Review: Twisted Black – The Life of Tommy Burns

At one point during the mid-2000s is when Twisted Black (Tommy Burns III) was in his prime with street fame in Fort Worth, Texas. He was the most sought after rap artist in Texas during the 2000s decade. This album was a catalyst that launched his street fame in Forth Worth and eventually Texas. His tales are personal testimonies of hustling and street life. Twisted Black strays away from the hype of mainstream rap. He is bold in his raps. His real life accounts of survival have earned him respect across the South (Southern United States). Nothing but that gutter sound!

Twisted Black describes his need to let it be known on the track Still Hood. He lets it be known to everyone that he is still hood regardless no matter what. DL and Tracy Nelson produced Still Hood, but DL takes the credit and spotlight for production of Still Hood.

Walk in My Shoes takes us as listeners on a journey through the life of Twisted Black. His tales are personal testimonies of hustling and street life. It gives us a perspective on Twisted Black. Walk in My Shoes is about his real life accounts of survival and ambition during his hustling days. 3R labelmate CP is featured on the track. DFW underdog producer Erotic D produced the track Walk in My Shoes.

The track I Got You was inspired by the movie Scarface for Life which incidentally and ironically features Scarface of the Geto Boys.

Legendary yet overlooked DJ Goldfinger produced Tell Me How You Feel. Ain’t No King is a Lil Flip diss where Twisted Black disses T.I. as well. Twisted Black does a beautiful job rapping on the track Beautiful with 3R labelmate Yashar.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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