Review: Troy NōKA – Love.Fear.Pianos.

Love.Fear.Pianos. is a Kayne West production styled album recorded by producer and rapper Troy NōKA from the town of Austin, Texas. It seems as if Troy NōKA was inspired by Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco during the recording of the Love.Fear.Pianos album. Production wise, this album is inspired by the sounds of Kanye West, Travis Scott, Quavo, Tinshe, and Lupe Fiasco. A fourth (¼) of this album is filled with love songs hence the comparison to Kanye West and Tinashe.

He wrecks each track in such a lyrical manner on this album. His rapping style is so raw, gritty, and lyrical. Troy NōKA raps about old school subjects with a new school hip hop vibe. His sound is much different from the average Southern rap album. Overall his sound is very similar to Travis $cott.

The album was released online in 2013 as a digital album to music platforms across the internet. He would do the same for his 2014 GRTT album.

DM$C is a song which is dedicated and aimed at people who talk shit regardless of it being about Troy. The song is also about how Troy is getting money.

The very beginning of the song starts with Troy giving a shout out to everyone who talks shit. He lets people know he runs this. You can go on about your business.

[Verse 1]
Shout out to everybody talking shit
I run this
Yaw can just walk and trip
Gotta make my money stretch
Grind like I never seen a meal
But my tummy stretched

The first verse is explains how Troy is getting money and is eating good. He is eating good to the point where his stomach is full, but he is very hardworking. He works hard as if he were broke and starving. The raps he spits are timeless like crystals. Troy is on the road to riches, earning his way to the top. However he does not burn bridges in the process.

Troy is fully aware that the haters are mad. Troy is fucking awesome! But it ain’t always about the riches. A nice frame compliments a picture. Troy’s raps are similar to the uplifting speeches Martin Luther King Jr. depicted. For instance these lyrics: “Here’s a little story about a boy with ambition/Seen them ballers eating shrimp, an taught himself to go fishing/Now he got his own, own something is the mission”

Money can change people. Money changes real people into becoming fake.

Rapper Truespeech begins rapping inspirational quotes. Such as ”Dollars don’t buy sense.”.

Money does not make a person. A person works for the dollar. We are living in an age where people are tirelessly daily focused on the material that can be bartered with a piece of paper. They will give up anything in exchange for change in excess and success.

Truespeech is speaking souls for sale to live in a hell wrapped heaven on Earth. Building castles on infertile dirt which are destined to crumble. Dollars don’t buy sense. Kids being led to believe as soon as their eyes are open to see that money makes the world go around. You gotta have it to cop some pride or esteem.

Red Diamonds is a pop rap love song where Troy NōKA recorded a duo with British pop songstress Natasha Bedingfield. Yes, that Natasha Bedingfield! Natasha Bedingfield brings out the Britpop flavor with her singing while Troy raps.

Troy needs a real love. He wants the good kind of love and not a codependent relationship. He wants the good time like truffle butter.

Only fly Virgin like Mary with
A new crib young money like Tyga said
Money don’t make you a champ ask Iverson
Broke my arm going hard in the paint yeah
Slowed me down then I started to think clear
If I’m dead I’m all I can take

Troy tells a story of true love in his raps. He watched a girl stay with a dude just for his reputation. That sowed him some girls want to be lied to. She said, “If the truth hurts, you can keep it.” Real love is in you and not the diamond on your finger.

Real love is rare like red diamonds. The comparison of love to red diamonds is how real love is rare and hard to find anywhere. Red diamonds are rare to find. Troy thinks real love is hard to find and it is rare as red diamonds. Other colored diamonds are extremely rare.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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