Review: Avril Lavigne – Under My Skin

Avril Lavigne’s sophomore album Under My Skin had a more darker sound identical to grunge rock than compared to her debut album Let Go. The album has such a dark mood. It was clear that Avril was more hands-on with this album. She had more of an input on decision making.

This album deals with issues the younger audiences can relate to such as depression, loneliness, heartbreaking relationships, fakeness, and love amongst others. Subjects and issues her adult contemporaries speak on. Nevertheless the album was a success amongst Avril Lavigne fans and the music market by going at least 4x platinum across the globe.

Take Me Away was derived from 2001 B-Sides album. Except this version of Take Me Away is a much more dark vivid version than the version on B-Sides as it is a metal track. That version was a much happier version than the version released on Under My Skin. Take Me Away was originally meant to be on Let Go but didn’t make the final track listing for whatever reason.

The song has a basic sequence of F#m-C#m-D–E as its chord progression. Her vocal range spans from B3 to D#5. Although her vocals range stays mostly in the B3 at moderate tempo of 99 BPM.

Take Me Away deals with Avril wanting someone to take her away from confusion going on inside her head. Avril cannot handle all the confusion going back and forth in her head. She cannot find a way to describe it. It’s there inside. All she does is hide. She just wishes that it would just go all away. What would you do if you knew? What would you do?

Avril cannot handle the confusion at all as evidenced in the chorus.

All the pain I thought I knew
All the thoughts lead back to you
Back to what was never said
Back and forth inside my head
I can’t handle this confusion
I’m unable; come and take me away

Avril feels all alone by herself and has to get around this. Her words are cold. No one understands her. She’s going and getting nowhere. What would you do?

Nobody’s Home talks about a girl who has a lots of problems unresolved in her mind and how she is not getting anywhere. She obviously is on the wrong path. She wants to go home, but nobody’s home. She’s broken inside with no place to go.

Nobody’s Home has a catchy hook in a conversational tone. The song spoke to all the social outcasts in the world especially young girls and women trying to find their place in the world. The song showed that Avril was a force to be reckoned with as she understood the harsh realities of her fanbase. She was wise beyond her years with this dark song of hers.

These lyrics to Nobody’s Home hit hard and hit home. Especially lyrics to the bridge and chorus.

[Verse 1]
Well, I couldn’t tell you
Why she felt that way
She felt it every day
And I couldn’t help her
I just watched her make
The same mistakes again

[Verse 2]
Open your eyes (Open your eyes)
And look outside
Find the reasons why
You’ve been rejected (You’ve been rejected)
And now you can’t find
What you’ve left behind

Be strong, be strong now (Be)
Too many, too many problems (Strong)
Don’t know where she belongs (No)
Where she belongs

She wants to go home, but nobody’s home
That’s where she lies, broken inside
With no place to go, no place to go
To dry her eyes, broken inside

Her feeling she hides, her dreams she can’t find
She’s losin’ her mind, she’s fallen behind
She can’t find her place, she’s losin’ her faith
She’s fallen from grace, she’s all over the place

The song He Wasn’t is where Avril dumps a cheesy guy she dated after finding out he wasn’t exactly what she wanted personally. She did not expect this. So she bashes him throughout the entirety of this song. He Wasn’t showcases the punk rocker side of Avril Lavigne.

As cited in the chorus, Apparently a guy not getting the door for her really gets on her last nerves.

He wasn’t what I wanted, what I thought, no
He wouldn’t even open up the door
He never made me feel like I was special
He isn’t really what I’m looking for
(Hey, hey, hey)
(Hey, hey, hey)

Take It illustrates Avril’s frustrations with invasive paparazzi intruding their way into every facet of her life. Take It was a song recorded by Avril Lavigne which was included as a B-side to the My Happy Ending single in 2004.

Avril is just trying to find some alone time and away from the spotlight so she can recuperate, get some rest, and live her life. There is no room to compromise. Clearly she can’t take it. The paparazzi flashes Avril Lavigne impolitely everywhere she goes out in public. That’s the way it’s done with the paparazzi.

The paparazzi sends a picture of Avril to a magazine without her consent or knowledge. Lyrics to chorus explain how invasion of privacy is not true photography.

Just take it, take it
Can’t take it, take it
So send your picture to a magazine
Invasion’s not true photography
Is that what you always wanted to be?
Well I’d be worried for you

Invasion is not true photography. Invasion of privacy is not true photography. Avril is rightfully worried about her privacy. She wonders if she’ll get by in this life this time. She has to get away from this. Sometimes you gotta try to run and hide from the paparazzi.

Take your best shot to impress her. Write a fictional story for your fee. Try to get the world to believe your shocking headline surprise. Lyrics to Verse 2 expose the sensationalism any paparazzi creates.

[Verse 2]
Take your best shot, impress me
Write a fictional story for your fee
Try to get the world to believe
Shocking headline surprise

My Happy Ending is a song is about a turbulent relationship which went misconstrued. The relationship doesn’t work out for both people. She shows disappointment towards the relationship as both people have to deal with saying goodbye to all of the memories they had shared together in the relationship. Both people have to goodbye to the relationship they once had.

He was everything that Avril wanted. They were meant to be and supposed to be together but somehow they lost it all. And all of their memories so close to Avril now just fade away. So much for her happy ending. Avril realizes she is living a lie and now reality has overcome her. Now Avril wishes to escape from a broken relationship. The relationship isn’t far from behind her.

She tells him, “It’s nice to know that you were there. Thanks for acting like you cared and making me feel like I was the only one. It’s nice to know we had it all. Thanks for watching as I fall and letting me know we were done.”

Don’t Tell Me about being strong. There’s lot of guys out there who just want to take girls out to dinner just to have sex with them and all that shit. Guys can pressure them into doing anything. There’s a lot of pressure for girls these days. Avril is not like that girl who gives it all away.

Don’t Tell Me is also is about a relationship that doesn’t work out. A relationship is easily breakable. The song also deals with both people having to say goodbye to all of their precious memories held together that both people in the relationship once had. Even the biggest lovers can turn into strangers in a matter of days. That’s how love works sometimes.

Avril shows that she is fearless and will step up to any man in order to call them out for their behavior with her lyrics in Verse 2.

[Verse 2]
Don’t think that your charm
And the fact that your arm is now around my neck
Will get you in my pants
I’ll have to kick your ass to make you never forget
I’m gonna ask you to stop
I thought I liked you a lot, but I’m really upset (Really upset)
So get outta my head, get off of my bed
Yeah, that’s what I said

Avril realizes she is living a lie and now reality has overcome her on the song Together. Avril wishes to escape from a broken relationship, but refuses to. She feels she needs to be together with someone. It doesn’t feel right at all for her to be alone. The truth isn’t far behind her.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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