Review: Pimp C – Pimpalation

Pimpalation by Pimp C is so cold and playalistic that it became Pimpadelic like George Clinton. This album will take you a pimps journey through life with Pimp C on this album. I love the samples used in this album! Let me say that right now just to get shit off my chest. Mr. Lee puts in good use of his good productions skills on this album. This album was put out in 2006 during the Rap-A-Lot/Asylum record deal. Pimpalation is better than the crap that’s out there right now with a select few albums of course!! Although 2005 was a good year for the Pimpalation to drop.

Lil Boosie and Webbie around the remix tip on the remix of Like That. Mr. Lee puts in good use of his good productions skills. I just wanted Lil Boosie and Webbie to be on more tracks on this album because they would’ve killed the fucking joint! Maybe it was because they were showcased more on the previous album that they did not have such an impact as guest stars.

The Knockin’ Doorz Down with such a badass track! It was so playalistic as cold ice during A Yukon snowstorm. Lil Keke wrecks it also! Pimp C was at his prime in the game at the time as you may all know. Pimp C was always ahead of his time and so was UGK when they made their songs. There needs to be an SUC remix of this song! An official one that is.

Pourin Up was another Southern classic song! Mike Jones help made this song a classic! So did Bun B. Also it deserved more radio play. Lyricism meets trap beats over southern rap and hip hop describe the genre. So you definitely will want to look into this if you’re interested on type of material. Now with that said this song will be a classic even 10 years from now.

However Willie D did not get as much credit as Scarface or Bun B did. This track would’ve been a perfect comeback get together for the Geto Boys. I don’t know why he did. I guess Willie D was getting out of touch with rap in the mid 2000s. Again I’m not sure what happened.

Gitcha Mind Right was overlooked. It was produced by Cory Mo. Most of Cory Mo’s productions are overlooked of course. He is a Houston legend in production. Just as Jhiame is underground. This track has potential to become a single. It’s perfect fitting for the album.

The Honey is an appropriate track for Jazze Pha. It sounds like something that he would do. It’s quite suitable for him and what he’s known for. If you pay attention to production by Jazze Pha, you’ll know why like I do.

I rate this album, Pimpalation, 5/5*****!!

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