Review: G-therz – The Jazz Trap Age

G-therz – The Jazz Trap Age is an experimental album of jazz music and trap music. This album helped set the standard in Jazz Trap music in 2022. G-therz is one of those pioneers participating in a fusion of jazz and trap music. G-therz is also one of the first musicians to ever make Jazz Trap music. Many of the songs are piano driven and use a tenor saxophone solo. G-therz makes his Jazz Trap sound his signature by combining the melodies of jazz and the drums of trap music together. However he is known for much more than flowing on beats though. Trap music from New Jersey. Who would have expected?

Milestones discusses how G-therz is reaching milestones at around about midnight with strife. It’s the rebirth of the cool. Milestones is backed by a super delicate piano and jazzy trumpet solo over trap beats performed in the key of B major. This is an example of a jazz trap song.

G-therz fucking cusses in rhymes like he is the Asian Dolomite. This Pinoy has got it cooking but it ain’t adobo rice. Motherfuckers know that he slays the open mics. He protrudes the sickest rhythm, So don’t say your flow as nice.

He is reaching milestones at around about midnight with strife. Got you bitches brewing because this powerhouse spits tight. More striking than lightning. He’ll without a doubt hit twice. Anyone can see with G-therz in the room that he’s been miles ahead, It’s the rebirth of the cool. So why the fuck should he hear some weak verses from you? When you should’ve known that shit from researching the dude.

G-therz calls himself a Stanley Kubrick type perfectionist even though he puts out music in quite a consecutive manner. He’s got the crowds’ heads moving like the Exorcist. Note the reference to the Exorcist movie. Spewing rhymes so effortless proving he’s the best at this. While all you get is boos. Whereas he’s put into risk everything that he’s got. When he learned the con way from a king to a god. You can tell he thinks outside the box.

His lines create jams more than the turnpike traffic. He melt microphones with a burn like acid. While you bitches not see the truth like Third Reich fascists. You flow like the Titanic doomed to go sinking. Speak with some bass from your chest like Tuvan throat singing. And that certainly is deep. His vision’s such a marvel but you couldn’t faze him, bitches. He is fucking atheistic. This lead is more lethal than the Newark water during the Newark water crisis.

G-therz sure brought the heat like the Human Torch scorched you. Going H.A.M. in this bitch like it’s fucking pork slaughter. This shit is mandatory like a fucking court order. You pussies got skin thinner than some rice paper. He’ll infiltrate the game like how hackers mine data.

Swing My Way uses an upbeat swing sample of a vintage horn driven swing song behind some of those trap beats while Sarah Lambert sings a lovely jazz melody. G-therz is the one with the jazz trap eminence.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, put your hands together for the one and only G-therz!

He is so lovely and more bubbly than champagne the way with how he manages to steal the spotlight. G-therz is from the school of hard knocks and no cappin’. But he’s the type of fella that’s more old fashioned. Calling the shots like the Sultan of Swat. The big hitter swingin’ that no one can stop. All the honeys knowin’ that he’s got the funky flow. Blaring out like the brass of Buddy Bolden. He got the crowds amazed when he raps out on stage because he is charismatic like Cab Calloway. Sounding great because he is that magnificent.

G-therz is the one with the jazz trap eminence. Roarin’ like the 20s (1920s). So he’ll bring it back in again.
Others may imitate, but they aren’t half as interesting. No other hip hopper here can spit hotter. He gets his two step on.

He likes a lady that’s bad and boujee because he ain’t the type chasing after groupies. He’s no goof from a Chaplin movie. But is he still a man of honor? Absolutely. The night’s still young. He’d love it with a woman though. He’ll head to the city and go club at the Blue Note with her. Maybe then take her to a classy restaurant to set the vibe to feel like a jazzy renaissance. But he is fine if she wants to go and party on ike the city of New Orleans, Louisiana during Mardi Gras. So let’s groove with the swing. But right now G-therz is just doing his thing.

Fuego Szn is a dance song which you can feel in your body. The song uses a rhythmic sounding flute that just circulates all over the place. Can you feel it in your body?

G-therz has got this shit jammin’ like Onyx in this bitch slammin’ and wildin’ out to the drum line. He just has a pair of loose screws. What can I say? G-therz is like Pacquiao with the punches though. Even when after rum and coke. It’s 24/7 “fuck it” mode. So with all his will, he’s gonna scream and shout.

