Review: Fatlip – Torpor

Review: Fatlip – Torpor

The new Fatlip album Torpor has some of the most powerful songs heard in the genre of hip hop/rap in 2022. This is real hip hop/rap that is straight up fire. SccIt has been working his ass off on the Fatlip album Torpor. He put his heart and soul into the album to rest assure he didn’t release just any old bullshit. Mastering took a bit longer than expected but album is finally completed. The mixing and mastering is great. The album was produced by Siavash The Grouch and SccIt. It all comes down to the production and cadence. SccIt isstill killin shit. Fatlip never disappoints.

Fatlip says, “Torpor is a state of hibernation, in which the artist is waking up from. This record was a longtime coming. Get ready for a beast to come outta hibernation”

Dust In The Wind features Krazy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony. This is the first time a member of Bone Thugs N Harmony will have collaborated with a member of The Pharcyde. You have 2 of the most legendary groups in hip hop/rap on one song. What is more brehsive than that? Siavash The Grouch and SccIt produced the song with Chris Glove. This is real hip hop/rap that is straight up fire. The song uses a beautiful sample of Bootsy Collins – Munchies for Your Love. The bass is lovely.

February is a powerful symbolic yet iconic song on the album which embodies all the bullshit people on Earth have been going through since the COVID pandemic in 2020. COVID changed our lives in a powerful sense and way. February was produced by Siavash The Grouch and SccIt.

Wake Up marked Fatlip’s return outta hibernation after 2 long years.

I rate this album 5/5*****!


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