Review: Diamonds In Da Ruff ‎- Diamonds In Da Ruff ‎Album Sampler

The Diamonds In Da Ruff ‎Album Sampler is one of the many rap releases on Roc-A-Fella Records that was under promoted. Very few people know about this piece of work. The group Diamonds In Da Ruff ‎Album bring in that hardcore East Coast rap sound to the Roc-A-Fella camp with their hardcore freestyles and tight raps. Digga produced a large amount of this album sampler himself. The Diamonds In Da Ruff ‎Album Sampler was issued on cassette in 1999.

Diamonds In Da Ruff was a rap duo which consisted of Harlem rappers Chink and Rebel. Diamonds In Da Ruff were signed to Tommy Boy Records back in 1999. They had a joint distribution deal with Tommy Boy Records and Roc-A-Fella Records on a 2 album contract. However their albums were never released. In 2000, their career came to a halt just as they were on the brink of stardom in New York City and the underground. The reason their debut album and their self-titled was never released was because of poor management and unfulfilled promises from the label. This led to Diamonds In Da Ruff to abandon their 2 album contract and distribution deal with both record labels in 2001. The duo was not business savvy either.

Here is what the diamond symbol represents for Diamonds In Da Ruff. “What’s a diamond got to do with a dynasty? The diamond represents Diamonds In Da Ruff. That’s my group,” explains Rebel. Rebel originated the Roc-A-Fella’s signature “diamond” hand gesture without acknowledgement from Jay-Z. Jay-Z stole the diamond sign from him.

The classic joint Respect was that the Roc dropped the ball on by not making the song into becoming a single. However this song gave Diamonds in Da Ruff a buzz in the New York City streets and the underground. You can tell by how the lyrics were written and performed that Jay-Z had his hands in songwriting for this song. That is why you can hear the stuff “-igga” in different places and the name Digga. Digga produced Respect.

Roc-A-Fella and Diamonds In Da Ruff knew we didn’t hear them before. So they make it clear that we are going to hear them now with the classic song Respect. The duo wants us to respect them. Respect appeared on the Bonus Disc edition version of Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life Vol. 2.

Rebel raps the first verse.

Rebel is a “rebel” on another level. You can see him wearing Phat Farm clothing and wearing Timberland boots which are all embedded with expensive gemstones all around. He plays hero and ninja like a pretzel. You get all bent up. Nobody’s gonna hold him down or slow him down. He shocks people with is raps from Harlem to Bangladesh. Money means everything to him.

Diamonds In Da Ruff come through by smashing everything from the game. Must be crack cause it grows most wise. Got more game than EA. People from Spanish Harlem don’t play fair. They play to win and his crew is like him. Diamonds In Da Ruff run New York. Rebel sees that see a lot of ya’ll goons don’t want to see him get rich and succeed in life. He’s gonna respect something that is important to him.

Chink is a thorough nigga who is also known by the name of B. Bubblin. Ya’ll want to know his style? He demands respect. Most cats are unworthy of gianing respect. That is what the lyrics Most cats is unworthy” mean. You can see Chink wearing gold Timberland boots and a Yankees jersey.

The Doe is a Digga produced classic which Jay-Z co-produced as well. You can hear his work during the chorus. The song is about why the duo needs money. The Doe appeared on the soundtrack for the 1999 movie Streets is Watching. Yeah. Y’all don’t think y’all ready, baby. It’s about to happen.

Rebel used to spend his moneytax-free till feds snatched him for tax evasion. He had to serve a sentence in the penitentiary. That is what the lyrics “Yo, I used to spend my money-money tax-free till they snatched me/In the p, doin the buck, they can’t catch me” mean. Rebel keeps an open eye as he watches for cats with big eyes like Rover. He doesn’t trust a hater. Reb Mercy (Rebel) is a young player who lives for controversy.

A lotta cats tried to kill him. Y’all was too thirsty. They are the Diamonds. All you other players are coal. They are the reapers of the rap game coming to snatch your soul. Reb and Chink go together like Nike Airs and soles. Like platinum and gold, like we clap, and you fold. He loves money. Fly whips and clothes. All we need is doe.

Chinky the soldier told us Diamonds In Da Ruff is taking over. He struggles to get his. Relying on himself to make it happen. Long as it’s the winning team, he don’t care who’s captain. Y’all can play hardrocks, but we bold as money-folders.

Fire One is another classic Roc joint that was produced by the Digga man himself. Fire One is another song which gave the duo an underground buzz in New York City. The song was even made into a single.

Now the last song is a freestyle which is laced with that hardcore East Coast rap sound over freestyle rap. This freestyle is lit! Now this freestyle of their gave them underground buzz in New York City and the entire state of New York.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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