Review: Various Artists – Chronic 2000

The Chronic 2000 album was a compilation album Suge Knight released to get revenge on Dr. Dre for back in 1999. Suge Knight wanted to get revenge on Dr. Dre so bad that he canceled the release of Death Row Inside Out replaced it with Chronic 2000 instead. The Chronic 2000 was more demanded than the Death Row Inside Out compilation album was. There was a lot of music that was supposed to be on the Death Row Inside Out compilation album which were scrapped and redone for The Chronic 2000 album. The album introduced new artists Suge had signed such as his niece VK (Vanesha Knight), Top Dogg, Tha Realist, and Doobie.

Cindafella is Top Dogg’s take on the children’s story Cinderella. The story keeps the plot line almost the same. However there are several changes with use suggestive material more geared for adults. Drug references and sexual innuendos are used for example. Several references about Californian culture are made throughout the song. Cindafella plays the game! Because Top Dogg is a baller that show no shame!

Top Dogg played the role of the main character of the song named Cindafella. Cindafella is a gangsterfied parody the original Cindafella character. Suge Knight plays the role of character called Gangsta Godfather. His character is a gangsterfied parody of the Fairy Godmother character.

Cindafella is a prime example of how Top Dogg was a carbon copy of Snoop Dogg. This song was proves that he was a biter using Snoop Dogg’s style. You can obviously tell Suge talked Top Dogg into sounding like Snoop Dogg. This cover almost uses the same lyrics even.

Cindafella is a cover of Snoop Dogg – Snoopafella. However his cover of Cindafella is more brehsive than Snoop’s version because the beats have more bounce to them and the pace slightly more uptempo. This cover is not as dark sounding as the original version. Overall this cover version of Snoop Dogg – Snoopafella is a timeless classic. I’m not gonna lie. This was some people’s shit back in the day!

The legendary in-house producer J. Flexx produced Cindafella for Top Dogg. The sample used in the song is the timeless pop soul classic Dazz – Brick. The beat sampled Ice Cube – No Vaseline.

The song starts off with the classic one-liner, “Cause I’m a baller that show no shame!”

Once upon a time in the place to be. On the darkside of the C-P-T (Compton, California, US). There lived a young G rolling weed and smog To make the story interesting it’s Top Dogg. Top Dogg lived in a shack with his OG dad and two big homies who treated him bad. He cooked and cleaned. And he even scrubbed the floors. And he was like an errand boy running to the liquor store. The homies, they used to boast and brag. “We got Chucks and khakis that sag!” Even worse than that to make him feel low. They used to have Top Dogg smoke stress while they had indo (marijuana). The girls used to say, “D, you’re so cute. But you gets no rap with them bell bottom suits”

Well, one day on the Avenue, there was a man, surrounded by the Compton crew. He said, “Hear ye! Hear ye! Come one, come all! The hoochies are having a royal ball. If you can rap and also dress fresh
You might win a date with the ghetto princess”

Top Dogg ran home after he heard the whole speech. He went straight to his OG asked him permission to attend the royal ball with the hoochies. He asked his OG, “OG, may I?” and before he could finish, “Hell no!”, he replied. He got so mad. Mad enough to blast Even Pops was aiming for a piece of that ass.

They haunted and flaunted. They knew what Top Dogg wanted “We gonna get some hoochies.” That’s what they taunted. They laughed and joked. They hated on Top Dogg. They didn’t want to see me fucking up the M-I-C (the microphone). So they left the crib with a smile on their face. And as they stepped out they said, “Clean up this place!”

Now Topp Dogg is standing all alone. He just got dissed by his big homies and OG. He’s smoke them all if he had one wish. But before he was able to make his thought a phrase. There appeared the G in a puff of haze. He said, “What’s up, Dogg? My name is Suge. I’m your Gangsta Godfather. It’s all to the good. Now I came here with the main purpose of granting you your fondest wish” I said, “Suge, what’s popping dog? Just put me down with the Row and I know that I can handle these hoes for sure.”
He waved a Cuban cigar. And before you know, his sacks of stress was an ounce of indo. His clothes transformed from rags to silk suits. The Gangsta Godfather transformed Top Dogg’s hooptie into a Lexus Coupe De Ville.