Going for rounds like a gunslinger when he comes back for another shot. And he ain’t feeling sorry she he’s off the Bacardi. G-therz is off the wall but I don’t dance around like Michael Jackson. He ain’t blacking out. He’s just zoning to the rhythm. G-therz can feel the liquor and the music flowing through his system.

When he starts to feel that buzz, that’s when he gets crackin’. But this here is no night in Tunisia. Still he doesn’t miss a beat. Tapping his foot to the sound. There’s some fine ladies here that have got him lookin’ around. You would freeze up like him if you had seen this diva looking like as if she’s the Girl from Ipanema. (Ipanema is a neighborhood in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.) I swear, you ain’t seen a señorita quite as gracious. She looked at G-therz like he was famous.

Put Ya Hands Up is a jazz trap song that will certainly make you move it and make you lose it. You gon’ feel that bass that’ll makes you go stupid.

If y’all know what the deal is, then put ya hands up! If you up on some real shit, then put ya hands up! You feeling like a million bucks ($)? Then put ya hands up! We gon’ tear up the building! This is the anthem!

G-therz style is looking wild like Busta Rhymes videos. You’re dealing with a real life force of nature
Because lyrically G-therz is built like Schwarzenegger. He formed the fiercest free flows that are forever phenomenal. Flipping off frauds and foes expecting a flop or fold. He is fortified from fazing forging fire from flawless rhymes. Frankly just for fun of fast flaunting before your eyes with a flow colder than a Russian winter. He is a spitter nastier than the Hudson River making jazz trap music. The baddest at it in the upper apparatus. You just have to blast this, flex on ’em like it’s acrobatics. Ballin’ with the jazz, but this ain’t Utah, bitch.

Yes, yes, y’all. He ain’t been playing around. He’s been kicking it like Rick James on your couch. Fuck your couch.Taking over the rap game like a stage coup. So poetic like Langston Hughes on these 808s and blues. Defying order like a rebel like Ahsoka Tano.

He’s got the track bumping more than driving over potholes. Time to kick it up a notch like there’s no tomorrow. You couldn’t spit with the fucking best. You ain’t this sick in the head. Not even close to a superstar, but like Bruno Mars, he’s drippin’ finesse. Outrunning these rappers track for track that now he has got you twisting your necks.

G-therz is that Filipino that be killing these flows and instrumentals and rip ’em to shreds. G-therz has got a tribe of musicians that got the jazz. Don’t ya know this dude spittin’ the hottest raps? He makes punchlines hit like when the belt whips it.

Forever Frantic explains how G-therz has been forever frantic going about in endless panic for of his all time on this hectic planet. Forever Frantic is a crazy jazz trap song that follows an uptempo pace.

G-therz has been forever frantic going about in endless panic for of his all time on this hectic planet.
He doesn’t even know how he ever managed. It might seem kinda crazy to see. But he thinks time has made him believe it’s like an illusion with time moving slow and fast simultaneously.

And he has got a thousand thoughts racing scattering in anything but in formation (information). He doesn’t know if he has got any more patience when he is turning into a psych ward patient. With his mentality, he really can’t have vacations because it feels like procrastination. Got no time to play like what Guru said. Nothing but work post-graduation.

This reminds him of biking on Takolusa because he’s tryna up climb this hill. He doesn’t know when he’s supposed to grind until when there’s no sight of time to chill. This shit has been in the back of his mind as everybody is passing through time It’s amazing how much we have been through in what feels like a flash in your eyes. Don’t you feel that you’re out of time? It’s too late and there’s no rewind. In this crazy world.

G-therz felt like it was starting ever since the days of kindergarten because year after year for 5 days of the week, we were all constantly given jargon And does that bullshit even matter? When at the end, you just need to stash up wasting that time and stressing out over bullshit when G-therz is tryna be a rapper. As a kid, he thought shit was dope when we’re older. But no one mentioned the bigger load on our shoulders.

Now it seems like retirement or death are the only times that he knows when it’s over. Because he remembers back in those days when it was all about Legos and Nerf guns. He reminisces and yes it was sure fun. Because nowadays he’s gotta get all this work done. For all of these years he’s been putting in work, when does he enjoy the fruits of labor?

He doesn’t wanna do it when he is too old to do so. Don’t tell him to do it later. He will sacrifice school, sleep or his social life. And everyday there’s a new problem for him. He wishes he was a kid again. It was going nice when shit felt consequence free.

