Review M.Cally – Club Stories

M.Cally’s 2020 trap R&B Album “Club Stories” was a smash hit on the internet. Trap meets the sounds of sultry R&B ballads from San Antonio-based solo singer M.Cally. The King of underground R&B has done it again! Club Stories is like a trap R&B album like you’ve never heard before! He displays his versatility and his vocal range on industry beats and electronic chords.

Stop Lying is a song that tells both genders of the human race to stop lying.

M.Cally pulls up to the club in brand new Lamborghini. He ain’t lying. He comes down on them boys with those flashy extravagant big diamond chains of his. As we proceed to the jungle with the best king R&B. Suddenly a check of just got cleared. M.Cally got a G5 so switches up on them lanes. No. It don’t stop.

People say they got a house up on the hill, a Lamborghini with new wheels, new women, some new thrills, flash extravagant new grills, and big money. M.Cally tells them to stop lying.

M.Cally covers part of the lyrics to the song Prince and the Revolution – Darling Nikki perfectly over that trap music sound. He recited the lyrics to the first part of the song. “I knew a girl named Nikki I guess you could say she was a sex fiend/I met her in a hotel lobby Masturbating with a magazine” He recited these lyrics twice.

M.Cally explains how night life is like the jungle on the trap R&B song The Jungle. Trap meets the sounds of sultry R&B here.

The night life is a lot like the jungle. On a scale of 1 to 10, M.Cally will have to choose 11 because he is in heaven.

He spots a female with brown skin and thighs with light brown caramel eyes. She is a sexy cheetah. M.Cally is on the hunt like a lion in a pack. M.Cally is on the hunt for women. He sees women and drinks. He contemplates about whether to attack or not. He’ll be prowling on the prowl and hunt regardless of whether or not he does.

He’s got the alligator shoes with the belt to match. Mink fur coat with a gangsta hat. Gorillas banging on his trunk while he sips Cognac. He burns off from the club like a gangsta mack. He can’t wait to slap that ass like a bongo.

Baby Don’t Stare showcases his love endeavor to a woman he is attracted to. His rhymes are simplistic but yet catchy.

M.Cally finds a woman he is attracted to. He tells her, “Baby, don’t stare at me. Or I’m gonna come do my thing.” He looks at her left hand to discover that she has no ring. This indicates that she is not married or engaged to a fiancé.

Her fine thighs must be tired from running all day. She can see M.Cally does not hesitate to waste time. He can still pull in ladies with corny lines. She has 2 children but she is still fine. Look at those hips. M.Cally will do his thing. Not just one time. He will lick her legs in reverse order by starting with her feet. Turn her ass out.

He tells her she can bring friend or 2. He just wants to chill without any hassle or drama. She just wants to talk and he just wants to smoke. And wake up in the morning with some eggs and toast. Then go back to bed so he can wake up more.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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