Review: Turning Point – Got To Get Up – Get Out/Deeper

Turning Point was a modern soul band from San Antonio, Texas during the 70s. Turning Point was part of the famous “Chitlin Circuit.” Turning Point consisted of Robert John Gomez Jr. (Robert Gomez Jr.), Ronald Warner Sr. (Ronnie Warner), Leonard Wong, Kort Odgen, Ricky Hernandez, and Jose “Sparky” Montoya among others. Robert Gomez Jr. and Ronnie Warner were the brains and bread behind Turning Point.

In the mid-1970s, Robert Gomez Jr. and his band Turning Point built their reputation playing San Antonio’s legendary East Wood Country Club, which incidentally was part of the famous “Chitlin Circuit.” Turning Point practiced tirelessly and gigged nonstop in San Antonio until Warner Bros Records eventually scouted them. His bandmates had no interest moving to Hollywood to sign to Warner Bros Records. So nothing ever happened. Although short-lived, Turning Point received a considerable amount of local radio exposure with songs that are still praised to this day: Got To Get Up – Get Out, Walk with Love, and Deeper In Love.

The whole Deeper In Love single is retro killer Texas modern soul with a boogie sound from 1978. Both songs Deeper In Love and Got To Get Up – Get Out are modern soul at its finest. Both of these songs were a direct inspiration for the band.

Got To Get Up – Get Out is killer Texas modern soul. Ronald Warner Sr. (Ronnie Warner) takes control of the song by singing the lead vocals. Ronnie Warnie shares the gift of love on this song.

Ronald Warner has been up and he’s been down. He’s been lost and sometime he has been found. He is feeling lonely in the city of San Antonio with its sound. Ronnie Warner is living for the city like Roger Troutman was in 1991. He is searching in the city of for its sound. Of soul music of course. Waiting for someone like to come around to share with his dreams and emotional fantasies. The love is burning inside of him. He has to get out so he won’t loose control. His soul is weary.

He is searching for someone that loves him. Someone that he can trust. Someone that really cares. The gift of love will get us there by elevating us to a higher level of trust. Ronnie Warnie shares the gift of love in the middle of the song.

Deeper In Love is a nice follow-up song to Got To Get Up – Get Out which is the A-side to Got To Get Up. Deeper In Love is a song that mellows out and calms down the whole single with its slow tempo mood. The song itself is a love song obviously.

Sometimes you’ll never find true romance or take a chance again. You’re better off that way. How can you find a piece of mind when part of you still cares? When part of you still cares about the one you love.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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