September 24, 2023

Adele – 21 is a soulful crossover pop album where soul meets pop music. This album is exquisitely beautiful. Every song on 21 is an autobiographical love ballad related to the events which happened in her life. Every song on here has an authentic feel. You hardly ever hear music like this anymore. This beautiful album is filled 11 memorable songs such as Someone Like You, Rolling In The Deep, Rumor Has It, Set Fire to The Rain, Turning Tables, Take It All, and Love Song. You can listen to this album without skipping any songs! So you won’t be disappointed!

This album (Adele – 21) is the best album of 2011 next to Lil Mo – iLoveMe, Various Artists – Les Miserables, and Black Mikey – Premeditated Music. This album is a classic masterpiece of the 21st century.

Adele swept the music industry away with her breathtaking 2011 album called 21. Her crossover appeal to the pop market is what made this album and her singles a success. She could sing pop songs soulfully with her mezzo-soprano voice. The album became an instant overnight success due to constant heavily by UK indie label XL. The album sold millions within the first year of release. Adele’s 21 has charted in more than 30 countries. This album has sold more than 30 million copies to date.

Turning Tables is another dramatic piano driven breakup ballad by Adele. Her ex is constantly turning tables on her by constantly changing his mind based on self-made opinion or decision. In other words he can’t decide what he wants in their relationship.

The song begins with an argument that inspired this song which bring the final blow to their relationship. All of her belongings are on the floor. This because her ex was throwing things. There is no clue as to why they are fighting with their constant bickering. Adele can’t keep up with his turning tables and be under his thumb. She can’t be herself. So it’s time to say goodbye to turning tables.

Rumour Has It revolves around the rumour of Slinky Winfield leaving Adele for a Burberry model. Rumour Has It is a heavy drum driven pop song driven by her mezzo-soprano voice. The song is a dramatic piano driven breakup ballad by Adele.

There is a rumour going around on the street. The rumour on the street was Slinky Winfield left Adele for a Burberry model. Adele will love him more than she ever will. A whole lot more. Slinky is oblivious to everything that is going on. He is oblivious to the damages he had caused.

This girl who is a Burberry model Slinky is supposedly dating is half his age. However he is desperate. So he keeps the girl. In other words he is desperate to keep the girl. That’s not a secret. Slinky is gossiping about things he shouldn’t be. It hurts for Adele to hear these rumours about her ex-lover and whether they’re true or not. Adele may seem not to care but she actually does.

If It Hadn’t Been for Love is one of the lesser known songs in Adele’s catalog which has been sorely overlooked by her fans. The song hardly ever gets any mention. Adele dives into bluegrass country. If It Hadn’t Been for Love became the backbone of her 21 album.

Adele never would’ve hitchhiked to Birmingham, Alabama if it hadn’t been for love. She never would’ve caught the train to Louisiana if it hadn’t been for love. She never would’ve run through the blindin’ rain without one dollar to my name if it hadn’t been for love. She never would’ve seen the trouble that she had gotten herself had it not been for love. Adele would have been gone like a wayward wind had it not been for love.

She would’ve gone to that side of town if it weren’t for love. She loaded up a forty-four and took a mind to track him down. That is how she ended up in the jailhouse without parole. Four cold walls against her will. Lord have mercy on her soul.

Adele laments over her ex-lover on Someone Like You. She wishes nothing but the best for him. However she still feels the void he left in their relationship. Adele heard that her ex-lover settled down. He found a girl and is now married. His dreams came true. The lady he is dating gave him things Adele didn’t give to him. Adele remembers he said, “Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.” Nothing compares to him or their relationship. No worries or cares. Regrets and mistakes. They’re memories made. Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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