Review: J. Cole – KOD

Review: J. Cole – KOD

The album J. Cole – KOD was released exclusively under Roc Nation in April 2018 with streaming provided by TIDAL as this album is a digital download album. According to, KOD racked up 4.2 million streams in its first day on Spotify. However this J. Cole album has a more different sound. One way to describe the sound for this album is experimental. This is the sound that we are not used to from J. Cole. However that is not necessarily bad. KOD showcases J. Cole’s maturity was keeping subject material fresh with a young audience. On this album, J. Cole uses storytelling skills that similar in comparison to Kendrick Lamar.

The legend J. Cole wrote and produced the entirety of the album himself. All these songs of his are fire! Nowadays rappers can’t even write their own songs or lyrics let along produce beats. Half of these rappers don’t eve write their own lyrics.

J. Cole pays homage to jazz music by incorporating jazz and rap on the song ATM. The beats may be a bit unbalanced with the large piano in the background, but you will grow accustomed to like the song. Yes the lyrics are repetitive are annoying to some.

The beats are fire on the song Photograph. However the song seems to give away a sad vibe throughout the entirety of the song. Photograph deals with the modern horror of pursuing romance online. Especially with social media. An online romance goes downhill.

Once an Addict (Interlude) explored the topics of drug addiction and drug abuse. Once an Addict (Interlude) is a response to rap’s ongoing obsession with Promethazine and Xanax. The whole interlude is an anti-drug PSA announcement.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!


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