Review: MC Overlord – Play To Win

Play To Win by MC Overlord & True Color Posse was released on cassette only by REC Records in 1990. The album was never released on CD. Only a small amount of these were ever pressed. It’s long out of print.

The sounds from this cassette are very different from the Overlord albums you hear today. The sounds you hear are from early Austin hip hop and rap. Rap was starting to set foot in Austin in the 90s. Funk meets rap and hip hop on this album.

Brick House is an MC Overlord & True Color Posse cover of Brick House by The Commodores band. It’s a great cover version too! The song Brick is very similar to the song Brick by Dazz from 1976. The song itself is backed by live instrumentation.

Funk and rap meet soul music on this song with a New Jack swing touch to it. The New Jack swing sound comes with live instrumentation. The True Color Posse keeps the original lyrics intact while adding their own lyrics with a bit of hip hop flavor.

The song Spendin’ Money has the typical fast paced upbeat New Jack swing sound you would expect to hear on a rap album from 1990. It’s an MC Overlord & True Color Posse posse cut.

Spendin’ Money is a fictional story of wealth. It’s all rainbows and sunshine. The people are so kind. You aren’t doing badly because business is going well. It’s the good life.

After a day in the park you’re home before dark in Verse 2. Life has been good and it was from the start.You live to admire the things you desire. However you only wish you got rich quicker. Not everything is perfect. Your children all grew up. The act the same way you do. The things they want they demand be new. What is it? It’s a fairytale that Overlord has never seen.

You live with the high class. You get what you want. The rich will are first and the poor will remain last. You live on tax break with wealth that you make. The cash you earn is enough to burn. All in the world. Why should you care? It’s all for self satisfaction. It’s a fairytale Overlord can’t understand.

Promises, Promises was a 4 minute track written by MC Overlord and D. Edmondson. MC Overlord takes charge lyrically as a rapper being the head MC for the True Color Posse. The song has a more soulful mood than all the other songs on this album hence the soul sound.

You can hear the sounds of rain clearly at the beginning of Promises, Promises. The rain continues from there. 30 seconds into the song is where Overlord gets into a soulful mood. The song is a love song.

You’re in it to win it on Play To Win! It’s not about taking losses. It’s about playing to win. It’s about winning. That’s how the game in the system works. MC Overlord takes charge lyrically as a rapper being the head MC for the True Color Posse. A funky keyboard organ is used to accomplish the hook for Play To Win. A funk driven guitar is used as well in the song.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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