Review: Ticklah – Polydemic

Ticklah – Polydemic is one of the most abstract Afrobeat dub reggae albums in the history of reggae music. Polydemic is Afrobeat dub reggae with a touch of funk and a jazzy edge. Ticklah produces and arranges some awesome music. You have your jazz oriented songs such as Buttermilk and Cooly Wages. You also have your dub reggae songs such as Ticklah’s Swing, Space Root, and Pain Of Loving You. Some of the songs on this album were used on the television show Breaking Bad.

Buttermilk is a solid Ticklah groove where the sounds of smooth bossanova jazz meet dub reggae with a touch of funk. Not too brokenbeat either. A selection of guitars, horns, and keyboards add to the funkiness and solid groove of the song.

Ticklah’s Swing uses dub reggae sounds such as a smoky organ and deep bass. The song will take you into a deep trance. So expect to hear some peaceful laid back vibes. Some of you may remember hearing Ticklah’s Swing on the television show Breaking Bad. That is because the song Ticklah’s Swing was used on the Breaking Bad soundtrack.

Toe Foo has a groovy 70s funk sound with a barrage of tambourines and one mean jazzy saxophone which explains the sense of liveness. Space Root is ridden with heavy low bass and dub reggae riddims over a set of phasers.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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