However the Gangsta Godfather tells Top Dogg, “But you must rock the mic by the stroke of 12 or you’ll turn back into your old self”

Cindafella plays the game! Because Top Dogg is a baller that show no shame!

Well Top Dogg hits the hoochie royal ball at 10 o’clock at night. Top Dogg was too flossy for the princess. So she started to jock by simply ignoring him as if he did not exist. He hit the stage enraged and had started to rock. By 11:35 PM, he was all in the cock and all up in that pussy.
All his homies was amazed that the bitch was his
So he swooped to the Coupe at 11:59 PM. This story doesn’t end with no fuckin glass shoes.

The song ended with the ends with the classic lyrics about the condom he had used during that night.

All my homies was amazed that the bitch was mine
So I swooped to the Coupe at eleven fifty-nine
This story doesn’t end with no fuckin glass shoes
All was left on the step was the rubber that I used

Going Back To Cali was a diss song aimed at P Diddy (Sean Combs) and Bad Boy Records. Top Dogg was dissing P Diddy (Sean Combs) and Bad Boy Records on the song Going Back To Cali. The song was recorded in 1997 just a few months before The Notorious B.I.G. was killed. Top Dogg also disses Dr. Dre in the song. Top Dogg says, “Fuck Bad Boy. Nigga, this is Death Row. They say they comin’ back to Cali but they ain’t comin’ back to Cali.” Going Back To Cali was one of the hardest tracks on the album next to Cindafella and Trippin. Goin Back To Cali is one of his signature songs which was used on the Gang Related soundtrack.

The song samples Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce. Now of course anyone can sample More Bounce To The Ounce by Zapp. Suge was trying to cash in on the throwback sound with this sample and song. 70s funk over 90s rap.

This is your captain once again. As we make our descent into Los Angeles, we hope you had a pleasant flight. The weather conditions are clear blue skies at 86º F degrees and we’ll be in the terminal in less than 30 seconds. Once again thank you for flying Death Row West.

Top Dogg is feeling good off the drink and the indo (marijuana). When the 9 ball hits your brain, there ain’t nothin’ left on the ground but a mothafuckin’ blood stain. The return of the mothafuckin’ riders. One deuce six Darkside Eastsidaz. Young G is a G with stamina. Ask ya bitch how it felt when Top Dogg was bammin’ her. Top Dogg is in the streets but ridin’ like he’s in jail. Death Row signed Top Dogg 25 with a L. You know the Row got Cali’ on lockdown. O.F.T.B., Y.G.D. And Tha Dogg Pound.

Top Dogg disses Bad Boy Records in Verse 1 on with these lyrics.

Sucker suckin’ on a lollipop lookin’ cute
All the bitch nigga’s missin’ is a pink suit (gay ass niggas)
I’m feelin’ good off the drink & the Indo
Fuck Bad Boy, nigga, this is Death Row

Top Dogg set the record straight about how Death Row was a giant in the music industry in the 1990s in Verse 2. Read these lyrics.

[Verse 2]
Fe fi fo fum (ha ha haaa)
get out the way bitch this where Death Row come
Lettin’ niggas know it’s a giant in the industry
(Tell ’em who you is young nigga) Y.G.D.
Suge Knight put a nigga on payroll
so you know I ain’t gotta sell the fckin’ yayo (that’s right nigga) no more as I’m smokin’ on Indo in a brand new 500 Benzo (that’s right) They say D let’s roll to the studio (yeah) and drop a smash on these mothafckin foolios (f*ck these niggas)
I hear these fools gangsta hatin’ on Makaveli (Pac)
sayin’ Death Row is through oh nigga really?
You must not have heard about the brand new itinerary
(tell ’em about it)
we got a lock from December to January
If you ain’t got yo’ West Coast Death Row pass
(what we gon’ do?)
you better leave town before we get yo’ ass
They say they comin’ back to Cali
but they ain’t comin’ back to Cali

Top Dogg is here to set the record straight about how Death Row is giant in the music industry. Fe fi fo fum. Get out the way, bitch. This where Death Row comes from. Top Dogg is letting you niggas know Death Row is giant in the music industry. Suge Knight put Top Dogg on payroll. Flossed up looking clean, Top Dogg is smokin’ on indo (marijuana) in a brand new 500 Mercedes Benz. He hears these fools are hating on Makaveli (2Pac) by saying Death Row Records is through. You fools must not have heard about the brand new itinerary. Death Row got a lock from December to January. If you ain’t got your West Coast Death Row pass, you better leave town before they get your ass.

