Review: Jayo Felony – Hotta Than Fish Grease

Jayo Felony – Hotta Than Fish Grease was one of the hottest San Diego rap albums of 2000 with lyrics that were pure fire over thick funky energetic bass lines and loud pads. The album had hot songs such as Hotta Than Fish Grease, Swing, Came Round, and One Shot Kill.

Hotta Than Fish Grease was intended to be Jayo Felony’s third album which was supposed to be released in fall 2000. However that did not happen. Label drama and business decisions let the album to be shelved and released under the name “Crip Hop” a year later in 2001.

Here are the real reasons which explain why Hotta Than Fish Grease was never released by Def Jam as originally planned.

Jay-Z intervened at Def Jam to stop the Jayo Felony – Hotta Than Fish Grease album from being released. Consequently Def Jam did not release the scheduled Hotta Than Fish Grease album.

MTV News in 2001 said Jayo Felony was frustrated by the situation and decided to leave the storied imprint because he felt the label didn’t consider him a priority. Def Jam kept churning out what he viewed as inferior albums by inferior artists from Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records. Even worse, he felt as though the company’s executives were trying to tell him what type of music to make.

“They’re trying to tell me how to make a gangster rap record,” he said of Def Jam. “The shit wasn’t selling. When I left them, it was like, ‘Bam!’ I’m back in the hood. I’m with my homies, where I’m supposed to be. They took me out of that for so many years. You can feel the difference with my music. I’m just a happier person being at home and being able to do what I want to do.”

So after his contract with Def Jam expired in 2001, Jayo Felony took the songs he had already recorded for the Hotta Than Fish Grease album and used them on his 2001 album Crip Hop. Basically he released the Hotta Than Fish Grease album under the name of “Crip Hop” instead. So the Hotta Than Fish Grease album was released under the name of “Crip Hop” instead in 2001 on his own independent label Loco Entertainment. That is what really happened to Hotta Than Fish Grease.

The other reason why Hotta Than Fish Grease was never released was due to a lack of charting singles. The singles Hotta Than Fish Grease and Swing did not chart as Def Jam expected. Jayo Felony was frustrated with the direction of where his career was going and decided to leave Def Jam because he felt the label didn’t consider him a priority.

Jayo Felony came hotter than fish grease on Hotta Than Fish Grease. If it’s hot enough, then Jayo Felony is gon bring it out! He is hot like fire and hot like cocoa. Your style is doo doo. The title track Hotta Than Fish Grease was the hot buzz single for the album along with Swing and was used on the movie Nutty Professor II: The Klumps as well as the soundtrack.

Can’t see you where you’re running? You might need Jayo Felony to come and teach you. Music is universal. So Jayo Felony rocks the microphone with no plan and no rehearsal. He’ll even rock a lil club for a small sum. Black, white, red or green that ass gets all hung. Dulo means never do like Twix. Stomach starts growlin at night and nightmare.

Jayo Felony is a stone cold Diego rappin machine. This is out of space so you know you can’t fade him. He is on a mission. His mission is to knock them boots in his boxers and Chuck Taylors. C-walkin on the moon without a spacesuit on. From dusk till dawn you keep getting stepped on. Jayo Felony is runnin and geting more pussy than Lennon than John. Is it over? Hell no. He is taking rap all the way to Pluto. Writers block? Never heard of it. Jayo Felony is in the zone with Jordan and Larry Bird kickin. You can tell that he is totally wicked by nature.

One Shot Kill explains how Jayo Felony kills people with just one bullet in his handgun. Bullet Loco came with that heat on One Shot Kill.

Jayo Felony caught a man slipping while he was trying to order a burrito. Then he fucked up his stealo. He left him shorter than Skealo. His brains were left hanging out. And the next song he’ll hear will be choir singing. He thinks he scared now.

He used to never miss because he had got his bullets on a heat seeker. The sniper is a weapon he uses often when killing people. For some reason he don’t get tickets. Did y’all ever think that you can blow against him? How the hell you think that you can go against him? Jayo Felony is the shooter. One shot kill. BOOM!

He does carry songs like strap. So you know he is quick to touch and scream. He hits a tragic with an automatic make you breath like an asthmatic while you lazy niggas let time pass. That aim of his is deadly due to accuracy. These lyrics describe his accuracy: “My aim Deadly my middle name Accurate” This is type of cat that would put your fuckin face in his litta. You couldn’t see Jayo Felony with bifocals the size of Coke bottles. And you’ll never ever hear a nigga.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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