Review: Groovilicious ‎– The Recipe EP

Groovilicious ‎– The Recipe EP is one of the most groovy jazz hop EPs of 1996. Groovilicious helped bring a new generation of sound to the New Breed label in 1996 with DJ Smash and Hustletron. So you can expect to hear those jazzy sounds this label was famous for. Acid jazz meets electronic music on this album.

I Don’t Mind uses a groovy piano over a lovely saxophone solo. The beats follows the jazzy groove. You will automatically think of those 70s detective movies or mystery movies such as Shaft or Charlie’s Angels when you listen to this song. Overall this song is an underrated gem.

Sweet Dose uses such sultry chilled out bass over nice jazzy sounds. Acid jazz meets electronic music on Sweet Dose.

2nd Time Around uses such smooth sultry lyrics over a chilled out mellow jazz beat. Soul meets jazz on this song. Not much electronic music is used at all if anything. The song will put you into a trance as you listen to this song.

I rate this EP 4/5****!

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