Review: Master P – Goodbye to My Homies

Master P – Goodbye to My Homies single uses a balance of mourning and heavy lyricism. The single is a mixture of R&B and gangsta rap. Aspiring No Limit artist and basketball player Master P released another solid effort of a single. Lyricism is what contemporary rap is missing in. The single also contained an exclusive bonus track which was Homie Ride which was shown and advertised on the back cover. Homie Ride was an exclusive bonus track that could only be found on this single.

Goodbye to My Homies was a tribute to all his deceased friends, family members, and rappers. Master P sent out a message stop the violence with this song of his. Goodbye to My Homies was his humanitarian effort to stop black on black crime. This song was dedicated to Master P’s late brother Kevin Miller. This is for everybody that lost a relative in the street game.

Y’all need to smile for his ghetto heroes. So many homies gone by trying to ball until they fall. Now Master P is left with nothing but old cards and a bunch of pictures on the wall. How does he say goodbye to what he had? The good times that made them that outweighed the bad. It’s so hard to say goodbye to his homies.

These lyrics were about Master P’s late brother Kevin Miller

But I still can’t believe that your dead fool, and how you got killed
And on your birthday me and my boys visit your grave
And I remember when you first got high
And the first time you got laid
And I’m going through a thing, Kevin nigga, what should I do
I never imagined living life without a nigga like you

Time is crazy. We shed so many ghetto tears. Every Sunday grandma goes to church. She said she gotta pray for her baby. Momma going through a thang but she gonna pull through. We got all the money but that don’t mean shit. It’s real out here. Death and funerals bring our families together. Life ain’t promised us so tell somebody you love them. You’ll never know when they’ll be here tomorrow.

Homie Ride was an exclusive bonus track that could only be found on this single. Homie Ride was one of those songs were released as b-sides on singles in the 1990s. That happened frequently back then. No Limit was famous for putting exclusive bonus tracks that could only be found on only on certain versions of a single. Some No Limit fans might remember this song as the bonus track. This is one of those mournful rap songs with heavy lyricism. Homie Ride is about homies that will ride and die for you. And even mourn your death.

Master P made money from selling that cocaine. But times have changed because Master P changed his life but is still trapped in the game. He was a young thug nigga hustlin’ full of Hennessy. The game wont change him but these streets made him. A No Limit Soldier who is still chased by the one time.

Imagine the pain. Would you accept C-Murder’s debt? Or would you hesitate on retaliation on his last breath? He won’t rest until he sees a nigga dead in the concrete. C-Murder will be a TRU Soulja until he is buried. He leaves ’em worried. Gettin’ high for his homies in the cemetery. The lyrics “Gettin’ high for his homies in the cemetery” make the song spooky and eerie. No Limit niggas be the realest. He went from ghettos to condos to shows with hoes. Tah bustin’ at fools with nickle plated fo’ fo’s.

The Gambino Family wonders if their thug niggas will ride for them? Will they kill or die with them? Protect your own and live long. These streets is a trip. And if they die, they got some TRU niggas comin’ with them. Their only wish is to see this niggas pain for this shit.

I rate this single 5/5*****!

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