Review: Michael Jackson – Forever, Michael

Michael Jackson – Forever, Michael strayed away from the Motown pop sound Michael had been accustomed to singing to. He had adopted a smoother soul sound with elements of funk incorporated. Michael sung as a tenor rather than soprano as he did before. Forever, Michael would Michael’s final album for Motown as music was changing and evolving during that time in 1975. Disco and funk were selling at that time. While not as successful as his previous 3 albums, Forever, Michael was the soundtrack to many people’s lives. That is what makes this album a classic.

Take Me Back serves as a plea for Michael to have that girl back in his life. He will do anything to get her back in his life. Take Me Back is The Jackson 5 – I Want You Back revisited.

He wants the girl he is dating to take him back where he belongs. He belongs with her. Michael thought the grass was green on the other side and the sun shone brighter without saying goodbye. This is not true as tears fall like rain. Ain’t no love in this world without her.

Michael tries to find himself as he keeps seeing her face. He explains this in the lyrics to Verse 2. “In my search to find myself/I saw your face and nothing else/Every place I go with everything I do/I still feel the need for you/“

He wants to make up for all the problems he’s caused her. He asks for forgiveness. He tells her, “Take me back. Forgive me. Take me back to where I belong. If you can, if you can find it in your heart to forgive me.” Clearly he needs her in his life.

Lyrics to the outro highlight this.

Take me back, forgive me
Take me back where I belong
If you can, if you can find it
In your heart to forgive me

Just a Little Bit of You is a sweet sordid love song. Just a Little Bit of You was written by the Holland Brothers of Holland–Dozier–Holland.

Sometimes a doctor’s remedy does cure love sickness. In some cases, the power of love is all you need to cure love sickness. Just a little bit that person you love will surely keep the doctor away. That is in a daily dosage.

The power of the woman he loves love can heal. No doctor’s remedy can ever do what she does for him. Just a little bit of her every day will surely keep the doctor away. That is all he needs. Since the day Michael had been loving her, he cannot catch a cold or the flu. The sweet loving she has been giving him has become a daily need for him definitely.

These lyrics explore how love can heel.

[Verse 1]
I told my mama how I feel about your power
Your love can heal, no doctor’s remedy
Ever do what you do for me

[Verse 2]
Just a little bit of you every day
Will surely keep the doctor away
Eeny weeny teeny bit of your love
Baby it is all I need, it is all I need

[Verse 3]
Since the day I have been loving you
I cannot catch a cold, I cannot catch the flu
The sweet loving you have been giving me
Has become my daily need

[Verse 4]
Just a little of your love, every day
It is all I need, that is all I need
Just a little bit baby
That is all I need, that is all I need

[Verse 5]
So do not send no doctor to my door
Because Doctor John has been here before
Do not you send him, just come yourself
Bring your love and nothing else

Ooh just a, just a
Just a little bit of you every day
Will surely keep the doctor away
Just a little bit of you every day
Will surely keep the doctor away

The song We’re Almost There teaches us not to give up on our hopes, dreams, and plans. This is one of the inspirational and motivational songs on the album that has a positive vibe.

No matter how hard the task may seem, don’t give up on you hopes, dreams, and plans. No broken bridges can turn you around. What you’re searching for can be found. Life’s a long, hard climb. So don’t give up on yourself is the message Michael is trying to convey to us.

Michael coveys that message in the lyrics to Verse 1

[Verse 1]
No matter how hard
The task may seem
Don’t give up our plans
Don’t give up our dreams
No broken bridges
Can turn us around
‘Cause what we’re searching for
Will soon be found

I rate this album 4/5****!

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