Review: Caro Emerald – Just One Dance

The single Caro Emerald – Just One Dance has 2 swinging upbeat jazz numbers that will make you want to dance. The upbeat jazz numbers are Just One Dance and I Know That He’s Mine. The single was released and issued as limited edition 7” inch vinyl for Record Store Day in 2012.

Caro is a burlesque performer who has been eyeballing a man she wants to have one dance with. Caro knows that the man she has her eyeballs on and has been eyeing is the one. That is the plot of Just One Dance.

Caro asks this handsome man who she’s been eyeballing if he would like to dance with her. She’s been watching him since the moment he arrived. He is wearing expensive flashy clothing which is a white suit from London and shoes from Paris. A silk tie from Siam which displays and shows elegance and class. She asks him for the time. “Hey, handsome. Have you got the time?” “Don’t you wanna spend about an hour with me?”

The scent and the aroma refuses to breathe. It’s more like a haze that’s trying to succeed. His scent is what’s drawing her in and pulling her to him. And every thought she has turns the language blue.

All it costs for him to dance with Caro is $1 dollar and 1 minute. She’ll make his dreams come true in one dance. She tells him, “All it costs is just a minute now. For one dollar you can show me how. I’ll take your hand and then your worries too. In just one dance I’ll make your dreams come true. But underneath the mask I see the skin of a man smooth and seductive who’s really got a plan. It’s drawing me in magnetically to you.”

She doesn’t know why he plays hard to get. Caro is here to kiss away any thoughts of regret. She says to him, “Don’t know why you play hard to get. I’m here to kiss away any thoughts of regret. A silk tie from Siam shows elegance and class. Handsome as the heavens that a film would never cast.”

He is handsome as the heavens that a film would never cast. But underneath the mask she sees the skin of a man who is smooth and seductive. A man who’s really got a plan. It’s drawing her in magnetically to him. Caro is like the smoke on his fire. Smoldering endless desire. How long will his flame burn?

Caro knows that the man loves genuinely loves her clearly. That is what I Know That He’s Mine is about.

It’s 3 o’clock (3 PM) on a late Sunday morning. The candles have burned to their end. She found the pictures they’ve taken. And now she has awaken and sleep’s her invisible friend. So she’s staring the hands off her wall clock. Seems both of them just hang around. Sadly she’s got no one to warm her and nothing to hold. Her body needs what it doesn’t have.

Without him she really doesn’t mind. However it is a little bit lonely. But he’ll make up in time as long as he loves Caro. He’ll answer to his crime. The door stays wide open. Caro knows that he’s hers.

The tracks of her tears keep on freezin’. Caro is now melting the cold in the halls. There’s no one around. Perhaps if she played the seductress, a passionate woman of guile, then he’d be there in a minute. The heat won’t diminish. He’d wear nothing more than a smile.

Charlie keep singin’ that chanson pop music. Your words always make so much sense. And though they’re in French, Caro has got no defense. She knows that she is reaching the end. He’s right around the corner. He knows that Caro is home now.

I rate this single 5/5*!

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