Review: Trinidadian Deep ‎– Native Travels EP

Trinidadian Deep ‎– Native Travels EP is regarded as one of the best Trinidadian Deep releases by fans of deep house music. Native Travels is the best releases from Trinidadian Deep for 2018. The sounds of work music meet deep house and electronic music. Fans of Ron Trent’s production will love this EP. Trinidadian Deep and Ron Trent are known for producing some of the best house music that is out there currently.

Native Force has a light sound yet the feeling is warped. Not surprising since this is an electronic song produced by Trinidadian Deep and Ron Trent. The bongos blend in excellently with those warped electronic synths. The sound is simply relaxing, rhythmic, and breathtaking.

Lights Off is warm jazzy house song where the sounds of jazz meet deep house. The saxophone is give the song a jazzy warm feeling and edge. Bongos and tremolo are what give this song a deep house feel. This jam can surely lighten up the dance floor. This is one of the best songs off the single! Ron Trent served as executive producer for this song.

Native Bush is know for using light shakers over African beats over a couple of piano keys played in C major. Those light shakers are what make this song of his stand out. The flutes used on the original mix of Inside You are what make the song beautiful and relaxing. Jingles from tambourine are give this recording an Afrocentric based edge. That’s the edge. One word to describe this song is beautiful. World music meets electronic on Inside You.

The original mix of Voyage uses African beats from the motherland of Africa, trance based synths, warped plucky keys, a smokey organ, and rhythmic shakers. The song is known for using several layers of instrumentation. This track is definitely a voyage.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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