Review: Jerzzey Boy ‎– Time’s Up EP

Jerzzey Boy ‎– Time’s Up is a decent garage house EP which was released from the state of New Jersey in 1993. You will love that classic New Jersey garage house sound from this record. You can’t go wrong with Jerzzey Boy in the house! Take A Ride, and Yesterday are the highlights for this EP.

Take A Ride delves into disco jazz roots which why you have that saxophone. The music will free you mind as soon as you hear those house sounds. Jerzzey Boy made a good choice by using this song as the opener for this EP. Not too many electronic musicians delved into to the disco jazz roots back in the 90s. That’s not to say they didn’t. This song is great.

Stop Playin’ uses such thin beats that are too bland. The beats and bass are set way too low which makes this song the worst the song off this entire EP.

E-Bo uses a sweet hazy trancelike vibe, sound, and style. Trance meets garage house on E-Bo. E-Bo delves into pretty deep house sounds and instrumentals. Jerzzey Boy into the roots of dance music with beats, chords, and synthss.

Yesterday uses more Afrocentric drums and electronic beats than all of the other songs. These Afrocentric drums and electronic beats are what make the song relaxing not to mention calming.

I rate this EP 4/5****!

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