Review: Nino – Unstoppable

Nino – Unstoppable was one of the best and hardest gangsta rap albums from San Antonio in 1998 next to Lil Sin – Who Got Yo Back. You have stellar production effort from Ricé and Magic Mark. Some of the songs such as Closer, Fortune Or Fame, and Don’t Stop Ever Lovin’ rely heavily on sampling for backing music. Artists such as Lil Sin, Mr. Joshay, Dogie, and Mr. Marlin have guest spots on his album. Highlights include Swangin’, Closer, Don’t Stop Ever Lovin’, Game On Freeze, and Eastside.

Now this Nino album relied more on the Southern rap sound than solely relying on gangsta rap as his first album did. That is because gangsta rap was no longer popular and Southern rap was becoming popular at that time. The album sold 100,000 units, just 25,000 units shy from his debut album in 1995 which sold 125,000 units.

The way Nino starts off the album is with the spectacular crystal clear crisp opener Home Of Tha Paid. The opener has clear crisp beats from Ricé and 17 Freeze. Home Of Tha Paid marked as a new beginning for Unstoppable, Big Ballin, and Youngsta Records for 1998.

Lace your combat boots. It’s time to go to war. We pulling tech 9’s, AK’s, and chrome triggers. His rhymes cost 3 G (3 grand) a flow. But deals with him are negotiable. Such as a quarter key for a show. He crushes everything that he busts. He’s been rapping since 1988. Nino is an OG from the old school. Every night he gets down on his knees to beg the Lord for forgiveness for slanging this cheese from drug money. He will ball until he falls. Nino knows just how it is turn nothing into something.

Fortune Or Fame discusses how crooked and fickle the music industry really is. The music industry is so shiesty. Nino discusses and explains his experience in the music industry on this song of his. Fortune Or Fame uses guitar samples from Luther Ingram – (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want to Be Right. The beats are quiet and lush.

The music industry is so shiesty. This shit is so real. This shit can fuck your head up sometimes. People are still looking for that fortune and fame. They always have been and always will continuously. That’s all some people want. Either rapping or selling cocaine is what some people do even if they say they don’t engage in such activity. They don’t want to pay the price that comes with the territory. They don’t want to pay the price of living that good lavish life either.

Nino is still playamade even though he has a wife. He is living for the fortune. People think they are set when they sign a contract for a record deal. Spending every dime until their money is gone. Trying to leave the apartments and get a masonry brick home. Nino has invested in a business. Nino invested in his own publishing so he would not get screwed by record companies. He fucks all these bitches while his mind is on his riches. Record companies often financially rape their signees. That’s the same reason these rap groups break up is all over money. For the fortune and the fame.

He remembers so vividly like it was yesterday when he was on the block selling rocks every day. His 20’s are so big. Geekers are beeping him all the time. First came the money, the power, and then the fame. Consequently he blew up so big to where law enforcement knew his name. Law enforcement was all up in his business trying to shut him down like his partners Whitney Brown and Kammboi (?). They both served a 20 year federal sentence.

Sometimes when you fall off and your game is slower than usual, the game is on freeze. Sometimes things come to a halt when you fall down the ladder. But you end up later getting back into your position. That is what Game On Freeze is about. The song features Nino of P.K.O., Dogie, and Mt. Joshay. Ricé and 17 Freeze aka Skip Wayne produced Game On Freeze. 17 Freeze played the guitar. The beats are quiet and lush.

The game is on freeze like it’s -20º F below. Ain’t nothing shaking in the trees from pounds to kilos. Loosing 10 grand ain’t shit to Nino. He can do a show overseas and come back home to perform. Nino fell off for a minute back in 1996 but he got back into his position in 1998. There’s no shit in competition. He got them hoes on their toes. All his dreams came true. Recognize that a real pimp is being chosen. Nino is just a six figure nigga rapping. No more Gucci or alligator shoes on his feet. His game is on freeze.

All Mr. Joshay wants to do smoke a blunt but he has to get that money. Why are they player hating on him? He represents San Antonio. Him and Nino have got the game on freeze.

Is it the crazy bitches that they be pimpin’ or those trips to Las Vegas that people are hating on them? Mr. Joshay can’t seem to understand all the hate aimed towards them. People can have nice things but they take them for granted. He has a bad ass yellow hammer and a condo in Atlanta. Southernplayalistic swang is nothing but a Texas thang. (It’s also a Georgia thang too.) Mr. Joshay shows love to all gang sets.

