Review: Lasgo – ‎Far Away

Lasgo’s sophomore album ‎Far Away also took electronic music by storm with their unusual and upbeat Eurodance sound back in 2005. The album helped Lasgo achieve even more international stardom thanks to songs such as Surrender, Still, and All Night Long. This was before Europop took over and trance music was popular. While not as successful as their debut album, the album still managed to chart internationally.

Peter Luts and David Vervoort do some fantastic work on producing electronic and trance music acting as producers for the album. Both producers mange to balance out the sounds of Europop and Eurodance on the album as they always do. The album incorporates dance music into upbeat electronic instrumental music with the pop sound. Mix the sounds of electronic, dance, pop, trance, and electronic. The results are this album by Lasgo. An international megamix of many genres. The Belgian trio never fails to disappoint or amaze audiences. Electronic music from Belgium never fails to disappoint people.

This album has a more sentimental mood with songs such as Only You, Still, and Deep In Your Heart. The trio took a turn in a slightly different musical direction on this album. You can still expect to hear many love songs on this album.

Surrender served as the upbeat electronic opening for Far Away. The song is perfect to work out to during exercise due to the upbeat tempo along with the electronic and dance sounds. Surrender charted in the single digits in the peak chart positions of US Dance and Belgium Ultratop 50. The charted at #1 on the US Dance charts and #6 on the Belgium Ultratop 50 charts.

The song deals with surrendering your emotions to the person you love and letting that person come into your life. Every time you’re near that person you start to lose control. You don’t know if you can trust them.

Maybe you should try to find your strength within yourself. It’s only a matter of time before you will surrender to them. People say love sometimes can be unkind. When temptation comes along, you can hide or fight it. Feelings inside are getting strong. Leave your fears far behind.

All Night Long is a non-discreet sex song. The song is about making love and having sex all night hence the theme of romance.

Deep In Your Heart is a song about longing for another person’s love.

Life’s been hard for both of you, my love. Day by day you feel you’re getting closer to that person. Both of you decided to take it slow and let your feelings grow. You won’t let that person slip away. Deep in your heart you are longing for love. That’s all you want from them.

Here is what you are thinking. “Deep in your heart you are longing for love. I know you want me too. You feel the way I do. And I keep longing to be with you.” You have tried to run from love. Deep down inside you want them in your life. All your fears are gone. You are longing for love. Nothing more needs to be said.

Only You is a sentimental song about past memories. Yes, Only You is another Lasgo love song.

You remember those times of chasing hearts in the night. So many times love was gone within the morning light. I remember. You were always in control of what came your way. Heaven knows your life changed out of the blue. Since the day that particular person caught you eye and came into your life, you are not the same. The door has opened inside. They’ve won your heart, baby! Like an angel through the night. You could make it through life on your own. You’ve been living alone. Always got by. Then that person came. So emotions start running wild inside your head faster then the speed of light.

Still is another sentimental love song. The song also deals with past memories.

Time goes by. Still you care about the person you love. Love can be tough. You give and you take. That is what you have learned. There’s no way around it. You may not know the things you should say. You may not know that your heart is in the right place. You ask your lover, “Do you still feel the way I do?” “Can you forgive me? I know that we can make it right.”

You hurt them in the past. That’s something you learned the hard way. That was wrong of you to do. You say, “Still I have to know. Do you still feel the way I do?”

True is a song about true love. The song shows how powerful true love is. These lyrics capture ‘living in the moment’. “Lying in your arms/I hear you breathing/I try to capture the moment/That I share with you/“ Can this be true? I belong to you? You belong to me?

Who’s That Girl is another love song that is backed by an acoustic guitar.

City lights are so bright tonight. Those city lights bring back your memories from the past. Pictures of that night. You were holding your lover tight. Now your lover is so far away from you. Sometimes you feel your lover by your side. They are a part of you. You feel that in the night, they will return to you.

Remember how both of you danced into the light.You remember like it was yesterday. Remember ow it felt to hold them tight? I remember. You want to know one thing. Who’s that girl? Because she is driving you insane. I’d like to know her name.

Yesterday served as the reprise to Who’s That Girl. The lyrics are identical and very similar to each other. That is because the song copies all the lyrics from that song into this song.

The title track Far Away shows a light of hope. With lyrics such as these you can tell there is going to be hope in the song. What’s going on? Read these lyrics below.

Far away beyond the sky
Whenever I cry
Far away and anywhere
You hear me call when shadows fall
Your light of hope showing me the way
Venite Spiritu et emitte caelitus
Venite Spiritu et emitte caelitus
Venite Spiritu Venite Spiritus
Far away beyond the sky

Wherever I go
Far away and anywhere
Time after time you always shine
Through dark of night calling after me
And wherever I climb
Far away and anywhere
You raise me high beyond the sky
Through stormy night lifting me above
Venite Spiritu et emitte caelitus
Venite Spiritu et emitte caelitus
Venite Spiritu Venite Spiritus

Lying is known for its strange tempo over electric dance synths. The tempo and electric dance synths are what stand out. There is a faster version of this song which exists.

You’ve been feeling lately that something is on your mind. Friends don’t like you. You wonder what they’ve said today. The stories that they are telling are lies. Those people only like to see you blue and sad.Let’s move on. Don’t think about them. You know that they’re wrong.You got to hold on. No matter what they say. Your heart ain’t lying, baby. You can believe me. Love is true.

Tell Me is a tale of foolish love. Sometimes you’re to blind to see how foolish you are when you’re in love. You are a fool to keep waiting on that person who love someone to love you. That is what the lyrics “Instead of her, you could have me/And maybe I’m a fool/But I keep waiting for you” mean.

What stands out about the song Tonight are the small amount of lyrics. This song has less lyrics than any of the other songs on this album. In fact most of the lyrics to this song don’t even cover an entire page.


When someone hurts your feelings deep inside
Please don’t care ’cause I will hold you tight
It’s up to you
It’s up to you



Some people may think due to the title that the song is a slow jam. However that is incorrect. The song starts off with a selection of violins playing a brooding tune of uncertainty. Distorted bass starts to kick in at the 0:45 mark. A kick drum comes into place at 0:59 after a cymbal clash. More drum beats are added at the 1:15 mark. This is where the tempo of this song picks up.

Hold Me Now is about a happy memory from the past which is a picture of a couple that is pinned to a wall. The couple is laughing. With love and it all. The song serves as the closer for the Far Away album.

Verse 1 explains the story behind the picture nailed to the wall.

I have a picture
Pinned to my wall
An image of you and of me and we’re laughing
With love and it all.
But look at our life now, we’re tattered and torn
We fuss and we fight and delight in the tears
That we cry until dawn

Sadly life has taken a turn for the worst. All the couple does now is fuss and fight. All they want is to love each otters unconditionally. They’re two of a kind. Both are searching for some perfect world they know they’ll never find that.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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