Top Dogg’s nigga Lo said Tha Row needs some gangsta shit. The real shit the bitch niggas don’t fuck with. He’s ready to ride on you muthafuckin’ bustas always rappin’ about yo’ Benz & yo’ clusters
Top Dogg hangs with them crazy niggas straight out of Watts such as Lo-Flip and Bus Stop from O.F.T.B. (OFTB). Top Dogg puts it down every time with every rhyme of his every time. Because the gangsta shit makes a gang of chips. Gangsta rap forever.

I Wanna Be Loved By You is about wanting to be loved by the person you cherish and or admire. Nobody else will do The song is a Michel’le and VK duet. The song was used on the Chronic 2000 album.

Michel’le can’t deny that her heart is on a high over the man she loves and cherishes. No one can bring Michel’le down but him. Michel’le wants him to help him live all of his fantasies. He wanted a real woman. All she need is to be loved by him. Nobody else will do.

It was no surprise VK was deep in thought when her man called. It’s the words he said that made her feel 10 feet tall. She tells him he don’t have to worry about the men from her past. They didn’t handle business. They packed their bags voluntarily. It’s just him and VK.

You told me when I blow up don’t forget about you
But will you forget about me if I don’t blow up Boo?
You wanted a real woman, here I am, it’s just you and me
Are you strong enough baby, can you, feel the heat?
I was deep in thought, it was no surprise, when you called
It’s the words you said that made me feel ten feet tall
You said you love me all you wanna know is I’m, here for you
And hey love, there’s a song we make up to with a tight ass beat
Sweetheart, you don’t have to worry about the men from my past
They didn’t handle business, so in a flash, I
Voluntarily pack they bags put em in the car and make em mash
We automatic cause we both after the cash
If we, don’t stop the world, we damn sure slow it down
And if, anybody in our way we movin the haters around
Don’t, have no doubts baby fo’ sho’ VK got you
Can’t you see, I wanna be loved, only by you

Curiosity is a chilling song about her absentee father. She contemplates over the curiosity of his whereabouts. This song will hit hard with especially those that truly understand that silent pain of where VK is coming from or just situations of an absentee parent. Curiosity is a song that VK wrote in 1995 after Gangsta Rick said, “You go hard, but you need to write more about yourself.” The song also deals with abuse and rape.

Her absentee father is the pain that puts stress on her brain. How does she refrain from making him a bloodstain? She would love to see him. She wonders these following questions. Who are you? How old are you? How tall are you? What do you think of the daughter that wants to meet you? Do I have your smile and your eyes that have kept me strong? Will you ever be man enough to show your face? Will you roll on the situation?

She wonders if he will you ever be man enough to show his face or if he will roll out on the situation he is currently in. Maybe her father has a wife, kids, and a big house. Or maybe he is a business man with the big clout. Who knows how the story goes. Maybe VK will see. VK is just a fatherless child filled with curiosity. Sometimes she gets a little lonely.

Her homies and family claim not to understand her. Why does she talk with so much emotion. Why does she feel so deeply? VK has this habit of biting her fingernails when deep in thought. Did he bite his fingernails too? Did he get slapped when he got caught? VK asked her mother where her father was

Sometimes she feels her soul is tired from the lack of sleep. She said he died in a plane crash overseas. Her mother used to get mad zooted. So 2 years later VK asked again and she had to prove it. She couldn’t in fact. She forgot what she said the first time. Her mother lied to her. Her friends were right about that. This is the real reason why this case was sealed tight. She needs help to understand what’s going on with this man who she has never met or seen. Some pieces of this puzzle are missing in action. This is trouble.

