Review: BHC ‎– Crime Pays

BHC ‎– Crime Pays is another San Antonio rap album unfortunately got very much overlooked and became an under-appreciated classic. BHC made some noise in San Antonio back in the day with this album also as this album had spawned local hits such as Game Tight, Ride Tonight, Drama, and Ride Tonight among other songs they had recorded. Southern rap meets gangsta rap and lyricism on this album.

You can hear the progression of style from their debut album to their second album on Crime Pays. They definitely had improved on their sophomore album Crime Pays. Mr. Lo uses more sophisticated lyrics in his raps and lyrics.

However the only thing missing from this album is Bo-Leg. There is a lack of Bo-Leg’s presence on this BHC album for some reason. She is not as vocal on this album as she was on BHC’s debut album. Also Mr. Lo has more the spotlight on this album than he did on the debut album. He is on a lot more of the songs as he raps more.

Now the album’s artwork was designed by graphic design firm Pen N Pixel during the bling era. Fonts used for this album were Stencil and Songti TC. The orange BHC letters are what made the album cover iconic and eye-grabbing.

Guest artists on this album include Lil Keke, C-Loc, and Happy Perez. The album was produced by Donerick Rainey, Happy Perez, John Moran, and Rocc Lewis. Now Rocc Lewis was ahead of his time with the production. He was ahead of everyone else in the game.

This group, Too Hard Too Hype, Lethal T and The Outcast, Tribe 46, and PKO should have blown up nationwide. They had the perfect sound at that time as they were ahead of the rest. BHC had talent.

Game Tight was one of their singles which featured Baton Rouge rapper C-Loc and was an underground favorite for many. Game Tight was one of their singles which got radio play on 96.1 FM back in the day. BHC and C-Loc prove how they are game tight and who is the better rapper. It’s man vs. man here.

Who is going down with the kings of game? Going out with a bang. 5 cats are in the ring. BHC is riding through the South Side of San Antonio acting real bad. They are going to shine in this rap game. They are on another level in this rap game. This is all factual. C-Loc and BHC let this be known to everyone.

Tear Drop is a hustler from San Antonio. His shiny chrome will back you ass up off him. Mr. Lo is not your average fellow. His sound is smooth.

Tear Drop asks the haters why they are hating on him in the song Why You Hatin’. The concept of this song revolves around jealousy. The song is backed by a selection of rhythmic bongos with fast paced lyrics and a fast tempo.

Tear Drop asks haters why they are hating on him. Haters seem to be fascinated with talking bad and talking down on him. They waiting to see if he will slip and fall.

However Tear Drop stands tall like a soldier. He tells us that we are all in the same gang. You know how the game goes. Don’t hate the player. There ain’t no hating in his family or his faculty. Or in BHC.

Haters can’t stand to see a person be true. Haters are simpleminded motherfuckers that can’t stand on their feet. Them hoes is weak.

Mr. Lo is flipping scrilla stacks and making noise. He ain’t tripping on no one. Bitches say shit all the time. Shit like that makes Mr. Lo mad. Y’all can’t fade Mr. Lo. He lets us know this in advance. He stays to himself most of the time.

Tear Drop cuts no slack. From playa haters to niggas trying to pull a jack move. His paper stacks are so thick to the point where you cannot even hold them in your hand. All the money from his work is kept securely in a safe. That is how his money is safe. Here are some wise words from OG Tear Drop; If you are born in the game, the game will fit you like a glove.

BHC and Lil Keke are going to ride tonight on the track Ride Tonight. Here Ride Tonight is a fast paced uptempo Southern rap song.

They are going to ride tonight because they are feeling so tight. Grab that drank and Newport. They are steady stacking and making bank. BHC and Lil Keke are hustlers as they are all on the block. Watch your back as haters want to see you fail. Watch your mouth. Sounds from the Big House are coming strong.

Lil Keke has the rich nigga drugs. He has the syrup and top flight. He also has the Hennessy and Sprite. Lil Keke and BHC bring the high. How do y’all want it? What you waitin’ on? This song is not for the fake people out there.

BHC teaches us exactly how crime pays on the song Crime Pays. They say crime pays in many ways. Ironically the song got radio play on 96.1 FM back in the day despite the song’s title. BHC proves how they are game tight and down for their crimes against humanity and not just necessarily crimes against nature. This was an underground favorite for many.

Crime pays in many different ways. In so many different ways people do not understand or comprehend. From playa haters to niggas trying to pull a jack move and even killings.

Tear Drop’s weapon is a .357 Smith & Wesson. His weapon will teach you hoes a lesson if you ever try to fuck with him. You will lose your life if you ever try to fuck with him. If you put his trust in him, he will put you trust in you. Trust is a big thing in this game called life. Down for whatever. From selling drugs to prostitution is how he makes his cash even that is sinful.

The song Drama is similar to the King 13 song Midnight Drama. BHC could have been influenced by the King 13 song when they recorded Drama. The song Drama uses a combination of freestyle rap and gangsta rap.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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