Review: Brandy – Full Moon

Brandy’s Full Moon is the “R&B Vocal Bible” due to the delivery in her vocal range when she sings. Her vocal delivery she displayed is angelic and harmonic. She uses a much stronger falsetto with a deeper and warmer tone singing on a lower register on this album. Her singing in deep tone is notably textured. This album of hers can hold a candle close to Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Toni Braxton, Adele, and Monica.

Songs such as Can We, It’s Not Worth It, When You Touch Me, Like This, WOW, All in Me, and Die Without You all should have been singles because they are that good. The songs mentioned are upbeat in nature, prefect slow jams, and are sultry soul ballads.

Atlantic dropped the ball on these song by not making them into singles for radio stations. This album could have been certified diamond by now if that were the case. Full Moon is a testament to true R&B/soul music and can still stand the test of time regardless of time period.

Now the songs WOW and Die Without You were perfect songs to close out the album with. The songs are not too upbeat nor are they too mournful or filled with sadness. Both songs have a calming mid tempo vibe. Not to mention relaxing. These songs are straight up sultry in nature and sound! Neither one of these songs have a suspenseful mood to where both of them are cliffhangers to leave the listener(s) wondering. The songs resolve into true love.

You can hear Darkchild’s sound all over Full Moon. Ray J, Mike City, and Michael Jackson lend a hand with production too. However Darkchild’s sound is what makes the album stand out. You can never go wrong with Darkchild using his futuristic sounding production that is out of this world.

The B-Rocka Intro was produced by Darkchild whom she often collaborates with. His well reputed, famous sound is all over the B-Rocka Intro.

The intro uses a hodgepodge of Bandy’s vocal samples from the song What About Us? mixed with electronic mashup sounds and electro synths. That is the reason why the B-Rocka Intro sounds very futuristic and ahead of its time. The intro is an mashup of the song What About Us?.

Brandy finds love at first sight after she sets her eye on a man she wants to date while in the club in the song Full Moon. Her intentions are to be direct from the moment he stepped foot into the club. She isn’t going to front or pretend as she pursues an interest in him throughout the entire song. Full Moon had romanticized the concept of love at first sight.

The song take place in a club she frequently goes to at night. Of course the song takes place at night time as the location is a nightclub.

She had her eye on him as soon as she saw him as he came through the door. Him and his friend just took over the dance floor. That made Brandy notice him even more. He must’ve somehow felt her staring on the down low. Something tells her he is the kind of guy she’d like to get to know. Brandy is entranced by his presence.

She isn’t going to front or pretend. Brandy has been giving him the eye ever since he walked up in the club. She tells him, “We can dance if you want. Get it crackin’ if you like.” To her it feel like one of those nights. Must be a full moon.

She converses with him by saying, “Why is this the first time that I’m seeing you around? Could you be visiting or are you new in town? Whatever the case, I’m feeling you right here and right now.” His smile and all the love he is showing lets her know that he likes what he sees and wants get to know her too.This could very well be the start of something very special. Brandy is so happy that she met him.

Brandy didn’t think that she would come here tonight to meet someone like him. It seems as if they have known each other most of their lives they way they converse with each other. After one conversation, this must be right. This man must have gravitational pull of a full moon to have Brandy interested in him.

Mike City and Darkchild did a wonderful job producing this angelic, harmonic soul song from Brandy. You can hear Darkchild’s sound all over Full Moon. The deep crooning bass, the multilayers of percussion, and electro synths are what represents the Darkchild sound. Not many know this tidbit fact, but Mike City sings in the background vocals.

When Brandy performs this song and sings, she uses a much stronger falsetto with a deeper and warmer tone. She does this by singing on a lower register. Her singing in deep tone is notably textured. Nevertheless, Brandy nails it when she sings.

I Thought is about Brandy’s man whom she is dating. He is full of broken promises and is a total let down. Ray J does a wonderful job perfuming on the background vocals with his singing.

He said claimed he loved Brandy but he really didn’t. He said he’d cared for her and do for her. He even said he’d stay with her. Sadly he did not love her or hold her. In fact he did not even try to console her or meet any of her needs. Yet Brandy stuck by him all this time. Brandy always respected him. She called him her baby boo. Brandy protected him when people were going after him. She even give him her all. That is what the words “Gave my all for you” mean.

