Review: Groovilicious ‎– Groovilicious EP

Groovilicious ‎– Groovilicious EP is an EP released on CD format by New Breed in 1995. The sounds of future jazz and acid jazz meets the sounds of hip hop and electronic on this EP. New Breed never does wrong when it comes to releasing smooth future jazz singles, EPs, and albums.

If your copy of Groovilicious ‎– Groovilicious has the catalog code of “New Breed ‎– NBR 0039-2”, then your copy is the vinyl single and not the EP. There is a difference between the EP and single. The single does not have the songs Cherry and My Thang. The EP has those songs mentioned.

Cherry is a funky jazz song which experiments with the sounds of future jazz and acid jazz in one combination thus creating a fusion of abstract jazz. The sound is so abstract and different from all the other songs due to the funk element used. The funk element used was the upright bass played in the background. Upright bass is used in jazz music all the time. In fact, you can find an element of upright bass in almost every jazz song. The song also uses a light touch of vibraphones. Cherry is one funky song.

What It Is is laced with a piano sample and a phat mean bass. The song is an electronic mashup of acid jazz and hip hop music. The song uses multiple layers of instruments. Not all the instrumentation is looped. Listen to the keyboards and saxophone.

Road To Knowhere has a new school future jazz sound mixed with a hip hop groove. The bass is just as mean and thick as on the song What It Is. The mood is very chill and calming. The New Breed sound is soothing to many ears. Much of the instrumentation is looped.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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