Now the verse rapped by Dogie is just as smooth and whimsical as Mr. Joshay’s verse. He has the same smoothness as he does.

Anythang 4 Tha Paper explains and discusses how people will do anything for money.

People be falling off and have no game. Nino knows some niggaz that will do anything for the paper. That is with a clear conscience. Quick to pull a caper. Ask the neighbors next door. Nino wants to get paid like Tony Draper. His business is smooth, suave, and nonchalant. That’s all he wants. He’s got killaz on the payroll. These killaz keep his enemies in fear. Nino is military minded. Anything for the paper. We’re having it all.

Lil Sin knows some niggaz that will do anything for money. Nino and Lil Sin are unstoppable. Get it smooth or he’s popping you. Money situation has Lil Sin shook in the worst way possible. His life is fucked. He is wondering who’s got his back. So he’ll be strapped with a gat when they come to attack him. Now danger is something he is facing hanging with a bunch of strangers. Lil Sin thinks about committing this crime. Holding his pistol steady ready to get this lick. There’s a bullet in his extra clip. His mission is to get millions. That’s the meal ticket for Lil Sin.

Closer deals with Nino trying to get with this sexy female for a long time as they are more than just friends. This song was dedicated to her. The song gets kinky and sexually explicit in nature. Ricé produced those fine ass beats you hear on the song. Closer relies heavily on Surface – More Than Friends for music backing.

Nino wants to be more than friends with this sexy female whom he has been trying to get with for a long time. They’ve been friends for too long not to have something real.

He wants to get closer to her. He wants to be more than friends. So he picks her up and all her friends in his flashy Benz. Can’t forget his jimmy hat incase he goes for a swim. So bag it and bone it. She was slim and had a cute face looking like Lil Kim. He’ll treat her to red lobster. It’s still all good even if she has kids. Nino will keep it real with her to the end. Every playa needs a real lady on their side to the end. Eventually being more than friends. She’s on his side every day when he rides. She’ll be there until his death.

They started off as friends and homies. Until she ran her mouth to her friends at school. She’s got all her partners wanting to meet Nino. The one that got her dripped draped out real smooth. Nino is the type of player that might lose his cool. He knows the rules to this game as he is a playa. He ain’t with being broke. Sipping on booze and sailing across seas is what he would rather be doing. Their destination is Malibu, California. Just them two with nobody around. She’s on his side every day when he rides. She’ll be there until his death. They are closer than friends.

Nino dedicates the song to hoes at the very end. He tells playboys to tell their ladies that they love them. Nino knows they ain’t hard.

Nino asks those who have been giving him love and support to never stop loving him on the song Don’t Ever Stop Lovin. Don’t Ever Stop Lovin relies heavily on the sample of One Way – Don’t Ever Stop Lovin for backing music. Ricé killed those synths as usual. The way Ricé killed those violins was phenomenal. No can kill violin stabs the way Ricé can.

Your boy Nino is out there hustling. For that he was locked down in jail. He was gone for a while. He missed his girl’s smile and his child. His baby mama teaches her kids right from wrong. That ass is all his when he gets out of jail. That means family quality time. Nino has to get life right like a black man is supposed to. He still represents that Wheatley Courts and Rigsby Courts. He’s playamade and keeps it true. He constantly lives his life on a double sword because he has love for the game. Nino has love for the game. The game has love for him. He’s not trying to glorify anything but fast money makes people happy.

The second verse (Verse 2) was dedicated to his mother.

Nino has love for his mother. His mother saw his life dwindling into a downward spiral when he first dropped out of high school. He started hanging out around his uncle and selling marijuana. Trying to act real cool. There was nobody to call but his mother when he went to jail. She was there to bail him out of jail when his so-called partners weren’t able to bail him out jail. She never turned her back him as she was there for him day and night. The only woman that was down for him from the beginning.

The third verse (Verse 3) and last verse was dedicated to them players in the game hating on Nino because of his success.

The players who are the ones using his name to gain fame. Talking about PKO this and that. But PKO is the one who got your ass on the map. While Nino is writing employee checks, you’re waiting on royalty checks. You’re standing there with a face full of sweat wondering how many units your record sold. You don’t know but Nino knows. A big baller like Nino is president and CEO. Remember Nino had paper before this rapping shit. He’s seen niggaz come and go in this rap game. Nino has been in this game for a long time.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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