Review: Troy NōKA – Gotta Rep The Town

Producer and rapper Troy NōKA represents (reps) the town of Austin, Texas to the fullest extent on his album called Gotta Rep The Town. This is no coincidence as he is from there. He wrecks each track in such a lyrical manner. His rapping style is so raw, gritty, and lyrical. Troy NōKA raps about old school subjects with a new school hip hop vibe. GRTT is short for Gotta Represent The Town. The album was released online in 2014.

GRTT is a song where Troy lyrically wrecks his raps. They’re so good. Lyrical is one word to describe this song.

Troy keeps to himself these days. He always had trouble speaking up when he need help. It’s all family when ya going with the flow. They wish death on ya soul soon as you tell them no. Troy tells the fakers to leave that fake shit at the door.

The lyrics “Hit Stubbs in the summer grabbed the mic and I wrecked it” are a reference to Summer 2014 tour where he killed everything lyrically at Stubbs which is a popular barbeque joint (BBQ) in his hometown.

He’s been around. But he’s gotta rep the town and hold down the city. He’s gotta rep his town even when not around. He’s not coming back until he gets paid. (Or at least until November.) R.I.P. to DJ Screw and all the legends who have passed on.

Are we lazy or shit are we just being helpless? We are focused on where the wealth is that we never take our time to look inside and see the riches is in who you helping. There is not o comparing he real treasures in your rareness. So stay focused.

His lyrics actually rhyme as is the case with many rappers of today. Read an excerpt of the lyrics.:
“You couldn’t be me if you were my twin/Southside stay on point like a pen yea”

Troy is learning the game so fast to the point where he is about to kill the game so slowly. He doesn’t talk much as gossip is not for him. You won’t beat Troy NōKA as he is Mayweather in the ring undefeated. Troy wins so much that people think he’s cheating. Knowledge is power.

Let It All Work Out sounds very much similar to a Travis $cott (Travis Scott) song due to its trap sound. Trap beats are used in the hook. The song is very futuristic sound due to the electronic style production and trap beats which are used. Let It All Work Out samples Sampha – Indecision.

Troy flows hot like summer. He shines like Cassius Clay with the jab. He’s knocking people down to the slab with his lyrics.

Here is what the lyrics “Jesus turned water to wine/Watch me turn hustling to cash” refer to:
John 2:1-11 talks about how Jesus tuned water into wine the first of the signs though which he revealed his glory. Troy will turn nothing into something by hustling and will reap the rewards of money for his hard work.

Troy is on his way to get some thousands while trying to get millions. He’s thinking big in other words. He plans to buy a couple of houses and put chandlers in the ceilings. This is for his future children.

You can’t knock someones hustle for trying to make something from nothing. Troy won’t knock the hustle of his friends for trying to make something from nothing either. Or the hustle of people he knows closely and dearly. That is what these lyrics mean.: “For all niggas that’s hustling/Can’t knock my niggas that’s dealing/Tryna make something from nothing”

He raps about how he turned out. He’s seen people move to Los Angeles get lost and turned out. He’s willing to give it all. That’s the only way he is going to get it. You can keep talking or live it. Go hard and no hand outs. Stay positive. You gotta take what’s yours in life. It’s never given.

S-type Memories is about memories of a car Troy has own. An S-type is a car which is a brand/type of Jaguar.

The premise of this song is Troy being stuck in the past. He is in love with his vintage Jaguar. His Jaguar is a forest green with the caramel dashboard. All of that shit is classic. In 2006, Troy drove all the way to Kansas City from Austin.

The following lyrics are a reference the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald called The Great Gatsby.: “Now I’m looking classy/Troy Gatsby”

His thesis is to not fuck with bitch niggas. These niggas hating on him like police. But these hoes keep distracting him.

Now he is in his Jaguar going 80 mph on Route 80 trying to get home. Memories in the fast lane. His leather seats are so soft. He is playing Lil Wayne in his S-type. He can’t wait to get off work. His tired of working for the man. He is trying to live large and spend stacks in Japan.

Somehow Troy can’t pay the rent off. He receives an eviction letter on his table. Life feeling like a rip off. Momma asking him why he dips off. There ain’t nothing back in Kansas. Troy would rather take his chances in Austin. Next week he gets his advance. He couldn’t pay rent because he had to make payments on the Jaguar. Troy told the dealer hold that he had to cop the Jaguar. He should of kept that 10,000 dollars in his pocket. That’s the cost of stunning.

Still on his way to Austin. Troy’s not going back broke. Nope. Can’t let the kinfolks down. His family line on the line.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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