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Review: Little Violet – Code Red

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Little Violet – Code Red is a new upbeat electro swing album with jazz inspired love songs from 2021. These are some of the swingingst upbeat jazz songs you’ll ever hear in your life. Swinging Melodies and Taking You With Me are some fine examples. Little Violet does not fail to impress her audiences.

Little Violet shows a gentleman who has she fallen in love with her dance moves and how she specifically plants to satisfy him on the opener Good on Me.

Enter the room and take your seat. You’ll be greeted by a tasty treat from Little Violet. Don’t be shy. Just watch and learn. She’ll show you the moves and we’ll take turns. Lose yourself and get lost in time. You don’t have to be so dignified. Relax and enjoy the ride.

Little Violet shows a gentleman who has she fallen in love with her dance moves. She tells this gentleman not to be shy and just watch and learn the dance moves she makes. She also tells this gentleman he doesn’t have to be so dignified. And to relax and enjoy the ride she is taking him on. This particular gentleman is in for a treat. She clearly and explicitly wants to try him on. He would look good on Little Violet. It feels so good to the point that it can’t be wrong.

Little Violet shows a gentleman who has she fallen in love with her dance moves by telling him, “Enter the room and take your seat. You’ll be greeted by a tasty treat. Don’t be shy. Just watch and learn. I’ll show you the moves and we’ll take turns. Lose yourself. Get lost in time. Don’t got to be so dignified. Relax. Enjoy the ride. I wanna try you on. Baby, you’d look good on me. Right here’s where I belong. It feels so good it can’t be wrong.”

She tells him these sentences during the chorus, “I wanna try you on. Baby, you’d look good on me. Right here’s where I belong. It feels so good it can’t be wrong. I wanna try you on.”

There are no inhibitions or unexpected interruptions in his ways. She’ll let him ask for every turn. Little Violet will give him the praise that he deserves. She tells him, “Empty your mind. It’s time to play. No inhibitions in your way. I’ll let you ask for every turn. I’ll give you the praise that you deserve. Move away from the norm and let your inner freak shine. Sit back, relax, embrace your quirk.”

Their fantasy is hard at work as they dance away swiftly to the upbeat uptempo swing jazz music playing in the background. They are masterminds who are truly one of a kind. A work of art you’ll seek and find.

She tells him again, “I wanna try you on. Baby, you’d look good on me. Right here’s where I belong. It feels so good it can’t be wrong. I wanna try you on.”

Little Violet clearly wants to be this gentleman’s fantasy. She tells him how she will blow his mind by telling him, “Let me be your fantasy. Let me blow your mind. You can fill my senses. The possibilities are endless. Let me paint you by number. So deep down and under that we come up gasping for air.”

Little Violet searches for a gentleman to adore on the song Silent Movie. Silent Movie is reminiscent of the jazz music used in silent movies during the late 19th century and early 20th century. The song uses early ragtime jazz late 19th century and late 20th century along with swing jazz from the 20th century.

Little Violet don’t need no chitter chatter, sweet nothings, and tiresome natter because words get in the way. She doesn’t need to hear what you have to say. Chat up lines have become a bore for her to hear and endure. She just needs a gentleman she adores. A lustful hold and stare. A passionate love affair.

The lyrics imply that Little Violent wants to have a romantic passionate love affair with a gentleman. She wants a gentleman that has a lustful hold and stare. A gentleman that is physically strong. “A lustful hold and stare/A passionate love affair”

As you know by listening to her songs, Little Violet is an old fashioned girl looking for a gentleman to show her romance. She wants to be showered with kisses and a moonlit dance.

She wants a gentleman to woo her, sweep her off her feet, and she wants to be squeezed tight. She wants a gentleman to take her back to black and white like a silent movie. A gentleman will never tell like a silent movie. Little Violet doesn’t need any talking pictures.

This gentleman is dressed up in a suit and tie with polished shoes. He has slick back hair. Little Violet can’t refuse. One wink and she is his. This a simple tale where a boy meets a girl he loves. He serenades her with flowers and pearls. A lustful hold and stare. A passionate love affair.

The wandering eye now why don’t you learn. Those broken hearts will continue to burn. The picture house will help her redeem. Take her to the stars on the screen.

Code Red explain why Little Violet needs a break from herself. She is losing her sanity.

Each day’s a drag as the moments lag, Little Violet can’t seem to find peace of mind. When she is killing time, she wishes she could hit rewind. She checks her phone and feels so alone. Itching to get herself out. But she is just stuck on this never-ending roundabout.

Trial and error. I don’t mean to scare ya but it is too late, you see. And now you must go on without Little Violet. Save yourself. Find someone else. Because she is a ticking time bomb who is about to blow. She’s hit code red. She needs to find a way out of her head. Nothing’s safe for her in there. But how can she trust her own reflection? Who’s comin’ to her rescue?