She thought that they could be but he ended up making a fool out of her. Brandy cannot believe this had happen her. She thought he was hers.

He never kept the promises he made as he did not prove his love for her. He even said he would change by throwing his past and by putting that behind him. Brandy gave his heart to because she thought love was true. She thought their love would be endless. That is why Brandy gave him the best of her. Each dream of hers became a broken hope. She wanted true love. She thought he would love her endlessly until they died.

Then he started playin’ with her. He pushed her too far. That made Brandy give up on him. Now she does not want him anymore.

When You Touch Me is a slow tempo slow jam which slows down the first quarter of the Full Moon album due to its slow, subtle and sultry nature. The song is perfect to play at night when you are all alone by yourself and are feeling bad for whatever happened during your day. When You Touch Me is a perfect song to drown out your sorrows in as this is one of the slow tempo songs on the album.

Brandy misses the loving her man used to give her. She asks him to love her just one more time. The song explores a lost love. Love that has been lost.

All Brandy can do is sit and think about is the way her man used to love her. All Brandy can do is sit and think about is the way he used to hold her and touch her. And all she wants is another moment of his love.
She is waiting and ready.

She wishes she could see him right now, but he is so far away. It’s driving her crazy. Clearly she misses him. She misses his touch. The way he touches her is unlike anything she has ever felt before That’s how Brandy knows she is his lady. She wants his love. Just for a little while.

When singing the B-Section of this song, Brandy uses a more textured, scratchy voice. Read the lyrics below or listen to this part of the song to get a better understanding. Also Teddy Riley is the one using the talkbox during the B-Section.

Now is the time to relax your mind
Let go and unwind
I’ve waited for too long, I’m ready
Tonight’s the night for loving you right
You know what I wanna do
I wanna give into you

She can’t hardly wait until he touches her. Thoughts of him make her lose control. His touch brings her pleasure.

Brandy is coming to see her man. She is wearing the dress that he likes. She’ll be on the first plane. She promises to call him when she arrives there. Of course she has been thinking about the way he touches her. Brandy is losing all self-control as she hasn’t been sleeping. She is loving every minute of this. It feels like she’s letting go. She asks her man, “Will you please touch me?”

She yearns for him to touch her day and night. She thinking of him only as he is her everything.There is nothing that Brandy wouldn’t do for him. She misses all those hugs and kisses from him.

Like This has sultry, holy church vibe to it due to the Wurlitzer organ used throughout the song. The sound is truly breathtaking and refreshing from today’s pop radio hits (shits). The song has a pop meets soul sound. This is one of the slow tempo songs on the album.

Now not many people know this but Michael Jackson provided the background vocals for It’s Not Worth It. However Brandy takes most of the credits in vocals because her vocals overlap Michael’s. The song should have been a hit due to its upbeat pop nature and rhythmic vocals.

Brandy instructs her man about she wants sexual pleasure from him to be done on this song. She wants to make love with her man. What Brandy is wants to be touched, loved, sexed, and be held.

She asks for his attention and to give her all of his trust. Rhythm’s the strength to their love. She tells him to follow him. So she shows him what they’ve been waiting for which is to have sex. That is how Brandy gives him what he has been waiting for.

These lyrics in Verse 1 and Chorus 1 imply they are about to have sex.

[Verse 1]
I have a question
Can I take over our creation of love?
Gimme your attention and give me all of your trust
Let me show you all of me
And additions to me
Rhythm’s the strength to our love
So follow baby, carefully
And I’ll be everything you want in me
And you’ll see what we’ve been waiting for

[Chorus 1]
Please touch me like this (Baby, do it like this)
Please hold me like this (Hold me)
Please love me like this (It makes me feel so good)
I need you like this

Things start getting more personal and intimate in Verse 2. They start touching each other by kissing. Brandy takes control of the lead vocally and physically. She just wants to enjoy the moment with him. So he relaxes as she tells him on she wants to be sexually satisfied. Let’s just be clear on some things. There are rules. So just listen.

