September 24, 2023

Crooked I – Hood Star was one of the hottest lyrical West Coast rap albums from 2010 that is a West Coast classic. Each track is sure fire. Many of the tracks were meant for his 2003 album Say Hi To The Bad Guy.

Hood Star explains why Crooked I is a hot lyricist. The song is pure fire.

You’re fucking with a nigga hot as a flamethrower. That is Crooked I. He shoots up the Range Rover. He blows some of your brain on one of your dang shoulders. Deranged when he bangs on ya.Fucking niggas up beyond recognition.

Crooked I is in the neon Expedition wishing for collision. He is quick to predict the way you gon’ swerve. Crooked I is a mixture between a banker and a baseball pitcher for the way I throw money at them take it off strippers. He is faded off liquor while breaking off chippers. Better run with the wind or catch a 100 uppercuts right under your chin.

Crooked I keeps all shit official on his song called Fuck Em. This is an explicit raw lyrical rap song with an aggressive punch.

Crooked I keeps all shit official. Walking through the mall with a pistol. Twisting the top off with some Cisco. He’s paid like I’m Robert Downey Jr.’s drug connect. He is the roughest cat that’s rapping. And tucking gats for blasting. He’s the nigga you should hear. Crooked I does to lock it down chips and socking out pricks. You know what happens to niggas when they get too comfortable. Niggas get knocked the fuck out they position! But we gon’ roll! Fuck it!

These lyrics show his aggressive delivery.

Yeah, tuck that Glock, fuck that cop
Bust that shot, what’s that hot?
Fuck this industry, drink that Hennessy
Ride on your enemies, holla if you feeling me

Niggas trying to figure out how to defeat me
But my shots will make Swiss cheese out of your Bentley
Now that you are with me
We can get it crunk and things

Crooked I tells us that it feels so damn good when you’re so damn hood on the track So Damn Hood. He brought back that aggressive lyrical gangsta rap with this track. This was another one of the illest songs that was fire.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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