He’s too young to have bags under his eyes. But that quarantine made it more extreme. He doubts his brain is functioning right. It’s beyond being not consistent. His sleep schedule now is non-existent. Keeps on pushing back in a constant cycle.

But is it the right move to forfeit when he is developing unhealthy habits. Because he is just too exhausted. He didn’t need a doctor to tell me that shit. And he just finished my 5-hour Energy. So his eyes open wide now and fidgety. No time to vibe out and sit at ease.

Best I Never Had explained how G-therz was taking zero chances with these damn romances. He has doubts about any woman loving him.

G-therz is taking zero chances with these damn romances. It’s not like there is only one woman for him on this whole planet. He’s gotten number to it since he is usually rejected by woman he attempts to flirt with. He is sounding fucking stupid because truthfully speaking, he is desperate.

His bets are that they’ll never last. He need sto face the facts. It’d really be a game of craps on these here dating apps. If he evеn makes a match, it’s with girls that he’s met bеfore. And he ain’t exactly known to have the best rapport.

But what if a match was true? Looking back on second thought. And the timing wasn’t right, So their paths have never crossed.

It’s got him wondering on how things could’ve played out and if all the right cards were then put in place now. Maybe he just bailed out because he was overreacting though. Now he is really thinking if they both are compatible. If it was for real, he doesn’t know if they might ever last. But now he has to live with the decisions that were bad because she was the best he never had.

Although he thinks that nowadays, it ain’t as probable. He might’ve actually been happy if they made it possible. They got common music interests.That’s something rare to him. But based on his experience, there was no guarantee because the risk wasn’t worth it. Even with a given chance. He couldn’t muster up the courage. He should’ve been the bigger man.

Like if he went up and said, “You’re really beautiful.” It’s safe to say he doesn’t think the feeling’s mutual. What’s the use of tryna hold onto fantasies? When he is pretty much hopeless romantically. He bets the thought of them painted an image differently whereas the reality ain’t what he pictured mentally because these love languages, he does not know fluently. These are the consequences of missing those opportunities because now you’re already taken, that’s on me for hesitating. Saying you’re the best I never had. That’s wishful desperation.

The words Sydney Atkinson was singing during the bridge were sung in the French language.

[Bridge: Sydney Atkinson]
Je veux te tenir dans mes bras
Vivre la vie juste toi et moi
Mais pour toi je ne suis rien
Tu as mon cœur je n’ai pas le tien

Here is the translation in English.

[Bridge: Sydney Atkinson]
I want to hold you in my arms
Live the life just you and me
But for you I am nothing
You have my heart I don’t have yours

It’s mo’ money, mo’ problems on Price to Pay. The song deals with the concept of money.

Another day, another dollar. But it’s mo’ money, mo’ problems. Tryna get by on the day to day. Just to maintain. What’s the price to pay?

For the love of money, it gets fucking ugly. Especially in a game where everyone is hungry. The power of the dollars when you’re on your own hustle. You don’t even know if you think G-therz had no struggle. Though G-therz from the ‘Del, home of the rich and fabulous. He was no trust fund baby that lived in lavishness. If he was, he’d be like ’em rappеrs flossin’ now. But he doesn’t have cash to toss around.
It’s just him investing and putting in effort. Tying to kick in the door and to get his foot in the music business. Still got sacrifices made. That’s the price to pay.

The system’s outdated. But can he even do it with no solid foundation? There’s leeches out there are preying. They don’t see potential. They’re just seeking for the quickest pay. Then quarantine came and fucked up his momentum. Most of this game is fucking sleazy with greed. Know that it’s strictly business. No EPMD.

G-therz didn’t earn a degree just to work at Marshalls after. He’s tryna get a slot for a verse with Marshall Mathers. He wants his best talents to be paying off and make it real so that he don’t need side job to pay the bills. But to trade his all for nothin’ ain’t worth the price to pay. Can’t trust this music industry lacking human empathy. That isn’t gonna back you unless what you produce is gimmicky. Not worth losing dignity over stupid trickery.

808 Blues is 808s and Heartbreaks in jazz trap music form. 808 Blues deals with depression.

Depression is a motherfucker. Because everyday he is just stressing and suffering. It’s like a plague lurking through his veins surging. A great burden that became worsened. Deteriorating to downright dysfunctional. His demeanor’s detrimental and quite destructive though. Please understand that he wasn’t born cynical. But this shit around him gave me a war driven mold. Because it seems that it all happens adequately. How will it evеn out with the odds stacked against him?

