Review: DJ Krush – DJ Krush EP

The DJ Krush EP by DJ Krush was released as a vinyl for radio DJs to promote his then upcoming Krush album which was released in 1995 by Shadow Records. DJ Krush’s EP is full of hip hop beats, mad vinyl cuts, jazzy instrumentation, and old soul samples for hip hop heads to enjoy. The beats are tight. All of the songs included on his EP are instrumental hip hop. So this EP is perfect for all ages and crowds. Who knew that a Japanese DJ could incorporate such jazzieness on a hip hop EP?

Roll & Tumble incorporates jazz & hip hop creating a jazz hop infusion. The upright bass and grand piano help give this song a jazz vibe too. Percussion and raw hip hop beats are very tight. The song is an instrumental hip hop song with a trip hop groove. There are a few clicks and pops occasionally. But that’s raw hip hop for you. Don’t let the occasional surface noise bother you.

Horns on On The Dub-ble give the song a significant touch of jazziness. The beats are tight and instrumentation layout are mellow. On The Dub-ble incorporates jazz & hip hop creating a jazz hop infusion which has an urban sound and touch also.

Into The Water is a percussion driven song ridden with electronic synths. The song Into The Water has a mellow vibe. Also rock music is incorporated in the middle of the song.

Ruff-Neck Jam is a jazz instrumental with the occasional surface noise. There are a few clicks and pops occasionally. The song is filled with jazziness. The beats are nicely arranged by DJ Krush himself. Ruff-Neck Jam contains samples from The Gil Evans Orchestra – La Nevada.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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