Review: MC Overlord – Last Call

The MC Overlord – Last Call album seemed rushed. The production was not as good as on his last album The Black Theory which was released in 2006. He should have stuck with DJ Panda and Drez One. That would have made the album better. There weren’t as many good cuts as the last one. The good cuts were Pops, Kid Brotha, All I Want for Christmas Is a Black President, Last Call, Tarantino, I’m In Here, and The Flow. Still he manages to balance his personal songs with his club songs and his songs on politics such as All I Want for Christmas Is a Black President. A dark way to start off 2009.

For those who don’t know, MC Overlord is a record Ten time Austin Hip Hop Artist of the Year award winner with 10 independent CD’s currently under his belt. The Austin Statesman has called him “The Godfather of ATX Hip Hop”!

The intro explains who MC Overlord is along with his awards and achievements. Basically the intro serves as his bragging rights and serves as his comeback to rap. They wonder what happened to him. Listen to the knowledge before you preach your case. Listen before you comment.

It started off back in the day in the ATX with a man who had something to say. His name was MC Overlord. He was never a slacker. He was just working, rapping, grinding, and hustling in Austin, Texas. This was back in 1991. Overlord had a passion for rapping and music. Overlord’s in the motherfucking building spittin’ hard rhymes on the mic. He should have already been platinum by now but the music business is shady.

MC Overlord was 9x times Hip Hop Artist of the Year. The 1st to ever have a live band. Statistics don’t lie about a true MC. MC Overlord is a rap pioneer in Austin, Texas. You better know that.

The song Pops discusses how Overlord made his way through life without his father around. His father was an absentee father. Overlord grew to become a person despite his father not being around in his life. The song serves as a letter to his father as he calls him out for abandoning him.

Overlord was his youngest son. The son with clout. The one that the family still brags about. As a kid it was hard for him without his father around. Bein’ young with no funds.

Overlord ask his father, “How could you walk away from a son you was blessed with?” Of course Overlord was aware of his father’s situation. He lived during a time when you earned and ate crumbs. He knew the pressure his father was under and facing.

His father gambled on the side even though he had a family to feed and take care of. His father ignored their needs and his. In reality his father abandoned them with things got too rough. He wasn’t perfect. Almost nobody is. The end of Verse 1 is where Overlord tells his father, “You got a kid who will never be at all like you.” Overlord is a better man than him.

Overlord describes his kid brother on the song Kid Brotha. The song is short and sweet with touch in cheek humor.

His kid brother has got a knack for patience. He’s calm as they come. So it’s hard to anger or annoy him. They look different. But his soul is so hood. Short with his words like his name was Eastwood.

His style is breezy as he that kind of dude. People test him because they are jealous of him. That’s why there are people out there that want to hold him back. All the jealous cats. Even if you got to him you would run into Overlord.

He is smart and has knowledge that would make yo head hurt. He was born to shine as he has mad talent and skills, yo. When Overlord needs him, he comes right out of the blue. If he gets in a jam or is in trouble, his kid brother is there to help. It’s all relative. Overlord will the same for him as well. Nobody’s better than his kid brother. He don’t get mad. The kid just laughs. His brother is a free spirit. You never really know what his kid brother is about. He’s not arrogant but his confidence runs high. His kid brother is one of Overlord’s best friends.

Overlord shares to his listeners his desires of wanting a black president on All I Want for Christmas Is a Black President. Well, Overlord, you got your wish. The United Sates of America had a black president named Barack Obama. All I Want for Christmas Is a Black President is one of his more politically charged songs off the album. Overlord wants a black president who will give all African Americans the reparations they truly deserve. Overlord wants a black president who will give aid to African Americans and everyone in need.

I rate this album 3 1|2/5***(.

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