Review: Various ‎– Loungin’ – Funky Jazz For The Cool Set compilation

The Various ‎– Loungin’ – Funky Jazz For The Cool Set compilation album is considered to be a musical chill pill as this album is laced with cool sounds and tonic tones. Abstract acid jazz meets hip hop and electronic which is fairly advanced for an album that was released in 1995. This album brought forth a new generation of sound to the New Breed label along with all the other compilations. DJ Smash compiled these songs for this compilation.

Beats Of San Francisco (Tommy Guerrero) was inspired and influenced by Bill Wither’s when he recorded, composed, and arranged B.W.’s Blues as the song samples drums from Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine. The song uses a tinge of Latin music with the flamenco guitar which is used.

Alex Brofsky wrote all the music and played all the instruments on Bushta with Beat Demons. Yazeed rhymed on the hook for Bushta. Hip hop meets jazz on Bushta. The whole song is practically an instrumental. You never go wrong with any songs coming from the Beat Demons.

The Prunes created an interesting hip hop instrumental with the song with thick beats and a looped piano solo. This Danish production duo produces some of the dopest hip hop instrumentals and jazz hop instrumentals.

Nighttime Funk is a Beat Demons track laced with super heavy, ultra tick upright bass over turntablism and vocal samples with a looped trumpet sample. Hip hop meets acid jazz and funk on Nighttime Funk. You never go wrong with any songs coming from the Beat Demons.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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