Review: Lil Soldiers – Boot Camp

Lil Soldiers – Boot Camp was an album that was a product of the first sign of kiddie rap on the No Limit label predating Lil Romeo. These hip hop half pints weren’t bad for their age but certainly not grammy winners. The production was high quality and on point. Beats By the Pound produced their beats. Their father Short Circuit co-produced and managed their album with Master P. Lil Soldiers were doin’ it down with Master P.

Mama Need a New Blouse was an example of kiddie rap on the tank that had catchy beats and lyrics to fit with the New Orleans bounce flavor. Short Circuit co-produced and co-wrote some of the lyrics to the song. Freequan and Ikeim wrote most of their own lyrics. Beats By the Pound produced their beats.

You first heard of Lil Soldiers on the Mean Green joint which was the album Mean Green – Major Players. They were here many years ago with same flow. They dropped the first hot single in 1998. Now ya’ll getting the point.

Lil Soldiers keep it real and let you know it ain’t all about dough. But it is about the kids with power to go. Find a spot to live cause the bomb gon’ blow. Come to coliseum and slam these jams. Ikeim and Freequan are real brothers at that.

Freequan can’t believe he heard a bad thing about what Lil Soldiers bring. He guesses they want Lil Soldiers to sing. They in the studio jumpin’ out the plad six. They make hot songs everyday. B.B.F big boys flow to death. Freequan’s arson delivery make all ya’ll feel him. Step aside for his entourage. Free like a big bear with no claws but letter guard.

The song is known for using these catchy lyrics in the chorus.

Mama need a new blouse (Bounce)
My little brother only five months from the house (Yall Bounce)
Playa hater need to stop runnin at the mouths (Yall Bounce)
We doin something while yall mad that we coming out (Yall Bounce)
What’s that about
Mama need a new blouse (Yall Bounce)

Where the Little Souljas At? is the chilling kiddie rap song with old school rap beats, samples, and noises used all over the place. The duo use simple rhymes and lyrics throughout the song. Yet the fact remains that the Lil Soldiers are seriously real with this. Beats By the Pound produced their beats.

Ikeim is the I in the alphabet illin’ on track and is the T in too cool chilling like that. He is the gravey on your mash potatoes Like your piggy bank with penny’s when you broke on the streets. He’s that class in school you always go to. Ikeim is like your favorite character when you watch cartoons. Ikeim is that cat in the 3rd grade talking to babes. He’s that rap that you spit when you talking to chicks. He’s your favorite little snack after takin’ a nap. The qualified 8 year old with the dangerous raps.

The Lil Soldiers are seriously real with this. The Lil Soldiers are knuckles pointing out when you ball your fist. The Lil Soldiers are crackles on bricks that be hurting your feet. They put Para from “paradise” on the map. Wearing tanks on their necks because they can’t be stopped.

Freequan is the rope in the gym you wanna climb up on. Freequan is the rhyme you always singing. Now you call Freequan the bomb. Freequan is the F in the place all up in your face. He is the treble and bass equalizing your tape. He is the CD in the store that you’re about to go get. He’s like a real low price for a nice outfit. Like a juicy cheeseburger with fresh out fries. Like a nice piece of candy when you go out of town.

Tank in my Hand uses a 70s style surf rock style guitar which sounds very much similar to reggae music, Latin rock, and tropical world music. That rock style guitar is sure funky. Mia X and Beats By the Pound put that New Orleans bounce flavor into the mix. Beware of baby tank doggs known as Lil Soldiers. They keep the rhymes hot and got ya mind shot. For those who don’t remember, the New Jersey soulja boys were bringing noise to New Orleans, Louisiana back in 1999. Their name was blowin up da map.

The New Jersey soulja boys were bringing noise to New Orleans, Louisiana. The flava Mama Mia X needed for her gumbo. No mistakes allowed. She’s gotta keep da crowd amped, yo. The fittest of the fit survive boot camp when they are military minded. No such word as “can’t”. Now lyrically Mia X keeps the competition blinded.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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