Review: Alan Braxe – The Ascent EP

Alan Braxe ‎is back with a new EP called The Ascent EP. He gives electronic house music a breath of fresh air with this new EP. Braxe always delivers good electronic music. One can tell that Braxe has made his comeback with this new EP of his. This EP was released in 320 kbps MP3 format in with stereo sound back in late 2019.

Braxe makes his comeback with the opener and title track called The Ascent. Now the title track is a synth-driven electronic soundscape that is an instrumental. Several blips help make up the electronic soundscape. The title track has a sci-fi vibe and sound. Of course Braxe always delivers good electronic music. The Ascent uses a rate of 320 kbps.

The song Words is driven by hypnotic synths and an angelic chorus that is heaven-sent which in turn are backed by some fresh electronic beats.

Repeater is backed by distorted bitcrushed electric synths, electronic beats, funky guitar synths, and medium bass. The sound on this song is out of this world! Words cannot be used to describe how brehsive this song is. Rawness and grittiness are what stand out.

Spacer serves as the closer and is the last song. Braxe used a different style of music on Spacer. This song shows the progression and growth of Braxe as an artist. The song has a soft melodic electronic sound and vibe. Tempo for this song is much lower than the others. The song is driven by distorted rumbling electric synths from a keyboard which are all electronically processed. Beauty flourishes inside the sounds of this electronic song. It’s quite pleasant to listen to like the first song. Braxe always delivers out the best in good electronic music. True electronic music fans will love this song. Spacer is similar to a Vangelis song.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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