[Verse 2]
If we gon’ start touching each other
We gon’ do it like this
I’ll tell you where to kiss and you’ll begin to kiss
Baby, I know how I feel
So just follow my lead
Don’t be afraid, you’re at the wheel
And I just wanna ride and enjoy it with you
Cause I know that you’ll enjoy everything that I do
Relax and I’ll show you

Let’s just be clear on some things. There are rules. That is explained during the bridge.

You plan to be with me
Baby, it’s alright
Just do it right
Let’s just be clear on somethings
This is all for you, but there are rules
If you wanna celebrate me
And if you wanna keep me pleased
This is how my love got to be
I really need you, need you

Brandy tells the man she loved that he all he needs is her in the song All In Me. All he needs in a woman in his life. Brandy tells him he can rely and depend on her for anything possible. All In Me should have definitely been a single and should have had a music video. Atlantic dropped the ball on this song. The song had the perfect uptempo R&B sound laced with pop vibes. Rodney Jerkins killed it on those beats, chords, and synths.

There’s so much going on. When his hope is gone, he can think of her. To get through anything, he can think of her. Brandy is there for him as long as he needs her. Even when nothing seems to work. Brandy says to him, “Let me be the reason you get through the day. Know that I’ll make everything okay. Think of me, baby, in any way. I’ll be all you need. Let me be the one you turn to when there’s pain. Baby, I will take it all the way.”

Whenever the pain is all too much, he can count on Brandy. He just needs someone to trust. That someone is Brandy. She also tells him, “When you see brighter days, know that it was me. When tears are wiped away, don’t guess it, it was me” He realizes his pain was suffered by her too.

He can find anything he could ever need in her. Don’t matter if it’s a hope or dream. She promises to make it a reality. Nothing is ever too much for him. She will do anything that’s possible. Her love for him is more than true. This is explained during the bridge.

Anything you could ever need
Baby, I promise you can find in me
Don’t matter if it’s a hope or dream
I promise I could make it a reality
Nothing ever too much for you
Anything that’s possible I will do to
Make it so so clear to you
Tell my love for you is more than true
Anything you could ever need
Baby, I promise you can find in me
Don’t matter if it’s a hope or dream
I promise I could make it a reality
Nothing ever too much for you
Anything that’s possible I will do to
Make it so so clear to you
Tell my love for you is more than true

Apart describes a situation where this man does not appreciate and spend time with Brandy like he used to. Brandy is confused as to why he is not spending time with her and why he is so unappreciative. So she comes to the conclusion that they are better off apart.

Brandy never does anything that pleases her man. So she has come to the conclusion that they are better off apart. She doesn’t want to argue anymore.

He used to spend time with her to the point where he would never leave. But now he spends time with his friends instead. She feels like he has been taking her for granted. He does not appreciate anything she does. That is why she is leaving him. Sorry cannot fix it.

She tells him, You’ll regret everything. You’ll be looking for me. You never listen to me. You never really loved me. I’ve done everything I could. You did not meet me half way, why?”

He is always complaining as he always have something to say when things do not go his way. Then he wants to leave. Brandy is sick of this. Sick of talkin’. She has had more than enough. He does not appreciate anything she does. She’s done everything she could. She tried. They are better off apart. They are better off this way.

Can We finds Brandy asking her man about how they can work their relationship out. They are just trying their hardest to love each other. She does not want to lose him. Brandy wonders if they can work things out and talk things out. Can they make it true?

Now beats on this song are absolutely bananas! This has to be one of the most underrated songs Darkchild has produced in his music career as a whole. That and Come A Little Closer. His futuristic production is what really shines here.

He may not be what Brandy wants her. True. Brandy may not have all the money. But he cannot say that her love ain’t true. Sometimes Brandy trips and be buggin’. Then she turns right around and wants lovin’. They can’t let go. She wants to stay right here with him as she does not want to lose him.

Brandy tells the truth about their relationship in Verse 1.

[Verse 1]
Let me tell you the (Truth)
I may not be what you want me (True)
I may not have all the money (True)
But you cannot say that my love ain’t (True)
Cause you know that it’s all about you now (True)
Sometimes I trip and be buggin’ (True)
Then turn right around and want lovin’ (True)
So understand me when I’m wanting (True)
Feelings for me coming from you now

Brandy asks him several questions during the chorus.

