Review: Mac – Shell Shocked

Shell Shocked was one of Mac’s hardest albums to date. He tore that album up with his lyricism. That heavy lyricism of his is what attracted audiences. That and the guest appearances from No Limit label mates Snoop Dogg, Fiend, Mia X, and more. Mac – Shell Shocked is one of the best 5/5* New Orleans rap albums of 1998. This album was the most successful in Mac’s career.

Boss Bitch is the opener of the Shell Shocked album. This is a Mia X/Mac duo. Boss Chick is about Mac has a ride or die boss bitch/boss chick with him on his side.

Mac has got a boss bitch. That’s why I talk shit She might smack you if you call her a bitch. She like them real niggas and hate fakes. She recognizes snakes. When niggas shot at Mac, she busted back and shot right at them niggas. She carries his weapons such as gats. She is a boss bitch with that paper chaser got her job, got her own ride, and own her place. She is street educated. This boss bitch is ghetto fabulous drenched in her finest gear. Ice around fingers, her wrist, her neck, and around her ear.

She hates when them hoe’s be looking in his face. It’s cool to fuck and she loves grabbing on it in public. It’s something viscous when they have sex. Mac hits that pussy until it aches. And when she shakes when she is nutting. You ain’t shit if you was quick when you nutted.

She keeps her mouth shut when she gets interrogated by law enforcement. She ain’t a snitch bitch that’ll get you incarcerated. That’s why Mac loves her more than them other bitches. What them niggas need is a boss bitch.

All the time This boss bitch keeps her mind on money and business that applies to her all the time.
Mac confides in her because he knows she won’t betray him. She doesn’t care about Mac’s felonies or lengthy rap sheets. She showed and proved that she can hold water on these 40D breasts. They have been through so many war zones and made it back home.

Be All You Can Be inspires people to be all they can be. Life ain’t always guaranteed. Some of this aimed for you and me. But it’s a ghetto war. So be all you can be. We’re in serious times. This is one of the realist songs based on reality rap.

Life ain’t always guaranteed. There’s no guarantee. Some of this aimed for you and me. But it’s a ghetto war. So be all you can be. We’re in serious times.

Fiend explains how he cannot truly camouflage his true feelings inside with these lyrics, Even though we camouflaged I can’t disguise the pain we got inside/That’s why I ride all night/Smokin till I can’t smoke no more/Wanna forget some of the shit we saw/Wanna give money to the poor folk” This life shit is always so serious. That’s why your big brother Fiend gon holler.

Mac doesn’t want to question the Lord, but he is so curious He doesn’t know who to trust. He sleeps amongst killers. Mac has met beaucoup bitches and now it’s cool to fuck. He made it from nothing to having little change. Now niggas in his hood look at him strange. He lives for the moment because he is afraid of his future. Life is but a dream and we all are seeing. And if seeing is believing, don’t wake Mac up this evening.

Master P and Mac were representing No Limit for life on Soldier Party. They got their soldier rags on in this bitch. The song incorporated bounce music into gangsta rap.

They probably told you Mac is a soldier from uptown. I know you heard about the way Mac slings the iron when he comes around. That’s Mac. That’s the nigga. But that coochie ain’t nothin but meat on the bone. You gotta twerk it up and serve it up and leave it alone. And when you done pass it to me, or pass it to P. And let a real nigga hit em with some Ghetto D.

Master P is hog on these streets. He is that nigga from the South who lives his life fast. A nigga went world wide. Don’t play no games unless you wanna get popped. So represent your hood if you’re Bout It Bout It. Master P is a No Limit soldier so the Party Don’t Stop. Master P is a Third Ward nigga (3rd Ward) and he doesn’t give a fuck. And them hoes don’t like that. But he doesn’t give a fuck. Now the party’s buck wild and we don’t care. Pass the Hennesey and Weed. That’s How Ya Do Dat There.

The song uses catchy New Orleans style rap lyrics in the chorus which go,

[Master P & Mac]
Bitch get off me! Fuck them niggas!
Bitch get off me! Fuck them niggas!
Where the hot boys at?
Bitch get off me! Fuck them niggas!
Where the hot girls at?
Bitch get off me! Fuck them niggas!
Where them hot girls at?

[Chorus 1]
Them hoes don’t like that!
Say what?
Them hoes don’t like that!
Say what, say what?
Them hoes don’t like that!
Hot nigga, what!
Them hoes don’t like that!
Say what, what?