VK doesn’t know her father because her father raped her mother when she was a minor. He escaped after he raped her mother. Rape is punishable by death.Life is a 360. What goes around comes around. It will come to haunt you down. But now you listen and pay witness to these raw facts. Who knows. He probably turned over a new leaf.

“A nation will rise/No higher than this woman, a fatherless child” is one of the most deepest poetic lyrics of this song. The lyrics “But now you listen and pay witness to this raw facts/Life is a three-sixty, what goes around comes around/And back to your cypher, it will come to haunt you down” are some of the deepest hard hitting lyrics of this song.

Trial & Tribulations showcased how dope VK was with her versatile sporadic lyrical ability. She was really dope on the mic. The song is about the trial and tribulations of a female rapper trying break in and get her foot in the door in the music business. She explained her hard life from birth to that current point in her lifetime. She has had a hard life full of constant struggles.

Trial & Tribulations was produced by Char Jones aka CHAR J. The only female producer on Death Row Records. Trials & Tribulations was recorded for the Death Row Inside Out compilation album in 1998. However that song was never released as the Death Row Inside Out compilation album was never released.

VK grew up with nothing but dreams from the start. She has been blessed as everything she has touched becomes art. Practice makes perfect. That is because she is a perfectionist. Her musical style and lyrical skills wouldn’t have mattered if she had not taken time out to learn the business side of the music industry. Shattered dreams are something that she will not accept.

At the 1:55 duration mark in the song is about how she separated herself from her former manager who was Reginald T Pearson. Her former manager got mad because VK refused to have sexual intercourse with him. She already signed a contract with another record label. Reginald T Pearson can’t feel this because he is not her man. In the end she did not renew her recording contract with her former manager Reginald T Pearson. She was very pissed with everything going against her.

These are the trial and tribulations of a female rapper trying to get in the music business.

She does not trust too many female rappers because they betrayed her in the past by faking their friendship with her. They weren’t really her friend. They were only pretending to be her friend.

VK showcases her more feminine side on The Things Your Man Won’t Do. VK explains to ladies the things their men won’t do for them in this song of hers. This song is about relationships from a woman’s point of view. The song was recorded in 1999 for the Chronic 2000 album.

It’s 1999 and it’s scandalous. Only in God does VK trust. So stay ready to bust the closest one to you. VK explains to ladies the things their men won’t do for them. To the ladies out there… These are the things you think your man won’t do.

Everybody told her to peep game because of this. But some sorry motherfucker got her into some shit. He got VK bent. But she should have known since the first time that she saw the both of them sitting in the living room lookin’ like Jennifer 2 was on the menu. She saw her man in the living room with another woman.

Her man’s destiny and reality were headed for doom. What happened to the animalistic passion and thuggish he had? The way they used to have sexual intercourse even when they weren’t alone. VK listed her man as a professional (pro) in every category. This is a nigga VK took trips and hustled with. He was her road dawg. They was on some soulmate shit. That’s the type of shit that make a man want just her. VK let him feel her soul when she opened up and let him in her life. But now he is on some other shit. She is seconds away from blasting him with her .44 slug.

Now it might be ironic but somebody has been playing on the phone And this happened every day at night he leaves home. Where has he been? Who does he have to meet in the middle of the night? Why does he do the things he does?

Her homie called her and told her he got the tightest sticky. Notifying VK about her man’s last night escapades and rendezvouses. He is sneaking around playin’ freaky, deaky, zeeky (freaky, deeky, zeeky or whatever you want to call it). And the busta he was with ain’t actin’ like they cool with her. Now he can’t look her in the eyes. Why does he do the things he does?

She shouldn’t be surprised because it be the hardest bustas. The drive-by, shoot ’em up, bang bang bustas. Chocolate boss, slidin’ in and out the butt bustas.

She should have listened to her homies that told her about him. This explains the fuckin’ shit stains. Not only in the back, but in the front of his Range Rover. VK saw her man at the restaurant exchanging fuck faces with this other woman. She can start all over just like the book of Genesis. But he can’t though. Best believe her is gonna pay for what he did to VK.

The remix to the Dr. Dre classic Rat Tat Tat Tat called Rat Tat Tat Tat (Remix) was a hardcore explicit lyrical gangsta rap song with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and VK. The song was recorded in early 2000 and produced with leftover recording from Dr. Dre.