Can we figure it out?
Can we talk it out?
Can we work it out? (Can we?)
Can we show it prove?
Can we make it through? (Can we?)
Can we figure it out?
Can we talk it out?
Can we work it out? (Can we?)
Can we make it true?
Can we show it prove?
Can we make it through?

Sometimes it’s hard just to love her. Sometimes she says things that aren’t really true. But that don’t mean what she says ain’t true. She has said this before. Her love for him is true and strong. She tells him, “I can be the one you need, baby, if you stay here with me.”

Brandy tells her man these words during the bridge. “Baby, I know that we’re going through. But if you put your trust in me, I will please you. And baby, I’m trying to show you I do. I need you right here next to me” She will do anything to please him as she does care for him. Brandy needs him right here next to her.

Brandy uses a much deeper voice with a warmer tone when singing on What About Us?. Her singing in deep tone is notably textured on this song. She performs by using her vocals on a much lower register. Her warmer singing tone resonates well with this song. The song does have a soulful edge because of this.

The song What About Us? deals with being in a relationship that isn’t working anymore. Both lovers do not trust each other enough. One person doesn’t trust the other and the other person makes fake promises by not keeping them.

During the begging of the song, Brandy asks her man, “Why don’t you return my calls? Why you trip ’bout where I be? You don’t ever come to see me. You say that you’re too busy.” She then proceeds to tell him. “What the hell? I don’t have time. Why you messin’ with my mind? I can find another guy. Someone who will treat me right. I don’t need this bullshit. I won’t put up with it any longer.”

This is the point in the song where Brandy tells him he can leave if he wants to. “You can go if you want. I don’t need your pity. I will be just fine if you decide that you want to leave. Just close the door behind you.”

Brandy just wants to know about the following.: What about all of the things that you said? What about all of the promises that you made? What about all of the nights that you gave? What about all of the things you told me? What about all of the nights that you gave? What about us?

Brandy thought he said he was different. He said that he would love only her. She thought that he would be all she needed. What happened to those promises? Although he said that he was a better man, his words have no weight with Brandy. Brandy sees he is fake in the lyrics ”Cause you’re counterfeit, I see”

Brandy stands up for herself by putting her foot down by saying, “I don’t need this bullshit.I won’t put up with it any longer. You can go if you want to. I don’t need your pity at all. I will be just fine. If you decide that you want to leave.

During the bridge is where things start to get rocky and where both of them break up. Now what about bills that were passed due? That she paid for him. All he said to Brandy is, “Baby, I owe you” Brandy tells him, “Forget about the brand new life that I gave you. Don’t “what about us” to me because we are through.”

Brandy finds herself trying to work out a tumultuous relationship on the song Anybody. However Brandy does not what the public to know about her relationship. So she asks her man to keep the relationship just between them.

Brandy just can’t be explaining to everyone why her man hurts her. People can she is hurting. That’s why she wants to keep their relationship between just them. She doesn’t want anybody to know. But what she does tell him is that he needs to change. It will take some time.

He is so different when he is out in public. He acts one way when he is around Brandy. She is aware that he treats he so badly, but she can’t get away. So she tells him to keep their relationship undercover. She does not want to be embarrassed. People can only judge whatever they see as they would never understand her. They wouldn’t realize the love that they have. Love is worthless without him. So now she has to deal with living secretly.

Brandy explains everything in Verse 1 and the bridge.

[Verse 1]
I didn’t wanna have to say this to you
It’s not that I don’t love you
I just can’t be explaining to everyone why you hurt me
That’s why I wanna keep us between you and me
You’d understand if you were treated like me
It’s not that people run me
But they can see when I am hurtin’, they know it’s not me
So don’t make me the blame, you need to change

Tell me if I’ve made it clear to you
If you can’t understand this, then maybe
We need to give up on each other until you believe
Everything we go through is all because of you
And you don’t have to do the things that you do
‘Cause I’ve been the same since we began
So baby, will you make a change?

