Review: DJs @ Work – Teamwork

The DJs @ Work – Teamwork album is a highly underrated trance album that got overlooked during the third wave of Eurodance due to the popularity of Lasgo, Aquagen, and DJ Tiesto. If this album had been released on a major record label, then DJs @ Work would have a better chance of success. Nevertheless the Teamwork is a hardcore trance album perfect for the night club. This is an album you do not want to skip out on purchasing.

Activated is a great hard trance song. You can feel the hardcore intensity inside of the electric synths. The song has a futuristic robotic sound. Overall this is a hardcore trance song. Unfortunately there is no extended version of this song around.

Low Noize is perfect for an intense workout in the gym. The synths and beats will pound your speakers. So adjust your volume because the song gets very loud! Unfortunately there is no extended version of this song either. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the original version.

You Are Real delves into the power of real love. Real love is a powerful thing. Something as simple as a kiss and a tight hold can do a lot of surprising wonders. Real love is nothing without the person you love.

The song I feel free is about emotional freedom. You leave your troubles behind you. That helps you break free from your problems emotionally. You only feel free with the person you want to be with. The song has such lively energy due to the electronic trance sound.

The lyrics tell it all.

With your picture in my mind
All my troubles left behind
You let the sun shine down on me
Only with you I feel free

I feel free
I feel free

Where I Belong is about getting back to where you belong to search for something or someone you have lost. But you just can’t seem to find that something at all. You’re lost. In the song’s case, that is someone and that someone is somewhere far away.

Read the lyrics to get a better understanding.

I just get back where I belong
To search for something I have lost
But I will never find my way
Since you’ve been somewhere far away

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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