[Chorus 2]
Say bitch better have my money! Where they at? X 4

[Chorus 3]
Boot up or shut up! Fuck them niggas!
Boot up or shut up! Fuck them bitches!
X 2

[Chorus 4]
Hoes twerk somethin! Niggas show your soldier rags! X 4

Murder, Murder, Kill, Kill is one of the songs on the album. The song described how Mac was a lean mean killing machine.

Mac has a soldier rag on his eye and is wearing a camouflage soldier outfit. That nigga Mac was hip hop. That nigga Mac was gangsta. That nigga was tall. That nigga Mac was shell shocked. You wouldn’t want fuck with him. He hung with killas, soldiers, G’s (gangsters), thugs, and with them niggas who probably wanted to murder. Them niggas who probably wanted to murder him. Shit’s real on the battlefield. Mac will murder and kill on the battlefield. He is a young bad muthafucka.

Mac was born a soldier who was never was fake. He was real. Don’t cross him wrong. Ain’t no love for the other side. Don’t start beef with the Assassin Operation uptown got ghetto niggas shell shocked. Camouflaged down soldier Reeboks straight off the block. What?

The song Tank Dawgz is about how Mac, Fiend and C-Murder be them Tank Doggs from the 504 (New Orleans, Louisiana).

They won’t limit the truth. Tank Doggs roll with killers and dealers. They got niggas tweekin for shit like a dope fiend. C-Murder gets a buzz when he dip blunts. He makes moves with that nigga with the gold fronts. His shit is sellin’ like uncut dope and like coke. Fuck with camouflaged and you gon die tonight. If that bullet don’t kill you, then you gon’ bleed from a dog bite. No limit for life. TRU niggas stay cut.

Fiend wanted to live. Much skrilla is all he sees. All the niggas the tank can’t be with be the young killers. Tank Doggs make hustlers quick. TRU gang affiliated with two more niggas. Fiend chases blood like a piranha. His eyes are sleepy from that ganja. He left your neighborhood burning in flames just as a reminder.

Mac says now everybody wanna be a tank dogg because them tank dogg niggas get paid. Don’t nobody wanna be a tank dawg hater because them tank dawg haters get sprayed. They call Mac Mr. Camouflaged as he is a samurai warrior. He is kinda hostile in a war no doubt. Call a coroner as there are dead bodies in his Nautica van.

He lays back with the thirty gat in his hand. He came up from the dust never givin’ a fuck. Only tank dawgs understand.That’s the way it was and the way it got to be. Tank Doggs back up in them with the soldier shit.

Slow Ya Roll uses a nice lush processed electronic piano over hard gangsta ass beats. This is one of the calmer songs on the album. The song tells people to slow down and to slow their roll before they end up getting into trouble.

The song sampled the 1982 hit Junior – Mama Used To Say with modified keys and chords. The song even used modified lyrics from the original song replacing some of the words. Compare the lyrics.

Here are the lyrics to the hook of Mac – Slow Ya Roll.

Keep it on your mind
A nigga shoots the same
(Slow your roll)
You better slow your roll
What mama used to say
(Slow your roll)
Keep it up young man
A nigga shoots the same
(Slow your roll)
You better slow your roll
What mama used to say

Now here are the lyrics to the chorus of Junior – Mama Used To Say.

And mama used to say
“Take your time, young man!”
And mama used to say
“Don’t you rush to get old!”
And mama used to say
“Take it in your stride!”
And mama used to say
“Live your life!”

We Don’t Love ’Em is a New Orleans style cover of Snoop Dogg – Gin and Juice with updated production and beats from KLC. This song is to all the bitches and hoes. All that shit.

The bitches and hoes running around with them tights on trying to find them tricks. The bitches and hoes running behind that dick chasing niggas with brand names. I see you tight coming you making it harder for the right woman off in the club giving rappers a hug. Trying to get some love letting them put their hands on your glove. Off in the limo you and that slim ho. They hit the ass and let their partner and them know.

Wooo is a nearly 4 minute long No Limit Posse cut with Mia X and Snoop Dogg.

Mac explains how he gets women’s attention in his verse. Mac is the No Limit black sheep who has played the back seat for months. He stayed away from the Tanqueray, bitches, and blunts. Ain’t nothin changed. He’s got the rings and the gold chains. Now bitches wanna know his whole name. So he penetrates them and then he disintegrates them. He’ll let the next nigga date them. He spits voodoo to the most hard to get hoes.

