Review: Wahono ‎– Abandoned Hi-Hats

Wahono ‎– Abandoned Hi-Hats is an abstract minimalist masterpiece of techno filled with hi-hats, crunched synths, and numerous sound effects hence the title. This is leftfield electronic music with futuristic beats. Sampling of folk instruments and synths are organically intertwined with each other. That is where those complex sound collages come from. Wahono has created a challenging but infectious sound all of his own. All of the EP was mastered by Joe LaPorta himself without any outside help or other in-house producers. Techno and electronic music meet jazz since this is a Maddjazz Recordings ‎release. Who knew that experimental leftfield electronic music from Indonesia could be so infectious and captivating to listen to?

Wahono ‎– Abandoned Hi-Hats was released on vinyl, streaming, and as a digital download in 2017. Now the vinyl edition was printed and pressed in limited edition as only 250 copies were issued out. That is why Wahono ‎– Abandoned Hi-Hats was limited to 250 copies. The digital download was released on the Maddjazz bandcamp page in MP3 and FLAC format for both streaming and download for a price of $5 dollars. Wahono ‎– Abandoned Hi-Hats was the first release on the independent label Maddjazz Recordings out of New York City, New York, US.

The title track, Abandoned Hi-Hats, was Hats is an abstract minimalist masterpiece of techno filled with hi-hats crunched synths and numerous sound effects hence the title. You will hear various distorted electronic chords and keys used throughout the song. A handful of shakers are used simultaneously. The title track is sure relaxing.

Stonewheels uses deep tribal techno based drums and percussion over quiet mellow lush static background noise. Stonewheels is just as relaxing as the title track is. However there is an intensity buildup at the 1:25 duration mark of this song. This is where the song starts to get a bit more intense as that is where more layers of instruments begin being used. A set of hi-hats and electronic chords are used here. There are other buildups within this song. The other buildups begin at the 3:08 duration mark and the 3:48 duration mark.

Necksnaps is bit more intense and hypnotic than the other 2 songs that are on this EP as those electronic chords are played at a faster rate. A tinge of trip hop is used over a soundscape of leftfield electronics which are very infectious and captivating to listen to.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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