Nothing explores Brandy’s broken relationship with a man who had broke up with her. She states that she is noting without him and them tighter in love. She asks him to reunite with her. Of course she doesn’t care what anyone else says. Brandy asks him to talk about their issues before they give up on each other and their relationship. She believes their relationship is not meant to be over.

Michael Jackson sings the background vocals at the beginning of this. He gives the song that pop flair and edge. Darkchild was the producer of this song.

Love is everything. Brandy is nothing without love. Nobody knows the pain she feels. Nobody knows that she misses him. But it’s the truth for real.He cannot pretend that she doesn’t even matter. They know better. He’s been away from her for too long. It’s time for him to come on home. She needs him to come over. No one can say what is right for her. They don’t have to live her life.

She is nothing without him. Now she is so alone. It’s driving her crazy. No one can see inside of her. No one can see how much she cares. Nobody sees the tears she cries. Nobody knows the pain she feels. Nobody knows that she misses him. But it’s the truth for real.

She does not care what they say about him. They don’t know how she feels for him. Nor does she care what they say about her. They don’t know and they can’t see. He showed her what his love can do. She is thankful for that. She needs and wants him in her life right now.

It’s Not Worth It is another one of Brandy’s underrated songs that unfortunately did not get much exposure. Atlantic can be to blame for that. The warpy synths, heavy bass, and rhythmic drum patterns are what make this song great.

It’s not worth the pain or waiting to walk away from a relationship. Think about it. You really need to think about it before you just leave. It’s just not worth it.

He came into her life. It’s funny how he made everything right. And now he is saying to her something ain’t right She asks him, “What did I do? Did I hurt you? Baby, can you tell me how to dry your eyes? But let me say, I never meant to make you cry. If anything, I meant to be right by your side. How did I go wrong? When my love is strong and all it ever wanted was you.” So many questions that need so many answers.

She’ll do whatever it takes to ease the pain. Don’t say it’s time to quit. He means the world to her. She tries so hard to give it her all. She never knew that he was hurting. She’ll take the blame for anything that she has done that has caused him pain. Brandy never meant to hurt him in any way. That is why she is asking him for forgiveness.

The song called He Is is a perfect song for ladies to unwind their night do to and relax to after a hard long day of work or errands. The sounds are smooth, crisp, and calming. Brandy’s crisp vocals and the piano is what makes this song of hers very calming. The song is perfect to light candles to while taking a steamy bath. Brandy describes everything her man that is is on the song He Is. That man is her her significant other.

It’s the only explanation to the question at hand. Like years of pain gone away in a single day. There’s nothing that compares to the way he makes her feel inside. And that why Brandy is so glad that he is her Prince Charming, her angel, king, and her friend. Not to mention her lover and the one. He is the beat in her heart and the kiss on her lips.

They could take away the money, fortune, and fame from Brandy. But as long as he stays here with her, she will be okay. She sees Just reflections of the love he made with her. She is so glad that he wants to be her Prince Charming, her angel, king, her friend, her lover, and the one.

He is everything she needs. That is why Brandy has to love him like no one has ever loved before and give him so much more. Brandy is addicted to his love and can’t let go. She wants to take it fast, but she really wants to take it slow. So she tells him, “I gotta give you what you gave, baby.”

Brandy took Come a Little Closer to heart. There is no way you cannot feel good emotions when listening to this song. Brandy sings from the heart with her nice flow. Her runs in her vocals are perfect and timeless as always. Her vocals make the song so warm and heartfelt. You can say nothing bad about this song. Come a Little Closer is one of her most beautiful yet underrated songs to date.

This song should have been a part of those romantic comedy movie soundtracks back in the 2000s. You know, those rom-com’s. Come a Little Closer is a love song to play in a movie when a couple is about kiss, make love, or reconcile with one another. The song is perfect for a kissing scene. This is a perfect song to play in a movie. This is one another one of slow tempo songs on the album.

Brandy realizes she shouldn’t be so into her man. It’s just that tonight she is so taken. She wants to enjoy the momentary love before he leaves to go far away. She tells her man softly, “I’m fallin’ for you.”

