Review: Master P – What’s The Deal

Master P – What’s The Deal is a unique Bay Area rap EP from the wonderful state of California. Hearing Master P on a New Jack Swing tip is quite different and a unique experience for many. Master P kept it funky as always and as usual. Hearing New Jack Swing over gangsta rap sounded like conscious rap/hip hop. DJ Grand Master Scratch helped bring the funkiness of the EP since he produced the funkiness. He’s nice with the scratches always has been. Now DJ Grand Master Scratch didn’t produce the beats as many people would believe. The sound of this EP is similar to Eric B & Rakim. Hardcore fans of No Limit will appreciate this release.

There were 2 versions of this EP. There is one version that had 2 songs which were You Only Live Once and What’s The Deal (Remix). There is another version which has 4 songs which were He’s Rollin, No Limit, Why You Do What You Do To Me, and What’s The Deal. You Only Live Once would appear on his 1991 album Get Away Clean.

Master P – What’s The Deal is one of the rarest No Limit Records releases to date and is one of the rarest No Limit Records releases from the 1990s along with the Master P – Get Away Clean EP that was issued on vinyl in 1990 as well the 1990 EP TRU – Mind Of A Psychopath. That is because not that many copies were of this EP were issued out on cassette and was released independently in 1990. This cassette tape is so rare that you can’t even find this cassette online anymore to order.

Hearing New Jack Swing over gangsta rap on What’s The Deal sounded like conscious rap/hip hop. What’s The Deal was recorded and released during the time when the Stop The Violence Movement was prevalent in hip hop/rap as hip hop/rap was becoming increasingly violent at the time. (And still is.)

Master P took the style of New Jack Swing and turned New Jack Swing into No Limit Jack Swing. That is how he created his own version of New Jack Swing in the 1990s. He’s Rollin is an example of some early Master P. He’s Rollin is not the same as I’m Rollin.

Master P explains to people that they only live once on his classic song You Only Live Once. Some people think they’re always right. Others are quiet and uptight. Others they seem so very nice but inside they might feel sad and wrong. Some people have 29 different attributes with only 7 attributes they like. There are countless odd religions which exist on Earth. It doesn’t matter which religion you choose. You only live once. One stubborn way is to turn your back and reject the truth.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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