You’re fuckin with the realest from lyrical spillers to killers, dealers, cap peelers, street guerrillas, villains, and chillers. No Limit made millions and paid killers to protect scrilla. So what the fuck you talk about winners? Mac represent the shell shocked because it’s in his veins.

I got my name Big Ed from what I put between hips Big Ed got his name “Assassin” from the way he empty out clips. He wears the No Limit soldier gear while thuggin at heart. Hittin niggas with throw aways. hen he tosses them. When Big Ed tosses them, he breaks them apart. Niggas get your guns up if you rowdy.

Rowdy gangsta is Snoop Dogg in this motherfucker, loco. So he can come through and keep it TRU. Snoop Dogg. The representer from Long Beach city. A TRU tank dog.

Mac contemplates about whether or not people want to see him fail or succeed. Mac stays away from shit that get niggas killed. That is what Can I Ball is about.

Mac explains why he left Uptown to make millions of dollars in Verse 1. “To make this million I’m bound to left uptown to go get it/Once I get it, I’m a split it with those who I’m committed/Like who, my nigga Wop, my girl Storm and the rest of my click/Everybody else be on some oh you ballin now (you ballin now)/Since you play me closer, I’m a get the toast, oh mark my word/Fuck em, fuck em if they don’t know what’s happen my rap/If a nigga know me, he don’t know me no more/Cause I don’t hang in the same streets no more, I gotta condo”

Money Gets explains how money gets you power but can also get you executed. Keep your eyes on your enemies and watch your friends.

They say money gets you power. But money is one of those things in life that will get you dead. Keep your eyes on your enemies and watch your friends. Money gets you respect. Money gets you sex but it can also get you dead.

Times done changed. How many homies out there chasing fortune and fame? A righteous man who learns to preach. An intelligent man he love to teach. But these ghetto wars got us trapped in. Crack sells, 1-8-7, 2-1-1’s, even the state pen. The penitentiary ain’t a place for anyone. (Well almost anyone.)

Mac explains how there will not be another dope rapper and dope lyricist like him in his song called The Game. These fake ass rap niggas thought Mac had lost it yet. He’s about to let these old bitch ass niggas and fake ass rap niggas know he’s got game in his veins. Experience a soldier whose heart pumps battle fluid.

The song uses vivid imagery and symbolism. Just read these lyrics. “Affiliated with cash, got my foot on the gas/Tailgatin real fast, through my sun roof my verbal gun shoot/Them scriptures, paint the pictures”

Mac wrote a murder in Braille. He is has uncut lyrical dope certified by his scale. Mac is the homicide rapper. There’ll never be another after Mac. The Mac’s rapture, I represent, That’s what he is on the map for and represents. Who the fuck gonna fuck with the scandalous? 1-8-7 on these mothafuckin amateurs of rap.

The lyrical killings don’t got no motives. Ain’t no way he can control it when this is inside of him is as deadly as them niggas. This shit is platonic. You know the ones who killed them boys and dumped the body in the river. Mac enters the place with a ski mask that covered his face. If they pass Mac the mic, he’s gonna catch a case. All the niggas he knows is shell shocked. Mac has got the game in his vein.

Mac was born in it and represented the Uptown. The sinister words of murder was the sons of bitches who was with it. Experience a soldier whose heart pumps battle fluid. Deadly as the Killer Kyle in your hamburger. Mac rocks the microphone strapped off with street ammo while wrapped up in street camo.

Camoflauged niggas never die. They drop hits.Mac is the bad nigga from the bricks. Mac spits the gospel to all of his mothafuckin apostles. Mac is as potent as the coke snorting in your nostrils. He is a minister with words of a sinister. Transform into Liu Kang and finish ya. Enemy lines are penetrated when Mac drops rhymes.

Callin’ Me is a true story about ghetto love. This shit that happened to a young nigga like Mac.

Mac met her at a fast food spot with her sista. She was looking at his lips like she wanted me to kiss Mac. They exchanged phone numbers. Off top she told Mac that she had a man. He wanted her and she knew. He was waiting for this nigga to slip up so she can be his boo.

Mac had a wet dream where he fucked her and she screamed his name. But when he woke up, all he had was some nut stains (cum stains).

Her baby daddy was useless and abusive. But Mac will treat her like she was exclusive. And even though All he gave her was drama. But she was clocking mad dollars despite the drama her baby daddy gave her. The pussy was just callin’ Mac. Every night he had to stop himself from falling. He had to stop it diggin in his pocket.