She tells her man softly, “Come a little bit closer. Let me hold you, baby. I will be good to you. We can try to forget tomorrow and make it last forever tonight. So let’s make the most of these moments together tonight.”

She is very to know that her man will be leaving her soon. She’ll be missing him and wishing that he was closer to her. It breaks her heart to know that tomorrow her man will be miles away. That is why she is wanting so much more tonight from him. Brandy doesn’t know how she will ever get over him. She needs him in her life.

Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out us about a man who thought he was better off without Brandy and to not be with her. He thinks he is better without her from his point of view. That is his viewpoint. Brandy asks her man why they can’t make it in their relationship.

She believed in their relationship. She asks him the following questions.: “Tell me, what are you thinking Why can’t we make it? Why would you say those things to me? If you’re trying to break this, just go ahead and say it. If you are in love, then why let it go? Tell me please. What’s happened, baby?”

It used to be that he couldn’t live without her. But know he thinks he is better without her. So now it’s over. Their love wasn’t true. Brandy says, “Love just wouldn’t count me out.”

The lyrics to the chorus make a clear reference to this.

It used to be that you couldn’t live without me
But now you think you’re better without me
So now it’s over
I guess it wasn’t true when you said “I love you”
‘Cause love just wouldn’t count me out

Brandy believed in everything he said. He shouldn’t have made that vow if he couldn’t keep it. He couldn’t leave her if he never loved her. It used to be that he couldn’t live without Brandy. Sadly their love wasn’t true.

Brandy question why he hurts her and all the pain during the bridge. She question why he would hurt her. She questions why he would leave the way he did. What is next to come? Read the lyrics below.

I wonder why you hurt me
I question all the pain
What would make you wanna leave this way?
What made you say it’s over?
What is taking over?
I cannot believe that I loved ya, oh-oh
But it wasn’t meant to be
‘Cause love wouldn’t do this to me
Love used to be, oh…

WOW is an angelic breathtaking soul song that will restore your faith in humanity. You can feel a vibe of happiness and relief as you listen to this song. It’s like waking up to a brand new day and things were all good. The song resolve into true love that is much better love.

In this song, Brandy finds a new man that truly loves her and does not take her for granted. She dumps her ex-boyfriend in this song. This new man loves her in a way nobody else could ever imagine. He’s always thinking of her regardless of what goes on in the world around them. They enjoy each others company.

Brandy’s emotions are uplifted. No more sitting at home at night waiting for her ex-boyfriend to come home. No more will she cry for him as she found somebody new. No more late night phone calls. Don’t even bother at all. When she was there for him, he took her for granted.

The B-Section is where Brandy describes exactly how her new partner treats her. Read the lyrics to the B-Section to get a better understanding.

Now he loves me
The way that I wanted you to love me
He’s always thinking of me
He’s nothing like you at all
I don’t know why
I stayed with you for so long
I should have been gone
He’s nothing like you at all, and that’s why I say

This man loves Brandy and he’s always thinking of her. Now he loves Brandy the way that she wanted her ex-boyfriend to love her. He’s nothing like her ex-boyfriend at all. She don’t know why she stayed with her ex-boyfriend for so long. She should have been gone. That’s why she says wow.

Brandy never felt a love so good. Her world is brighter now. There’s no more rainy clouds since love is here. Everyday she wears a smile ever since he came into her life. The clouds are gone. She only sees the sun now that he’s here.

He’s here and all her hurt is gone. Every night he’s loving her. It feel as if she were inside a movie, but his love is so real to her. He’s here and she finally found someone that she can call her own. Now that Brandy is not with him, he wants her to come back.

There is no more trouble since he came into Brandy’s life. He is the reason why Brandy is so happy, baby. This fantasy is clearly reality.

Now Brandy and Ray J did a perfect job singing their cover of PM Dawn – I’d Die Without You called Die Without You. This is the best cover of PM Dawn – I’d Die Without You of all time! So do not skip this song. Darkchild kept the production original and impervious without changing the arrangements too much. This song keeps the keys and musicals notes the same.

The song Die Without You was a perfect choice to use as the album’s closer. This song is what led the album to resolve and close peacefully due to the mood, tone, and vibe. The song relieves peacefully in both a sad and uplifting manner.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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