Review: Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers – One Bright Day

One Bright Day is where one bright day the people got together to celebrate love around the nations of Earth. There was singing and dancing. People were living life without fear. There was music and people loved it. One Bright Day is a reggae song about celebrating world peace through music and dance. Ziggy Marley wrote this song in 1989 during the time of apartheid in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). A call for world peace was much needed at the time. That’s why this song was written.

Black My Story is about Black/African history representing African liberty and African glory. Who Will Be There is a religious reggae song about the Rastafari God Jah. Look Who’s Dancing is a song about dance. Dance is an important part of reggae culture.

Ziggy demands justice on the song Justice. To him, Justice is a one word prayer. Justice sometimes let the innocent die unfortunately. Justice is needed for those who deserve it. We demand change for our justice system and justice itself. Much justice is dealt with by diplomats. Such justice cannot be given by aristocrats in aristocracy as they are hypocrites.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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