Review: The Dayton Family – FBI

The Dayton Family – FBI was their second best album to date next What’s On My Mind?. The sound is a lot more polished and mastered in terms of production. Steve Pitts stepped up his production game on this album. This is gangsta rap at its best and gangsta rap at its finest.

Bloodbath On Dayton Ave is one of more esoteric, violent, and bloody songs on the album with a dark Scarface vibe. It’s one of those dark and eerie tracks. Bloodbath On Dayton Ave is one of the best songs on the album.

Shoestring is killing them all on a ganking spree where he is committing theft. He’s got another murder story for you. Now he’s seeing visions of a motherfucking bloodbath. He made everyone hit the floor. Backstabba watched the door. He’ll let his pistol smoke to prove them wrong.

What’s On My Mind II is another track that made The Dayton Family a legendary rap ground in the streets of Flint, the state of Michigan, and throughout the Midwest US. The Dayton Family discusses to the listeners what’s on their mind while not holding back of course. The Dayton Family comes with a “no holds barred attitude” in aggressive form on this track and several other tracks of theirs. This version samples Art of Noise – Moments in Love and Aaron Hall – I Love You Baby.

Any fan of hardcore gangsta rap will enjoy this track! The Dayton Family does not hold back for anything! For example, read these verses to the lyrics of What’s On My Mind.:

Whole hood on ADC, pops in penetentiary
Caught in the system, he’s a victim of his shorty’s past
His son’s a killa on the for reala, you best to watch yo stash
What’s on my mind, is my brotha named Rodney King?
Coulda been Shoestring, instead the devil chose Malice Green

Life was a struggle, had to hustle, and sometimes buckle
A swollen knuckle, lockin up was the ghetto couple
Out to get rich, but I’m no snitch, no need to drop a dime
My future’s blind, now tell me what’s on yo mind

The song Ghetto provides emotional insight showcasing the life cycle of poverty. The mood is sad and mournful. The lyrics deal with the concept of living life in a cycle of poverty. It’s about survival. Hustling and trying to have a normal life in an impossible environment. Ghetto samples The Floaters – Float On.

Some of you might remember the lyrics to Verse 1 and Verse 2 which were,

[Verse 1]
They say I’m a ghetto man, they call me a ghetto bastard
They say I’m a dope dealer, they say I’m a money snatcher
They call me a ghetto thug, I’m livin the ghetto life
I’m stuck with my ghetto kids, so I married a ghetto wife
I got no education, I’m workin the ghetto job
I live on the ghetto streets, so I run with the ghetto mob
They give me a ghetto check, three dollars that’s no respect
Not enough to survive, so I break me a ghetto neck
I pop me a ghetto shot, down on the ghetto block
Front page of the newspaper, fiend dies over ghetto rock
I’m tired of the ghetto noise, ghetto girls ghetto boys
Hand me a shotgun, cause them are my ghetto toys
This ghetto mentality, I live in a ghetto town
Bang to the boogie boom, lets fight to our ghetto sound
They taught me the tricks and trades, I’m stuck in my ghetto ways
That’s why hypocrites are all sayin these are the ghetto days

[Verse 2]
They say I’m a ghetto crook, I’m kickin the ghetto game
Ghetto babies die, damn that’s a ghetto shame
Back to the ghetto days, and backed to the ghetto nights
Back to the ghetto lives, and back to the ghetto fights
Back to the ghetto ladies, and back to the ghetto men
Back to the ghetto churches , and back to the ghetto sins
Yes that’s a ghetto thing, hit with a ghetto swing
If you don’t know why I say it, than ask Mr. Rodney King
Cause down in Los Angeles, the ghetto is scandalous
Than Uncle Toms, even they can’t handle this
I go to a ghetto school, I’m keepin it ghetto cool
I pack me a ghetto tool, gonna kill me a ghetto fool
I walk on a ghetto floor, I shop at a ghetto store
How can I pay more, I can’t afford it, I’m ghetto poor
I snort me some ghetto caine, it messed up my ghetto veins
But I don’t even know why, (Why?) Cause its a ghetto thang

And these lyrics also.

I walk in the ghetto rain, my ghetto brain gone insane
I need the ghetto bang, so I cop me some Night Train
I’m down with my ghetto crime, I’m doin my ghetto time
It got me goin crazy, I’m out of my ghetto mind
I heard me a ghetto blast, straight to his ghetto head
Look in the newspaper, Backstabber is ghetto dead
This is the ghetto scene, but still I don’t understand
That’s the way it is, when you dealin with a ghetto man

The song FBI takes ride through one of the worst ghettos of in the United States of America with such gruesome imagery and powerful narratives. FBI is a classic without a doubt. The track itself is a cult classic for Dayton Family fans. FBI samples The Isley Brothers – For The Love Of You.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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