She is so close to the edge and is willing to let herself fall. It’s fight or flight. Which does her sacrifice? Reaching out hopelessly to her despair. People said Little Violet was beautiful on the inside and out. Will Little Violet ever just figure it out? What’s going on inside her head.

Other Side is about how everyone in life wants a slice of paradise. Everyone wants a piece of that pie when searching for fame, fortune, or paradise.

Some people search for fortune. Some people long for fame. Some people crave for paradise. Either way, they want a piece of the pie. They climb the ladder all the way. The ring is the price that we chase.

Your face in spotlight. Try as you might. You’re never satisfied. So swallow your pride and if you can find your paradise. Little Violet will see you on the other side.

You have needs and desires. You are a beautiful creature who wants to succeed but forget consequences and your moral compass. See, all of your effort’s in vain. Once you hide from spotlight. Try as you might. You were never satisfied.

Roll the Dice is about taking a chance in life.

Take Little Violet as you found her. A game that can’t be taught. Now don’t misunderstand her. It’s an eye for an eye if you get caught. Strike while it’s hot and don’t leave anything to chance. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity you cannot pass.

Why don’t you place your bet? Try your luck? See if you’ve got what it takes to come on top. The risk is small. But you could lose it all. All you’ve got to do is roll the dice.

However rolling the dice is an itch that will consume you. A shadow at your door that will haunt you. There’s no guarantee of winning when you roll the dice. Thing are uncertain when you roll the dice. Nobody’s safe there. The wheel will spin as you play to win. Keep your eyes on the prize. Take it in stride.

Little Violet looks to have for herself on her song Limits. She asks someone to push her to her limits. Also she encourages you to go outside your boundaries.

With a little bit of luck Little Violet will make it back alive. She is traveling at full speed ahead while living life on overdrive. Busy doing nothing and nothing keeps her busy. She pulled from left to right and it’s making her dizzy. Nothing in her pockets. She’s been rinsed dry. A man wants the money. She’s got to find an alibi quickly.

Tell her there is more to come in this mundane life as she is certain nothing else remains. Show her where to find the fun between the black and white. She asks someone to push her to her limits. She wants to shake the laws of physics and shatter boundaries.

Shake the laws of physics. Shatter boundaries. Stretch ambition. Conquer the world with your vision. Don’t take no for an answer. Fuel the fire inside ya. Take the role you were born to play. Give it all you got.

You are on the road to an early breakdown with all that baggage that has been weighing you down. Untie the knot and let the thread come loose. Let your mind unravel. You got nothing to lose. Don’t take no for an answer. Take the role you were born to play. Face your inner most fears. Take back those wasted years. Show them you will not stand by.

Taking You With Me is about Little Violent wanting to find the perfect man for her. However she has to make the right decisions based on her judgement. That if him and her are meant to be.

Here comes that million dollar question. Do we work things out or change our direction? The pros and cons are endless regardless of your obsession. So if Little Violent might make just one tiny suggestion. It might just do the trick. Little Violent tells the man she wants in her life, “Give us tonight and then we’ll pick. Give up the fight or make it stick. If you and I are meant to be, we’ll have to see what will be. But don’t forget our story might have just begun.”

Their history’s not concrete yet as they have to complicity rewrite their fate and take a step towards a new beginning and find their winning sound. The future is bright. If they take hold they can make it right.

Things start to pick when Little Violet says, “Let’s start a new beginning and find our winning sound I’m taking you with me. Nobody gets left behind.”

We’ve heard this tale before in legends when they immediately rush to their rescue when love is threatened The hero slays the beast to gain their vengeance.

Little Violet asks for the man to give her a chance to accept her love and to show what him what he has been missing. Things start to pick again when Little Violet tells him, “You think the grass is greener on the other side Could someone really make you a whole lot more satisfied? I’ll give you all my loving. Just give me the chance to show what you’ve been missing If you don’t come on and take my hand. Just gimme a shot and you’ll never look back. Just gimme a shot to get us back on track.”

Little Violet finds that the secret to eternal youth which is to keep on dancing in her song Swinging Melodies. She shows her appreciation for jazz music on this song also. That is her passion and affection.

Swinging Melodies is a swinging jazz song which mixes electro swing with vintage jazz from the 1940s with modern jazz. Swinging Melodies is one of the swinging jazz songs on the album and is one of the most jazzy songs on the album of course obviously.

Little Violet’s man calls Little Violet on the telephone. Little Violet pretends she is not at home. However Little Violet doesn’t want to end up being a lonely wife. She is now sad and clueless with no appetite. She wants to kick her heels and break the seal. She found the secret to eternal youth which is to keep on dancing. That’s the truth she found out.

Those swinging melodies have got her on her knees. She’ll worship that bass line as it shakes up through her spine. Watch Little Violet blow her horn as you become reborn. She’ll sing that jazzy tune until her face turns blue.

