Review: Electric Swing Circus – Russia for Love

To Russia With Love is the new Russian themed jazzy electro swing single from the band Electric Swing Circus for 2022. Both songs are based on the country of Russia hence the Russian theme. Vintage Jazz meets modern electronic music on this single.

To Russia for Love is about a man who is a Secret Service agent who got a call to fly to Russia. He’s heading to Russia for love.

A man who is a Secret Service agent who got that call to fly East to Russia where there was a sense of danger around every corner. In a land drenched in mystery. He has been sent on a mission tonight. Imagine what it would be. Living life inside the Secret Service while on a mission. He’s got a job to do. Don’t act suspicious as this agent is hired out to kill. He is so deadly with his charm. He’s heading to Russia for love. A call from above Your secret is safe. He won’t give it away.

Then this lady appeared out of nowhere. She’s beautiful. Now that means troublе. He doesn’t need a distraction such as her because he’s got a job to do. His world is so pristinе while on a mission in a land drenched in mystery with his charm deadly so. He never blows his cover. Don’t let him catch you.

The song Smoke and Mirrors is about a sexy male assassin who mets his femme fatale who is a Russian spy. The song Smoke and Mirrors is a tale of lust and love.

A sexy male assassin is out on a secret mission. He met his femme fatale which he knows and is aware of the fact that she is and was a Russian spy. She looked divine as she was dressed so fine down to her toes. She was a weapon of mass destruction wearing all the hottest clothes.

So he took a chance on a wild romance. She makes him all hers. They commence to make love and have sexual intercourse all night. Their lust still stays the same even with the stillness of the morning. But yet duty still calls and he goes out on another mission. So does the femme fatale who is a female Russian spy. When they will meet again remains a mystery.

His illusions play with her mind. Now having a sexual relationship with a Russian spy is considered scandalous during these times. Not to mention torrid. But she wouldn’t let him go. She’s undressed to kill with a license to thrill!

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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