He can’t play his cards right if he is always dealt a bad hand. Waiting for this shit to go his way is a hella fat chance. Most of the time he isn’t the cause of conflict. Either way, it’s more than constant that he is forced upon it. His stubbornness got him stuck in stupid people fights.

The globe’s so dissonant. We didn’t need a lockdown to be social distancing. The anxiety and guilt slowly eats hid conscience. I’m just being honest. He can barely keep it modest.

Ain’t nothing new to this. Just a muse for blue music that is 808 Blues. He guzzles bottles drunk in sorrow, saying, “fuck tomorrow”. He can hear the sadness in the horn of Miles Davis. He reached the far side and can’t keep running away. G-therz is no sucker for pain, but is too stubborn to change. It’s been so normalized that he ain’t in the right mind.

That the last happy day feels like a different lifetime. He thought this all be past reflections while he grows from adolescence. But his scatterbrain is all running rampant asking questions. Like why’s there always something that he must feel guilty for? Because what the fuck is making him the target? Where he is rejected and neglected like a piece of garbage. For once, he wants to be the top priority. But the beef doesn’t end because he’s gotta fight wars with him.

Out of Touch dealt with G-therz insecurities when he was in high school. He was a wandering kid and never belonged to a clique. He wasn’t into theater, but he had drama and shit. If only you knew of the nights he spent locked away working on beats like he was the next Dr. Dre. He didn’t have no class when they’re suckers tryna oust him.

G-therz is talk of the town from bullshit gossiping rumors. They know him but hate him, Hence he is a popular loser. But at the end it felt like a smack in the face because it was rigged by punks who really hate him. Two-faced faux friends tryna humiliate him. Don’t believe these bad actors and ass backwards backstabbers. He had to rap battle his way back in the days.

It’s all such familiar faces. But not the same embracement. This feeling that we’re changin’. So now we’re distant strangers. This drama’s just too much. And now G-therz is out of touch.

Hiro Kamo seeks cures for insecurities. He used to care what people thought but thoughts like that burden him. So reprimand him cordially. Being extroverted was a front. More like a sport to him. And if you cared where he was at, don’t check up on him quarterly. He’s making new friends. Cut him some slack off the rope just to tie loose ends. He’s out of touch too.

Comedy is the remedy for Yoni P. You get beat up by the punchline. Yoni P sees through your lies from eye to eye. Incentivized to go all nuts. And energized to run a muck.

Yoni P must’ve been so out of luck by the way you’ve been acting up. Not even holding onto these emotions. Keep on flowing through the ocean. You must’ve had a lobotomy. So who’s out of touch here, honestly?

G-therz wasn’t playing no games straight out the gate. And he ain’t gonna change. So stay in your lane. If you say it in the vain, then he’s raging like Bane. He’s burning bridges with fakes into flames because so many became so estranged. They remained in hid way of chasing the fame. Nothing but useless weight on his brain. Again, feelings are hard to amend.

G-therz said he’ll make it in music. But most motherfuckers doubt that because they would say he’s just stupid and his sound is trash. Which on the surface doesn’t sound bad. He’s sick of claims that they got his best interest at heart. So called friends that prey on him never were shit from the start. Fuck ’em. G-therz is never forcing a sound that is watered down for himself and the sake of hip hop/rap. He just wrote bars on a beat to go hard.

What Lies Ahead is about how G-therz will try/tried his best to chase that success that lies ahead and what lies ahead.

G-therz tried his best to chase that success. No one can expect what lies ahead. G-therz heard the world is his from Nas and Scarface. But he had to learn it was not the hard way. Especially if he wants to go full time. Which has forced him to be the lone wolf kind. He is at the crossroads of destiny. Striving for the most success is what his goal is. He doesn’t know where he’s going yet on this road ahead. The pressure hasn’t folded him, but he ain’t at the summit. It might seem like a pipe dream. But G-therz claims he don’t know what’s best.

He doesn’t know now if this type of life is worthy. There’s such an immense weight on his shoulders that he can’t put aside or wait until it’s over. And it gets heavier with days getting closer.

What’s better? Depressed in truth or blissful in lies? If you don’t even know which world is fictionalized, you begin to realize when your mental is fried. Then you just hate the way that you’re living your life. Because we live in a world with no safety net. We were taught to learn that since making baby steps. There’s so many roadblocks that you could not expect.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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