Friends will come and glow. Some live fast and some take it slow. Each one will make a mark. They can take you out the dark. When you need some help to get a hold of yourself, friends wills take you out and free your mind. Music soothes so you unwind. Music is soothing for you to unwind to.

Let go of the past. Dream and wake. Perfect your craft. You only have one life so live it well and not through the eyes of someone else. If you’re fighting in vain get off that moving train. Land on your feet and take a stand by following your own command.

Little Violet doesn’t want to be sedated. Working a 9 to 5 job is overrated. Life is what you make it. If you live fast, you die young. The music we’ve created is not too complicated. Get in the fast lane. Strip off the mundane. There’s only one way to go.

Ask Little Violet no questions and she will tell you no lies. That is the gist of No Questions.

We have come to that spot in the road where you want the truth to be told. But come on now. Do you really want to hear all the ins and outs? How the story came about? I’m pretty sure of how this one ends. Such a dangerous move. What do you think sharing the past will prove? Ask Little Violet no questions and she will tell you no lies.

Little Violet learnt her lesson a long time ago by making the mistake of letting her ex-lover (him) know all of her innermost secrets. What a fool to believe the myth. Honesty brought her anything but bliss. Now she’ll never make the same mistake again

Trust me when I say Little Violet has been here before. Trust Little Violet when she says she has been here before. Once you open that door, you want to lock it and throw away the key. You really wish you could hit rewind. So the thought never entered your mind. It’s like you pull the trigger on yourself.

So you think you’re ready for the truth but she knows you will just follow suit. You want the dots to reconnect but all you’re going get is the domino effect. You want the dots to reconnect but she has got to object.

Little Violet wants her man to run away with her so they can both escape their problems and not have to face them. That is the plot of Runaway.

Little Violet tried to tell her man this before. But he got up and slammed the door. He says Little Violet is eccentric and is so pathetic to want more. They fight like cat and mouse as they burn down the house. She is suffocated and can’t breathe. Little Violet forgot her worth as she has no self-esteem. Her shattered heart is all dried up. The future’s bleak for her. Little Violet is out of luck and is running out of time.

She wants her man to run away with her. She tells him, “Runaway with me. Let’s escape and not come back. And no, not off the beaten track.”

She also tells her man, “You have no right to wipe my tеars. Never forget what brought us hеre. The scar reminds me who we are. The shallow grave is never far unless unlearned in love. A crime of passion. Still it hurts. I can’t remember who struck first. A memory I can’t forget. A stolen dream. How could I let you ever leave my sight?”

He’s making Little Violet nervous. It is really worth it for both of them. If self-destruction is Little Violet’s purpose, Then there’s only one way out of here. Little Violet tells her man he is making her nervous. She tells him, “You’re making me nervous. Are you really worth it? If self-destruction is my purpose, then I guess there’s only one way out of here.”

As they depart the ghost returns. Was it ever of his concern? Still, who Little Violet envies most of all are those who had a chance to fall and leap to the unknown. She shook the truth to play the game. Chaotic rumor was to blame. They won’t survive with or without. There is no choice. Little Violet has no doubt. Destruction is sublime.

When lies become the truth, the trouble still remains despite the pain being eased. This man Little Violet dated cried wolf too many times. So he must pay for his lies and lying to her. That is the gist of Playing With Fire.

When lies become the truth, you’ve been told so many times they start to soothe the pain. When lies become the truth, it will ease the pain. Yet the trouble still remains. This man Little Violet dated cried wolf too many times. So he must pay for all his crimes. The force that least begs him to stay. He’s playing with fire. He is his own worst enemy.

By playing with fire, he raises it higher on corrupt conspiracy. If only he could see his false desire will haunt him in his sleep. Guilt at the core swallows him up. He needs to find somebody that he can confide in for all of his great mistakes before it’s too late.

Loneliness is overdue. Blaming everyone but himself. Little Violet is hoping he can see it through. However he is lost with no integrity and is losing all his sincerity. So he fights back with all his might to find he is playing with fire. He is his own worst enemy. Why can’t he see that false desire will haunt him in his sleep?

Little Violet explains how she can be the hero, the villain, or the damsel in distress on the closer All the World’s A Stage. This song is about tragedy of love and protest.

The curtains close. Little Violet’s vision is hazy. The crowd has dispersed. They have all left her alone. You say it’s no big deal but good things must come to an end. Forget and be forgotten are her new best friends. If all the world’s a stage, men and women are merely players. Little Violet can’t predict the weather. Little Violet could be the hero, the villain, or the damsel in distress. A tragedy of love and protest.

The spotlight has gotten lost. Yet she still blinded and is yearning for the light from the spotlight. The light to sit beside her has gone. You say it’s no big deal but good things must come to an end. Forget and be forgotten are her new best friends. It don’t matter anymore. Nobody left demanding her encore. Now there’ll be no applause.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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