Review: Master P – I Miss My Homies

Master P’s I Miss My Homies single uses a balance of mourning and heavy lyricism. The single is a mixture of R&B and gangsta rap. The single also contained an exclusive bonus track which was Here We Go which was shown and advertised on the back cover.

I Miss My Homies was tribute to all his deceased friends, family members, and rappers. Master P sent out a message stop the violence with this song of his. I Miss My Homies was his humanitarian effort to stop black on black crime. This song was dedicated to Master P’s late brother Kevin Miller. The song was a tribute to 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. also.

I really miss my homies. Even though you’re gone away, I know you’re in a better place. And I hope to see you soon someday. I’m so alone. How could it be? Take a minute to smile for the dead.

Some Gs never change. Why do soldiers ride for your name? A lotta soldiers done died and a lotta mothers done cried. So just leave it vain. The ghetto persons that lost their loved ones to these ghetto scandals. I miss my homies even though they’ve gone away.

Here We Go was an exclusive bonus track that could only be found on this single. Here We Go was one of those songs were released as b-sides on singles in the 1990s. That happened frequently back then. No Limit was famous for putting exclusive bonus tracks that could only be found on only on certain versions of a single. Some No Limit fans might remember this song as the bonus track.

Master P has got heroin and cocaine Some call him the dope man. He went from cheddar to cheese. From powder to cooked rocks. From the ghetto to the lakes. Slangin’ thangs in the hood to move his records to 50 states. He’s got more work than the mayor do. He’s got more hoe’s than Macys sell muthafuckin Girbauds.

Relentlessly Master P keep the muthafuckin party jumpin’. For putting the south on the map like Eazy-E did Compton. No Limit Soldiers are mercenary killas that keep one up in the chamber. They’ve got it made like Special Ed. They got more vapors than Biz Markie ever had because they are after dead presidents like Eric B & Rakim. They plan to hypnotize the rap industry like Biggie did. No Limit is going federal like E-40. They will shock the world like Silkk. No Limit is and was putting fools on hold like En Vogue. They used to slang white ice cream. Now it’s platinum and gold.

Master P payed tribute and homage to rappers from the 1980s and 1990s with these lyrics. Notice how he refers to other rappers by using their most popular songs such as Vapors by Biz Markie.

Keep the muthafuckin party jumpin (uhh, bout it, bout it)
For puttin the south on the map like Eazy-E did Compton
Hoo-ride with these gangbangers (gangbangers)
No Limit Soldiers, mercenary killas keep one up in the chamber
Got it Made like Special Ed
Got more Vapors than Biz Markie ever had
After Dead Presidents like Eric B
Hypnotize the rap industry like Biggie
Going Federal like E-40
Shock the world like Silkk, put my pockets on tilt
Puttin fools On Hold like En Vogue
Used to slang white ice cream, now its platinum and golds

Mystikal says without no business it’s over for you before you get out the door. If you don’t already know. Be about yo paper. Fuck how good you rap. It ain’t shit without yo business.

Mystikal explains how artists and musicians are cheated out of their royalties in the music business inside of these lyrics. He tells artists to be about their royalties and contracts.

Without no business
It’s over for you before you get out the door
What the fuck they gon tell you for if you don’t already know
Huh nigga thats all on you to be on top of yearn
But by the time they finish fuckin you, bitch you gon learn
Ain’t no fuckin favors, ain’t no fuckin friends
That shit don’t mix, this business
Be bout yo paper, yo royalties or them bitches will take ya
Make sure yo contract is escilatin’ otherwise them bitches will rape ya
Makin big promises on how it’s gonna be all good just and be patient
Yo album done came and gone and you stupid ass still waitin
Stackin paper off my work
Them no good son of a bitches got me livin for concerts
I done headlined every hole in the wall in and out the city
Humble cause I’m gonna believe it was meant for me
I’ma get it, makin moves but still somethin missin
Fuck how good you rap it ain’t shit without yo business
No business

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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