Review: Adele – 30

Adele – 30 is Adele’s comeback album after several long years of going on a hiatus. Her fans were heavily anticipating for the album to drop. However this album was not as much of an instant overnight success for Adele as 25 and 21 were. Fans were reluctant to catch and to purchase or stream her new album. They contemplated wondering if Adele had lost her touch after being on hiatus for so long. The album only had two singles and was not as heavily promoted as 25 and 21 were. Nevertheless Adele excels and prospers by using her mezzo-soprano voice to sing her songs.

Cry Your Heart Out is about depression. Adele cries her heart out after her divorce when she felt like the whole world had ended. So she became depressed. Cry Your Heart Out is an underrated and under-appreciated Adele song. Hearing Adele sing a reggae song was interesting and unorthodox.

All of friends keep on telling her the feeling of depression won’t last forever. Adele can’t get no relief. She is so tired of herself. She wonders, “When will I begin to feel like me again?”

The message of this is song is in the lyrics to the bridge.

(Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh)
(Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh)
All love is devout, no feeling is a waste
But give it to yourself now before it’s too late
In the end, it’s just you, stop drowning in wait
Your love is useless without it

Adele delves into gritty country roots on Wild Wild West. Hearing Adele sing a country song was quite unique and interesting. Not to mention unorthodox.

Adele grew a nipper in the Wild Wild West. And for a while she was at her best. So much so that she got hitched in a big white dress. But that was make her sad and stressed which lead to a depressing divorce. So Adele got soaked and embedded in the Wild Wild West. She was gallivanting in the silhouettes. That’s when she had met a jingler who was sparrow-catching in the wilderness.

She lost her mind in San Bernardino, California. And even in Chula Vista and Modesto. She was heart-broken in San Diego. Now Adele is cutting shines in the Wild Wild West.

Adele with her separation anxiety issues on the piano-led balled titled Can’t Be Together. Adele explains why her and her ex-husband can no longer be together. Adele comes to a conclusion that both her and her ex-husband can’t be in a relationship.

Her ex-husband got his eye on Adele after all these years. Adele is aware is aware of his presence as she can still hear and see him. She knows that he still wants her. Adele knows just how it feels to never be free completely. Sometimes you just feel so empty.

Adele clearly has separation anxiety as she feels she can never be completely free. These lyrics are an example of her separation anxiety.

I know you still want me, you always will
And I can guarantee I know just how it feels
To never be free completely
Sometimes you just feel so empty

Adele has been missing her ex-husband lately. She would still do anything for him. However they need to learn how to love who they are loving. It’s hard but they both have got to let it go. And to turn off the urge to know what could have been. She will love him forever.

She was far too reckless back then. Trying to make him jealous made Adele feel proud. Everybody’s changed since they were together. Their reflections in the mirror no longer look the same. Adele will always miss you at the end of each day.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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