There is a reason this remix to Rat Tat Tat Tat was never released. Rat Tat Tat Tat (Remix) was initially planned to be used on the Chronic 2000 album. However Dr. Dre sent a cease and desist order to Death Row Records telling them they could not use any of his unreleased material because he did not want them to and because the recordings were incomplete despite selling the rights to his masters when he left the label. The producers had to quickly redo this song by adding Treach and replacing Dr. Dre for the version that was released.

Death Row couldn’t include this remix because Dr. Dre threatened legal action against them if they had used the song. Dr. Dre and Suge Knight were beefing heavily at that time. There were advertisements (ads) in The Source specifically featuring 4 unreleased Dr. Dre songs from The Chronic era even though those songs turned out to be remixes. That is why the remix to Rat Tat Tat Tat was never released. That is also why Rat Tat Tat Tat (Remix) can only be found on the demo version and promotional versions only. This shit was fire and should have been on the album.

The beginning of the song starts with a thick heavy bass line which leaves a long lasting impression on your mind and ears. A male voice tells us it’s time to wake that ass up. This male voice discusses how Death Row is going to make a comeback by taking it home. Death Row had not went anywhere and just laid in the cut.

VK releases the funkiness out of the chamber in Verse 1. She wants to see who remains left afterwards. Let’s see who remains. She wants to see who’s got the knack irrevocable and indisputable brain. Unquestionably it is VK who has the irrefutable and disputable brain. Holler “mayday!” as VK has come out to play. She knows she can hold her own spot with the microphone despite being featured on other songs constantly. She can take the microphone and hold her own against any crew.

It don’t even make no sense be this hype. Atomic lyrics are hittin’ you fools makin’ your fingers drop the mic. Who’s the first eye to eye witness to feel the pain on the brain and plus get put on her shit list? Her shit is addictive like that sticky green chronic. Like sticky buddha sets.

The original chorus is used after Verse 1.

[Chorus: Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg]
Rat-tat-tat-tat, tat-ta-tat, like that, and I
Never hesitate to put a nigga on his back
Rat-tat-tat-tat, tat-ta-tat, like that, and I
Never hesitate to put a nigga on his back

The original verse to Verse 2 is used during Verse 2.

[Verse 2: Dr. Dre]
Creepin’ and peepin’ and we can get with these
The Chronic, slangin’ fat ki’s from my block
And it don’t stop, tell me where you wanna go
To the strip, or take a trip ballin’ with the Row
My shit off in ya system attacks
Indo smoke go in ya lungs like that
You get lifted, calm, and if it’s the bomb
Taken away like Calgon, Vietnam
California, back and on a mission
Provin’ a point, in my game, ain’t no fuckin’ competition
They wishin’ but run up on reality
C-P-T, C-A-L my locality
It’s strange how I re-arrange and change
The business by droppin’ shit like this
Dope, niggas can’t cope with the real
I bill, penitentiary steel, when I kill, it goes

Watch out as VK has come to blow your whole plan off. That is what she does during Verse 3. Cover your weapon because this is a lyrical standoff. A woman to man standoff. She will make the world see what she has already saw. She is a ghetto scholar. A plan to execute is what she has in mind. I don’t care what you think there is no one on Death Row who is equivalent to VK.

Ho Hoppin with Top Dogg and Doobie was supposed to be featured on the 1999 album Chronic 2000 Still Smokin but didn’t make the final cut for the album. Suge G-Funk’d the shit out of song hoping to revive Death Row. Sadly the sound of Death Row was dying by that time. Nevertheless it’s dope.

Die Muthafucka Die is unreleased track produced by Dr Dre with Top Dogg that was recorded during the Chronic 2000 Still Smokin sessions. Die Muthafucka Die was supposed to be featured on the 1999 album Chronic 2000 Still Smokin but didn’t make the final cut for the album. Die Muthafucka Die got taken off of Chronic 2000 Still Smokin and remain unreleased because Dr. Dre didn’t want Suge Knight using his unfinished songs. Suge used material that was recorded earlier for this track.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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