by getting into a fight. Mike E.D. had to knock this nigga smooth the fuck out by punching him in his mouth. The Youngsta Mafia fucked some shit at the club. He hit the highway blazing up another fat blunt. His nigga C-Lo had the .9 millimeter in case some punk ass jackers wanted to trip. Pony J finally made it to his house and took his last hit. Then he went upstair and had sex with his woman. Then he fell asleep in his bed not thinking about Monday.

PKO members Magic Mark and Pony J recorded a diss track directed and aimed towards DJ Quik titled San Antonio Ain’t Shit Like Compton as a response to his song Jus Lyke Compton, a track on where DJ Quik compared San Antonio to Compton. Clearly these guys hated what he said about San Antonio, Texas as DJ Quik inadvertently had put San Antonio in a bad light saying that San Antonio was (just as) bad like Compton. DJ Quik thought San Antonio was faking and trying to be like Compton. PKO had felt Quik was disrespecting the city by calling San Antonio a “wannabe” version of Compton.

Back in 1994, DJ Quik ran out of a concert at the Main Event Club at 1814 North Main Street after East Terrace Gangstas (Crips) started shooting everywhere. Richard Wooten got killed in the parking lot during an argument over a bumping incident when the shooting occurred. He was shot several times during an argument with people inside of a car that bumped into him. Sadly he got shot in the face and was killed instantly. DJ Quik and his crew ran out of the club with security. Now not many people remember this but San Antonio was the drive by capital and gangbanging capital of the nation during the 1990s.

San Antonio Ain’t Shit Like Compton samples Average White Band – Awhile, George Clint – Atomic Dog, and of course DJ Quik – Jus Lyke Compton.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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