He was rushing home from a studio session to meet her where ever she was. This camouflage love got him missing flights every other night. She started stressing him and depressing him. And he remembers seeing hickies on her neck. In the end this girl was sleeping with another nigga. Mac felt betrayed which led him to let her go.

Memories is a nostalgic song which takes us back down memory lane. Specifically through the memories of C-Murder and Mac. They are sitting here reminiscing about the past. These are memories as a youngster.

C-Murder remember sway back in his project days. He was a little dirty motherfucker dreaming about a pair of j’s (Jordans). He was left alone in this world of crime. 5 kids with no father. His big brother was doing time. Just another thug nigga with thug figures. Now what the fuck is he supposed to do? This thug shit is in his blood.

Him and his bitch used to cut classes. Then he started smoking weed. C-Murder and Silkk caught their first charges for grand theft and trespassing. C-Murder never thought that he would make it out of the ghetto. This was because he was a young nigga living like the motherfucking Goodfellas. He went from the block to the motherfucking penitentiaries.

Mac was the neighborhood nigga who rapped. A little skinny motherfucker used to get punched and slapped. A little timid motherfucker never had an older brother. He learned rules of the ghetto as he was alone in the street. He was scared to die.

By the time he was in junior high, he was running from them niggas on that other side who was opening fire. That was the very night he became shell shocked. Paranoid, he used to steal and borrow. You gotta respect how he sported the same outfit today and tomorrow. Hand me downs in his closet. Roaches in his bed. Rap wasn’t paying the bills before he got signed to No Limit. And that’s real.

Meet Me At The Hotel explains the escapades Mac got into when he was at the hotel. You can meet Mac at the hotel. I hope you got your girls because he has got his dawgs with him. Mac is going to be in room 730. He likes them black, brown, and Creole. They some G’s who like to get pleased with no beginners. So no beginners please. Mac got his camouflaged drawers and rubbers. Make sure you bring an extra gimp for his little brother, It’s goin’ down. I know you got your soldier shit on.

Shell Shocked is a heavy lyrical rap song which explains how Mac became shell shocked. The song is notable for having heavy lyricism.Welcome to the battlefield where all them niggas are Shell Shocked.

Mac represents them Shell Shocked niggas. Them on the block with it cocked niggas and them cell block niggas. Them run up in your hot spot niggas. Them if we doin bad gimme what you got niggas.

Mac hits the stage with a vengeance quoting that murder sentence. That makes want to act a fool. Mac can take it to them streets or he can rap. Mac is the microphone assassin. So nigga don’t doubt him. You fuck around and get that can a murder out of him me. He can infiltrate whole cliques. Mac is a Tank Dog until they bury him. Bury him with camo and ammo in case the devil wanna start something.

All his weapons are camouflaged and disguised. He was born despised. Chemically grown for murder. Mac is on a mission with his right hand man Fiend. Undercovers fear them. Shell Shocked bout to go in that water with them when it’s time to ride. Harm them niggas who was about that danger. And there you have it.

Mac describes the paranoia that accompanies the rapper/drug dealer lifestyle on Paranoid. Always feeling like someone is out to get you or that someone has it out for you. This was a common theme among No Limit rappers back in the 90s.

The shots rang out. Mac went to the closet to get the thang out. His intention was to blow the next brain out. He had it cocked and armed before he got to the door. Who and why are the biggest questions at the moment. He is either trippin’ or they ate trying to shoot him.Them niggas spook him.

He closed his eyes and let the bullets fly loosely unloaded. The front door exploded. The barrel started burning his hand and he couldn’t hold it. Yet he reloaded and got another round first. It seems like the whole incident was pre-rehearsed. The date in front of him had read 12/31/1997. What he thought was gunshots was only loud fireworks.

The screams got louder as the crowd got bigger. Somebody screamed, “Oh I think he killed that nigga”
He dropped the trigger. His heart beat and knees got excessively weak. Mac had seen his back full of holes and his blood was fresh. He could smell death creeping through his innocent flesh. This was his brother who had gotten shot. That has got Mac paranoid.

Mac took a look through the rear-view mirror of his vehicle on Clearview Parkway. It was some niggas that his homie knew. But Mac wasn’t cool with them, As a matter of fact, he didn’t fool with them. He sped up. They were either following Mac or they just weeded. He took a left and they follow him. Mac told his brother get the hollows (hollow point tip bullets) as these niggas probably got a problem.

Mac and his brother are way across town somewhere in New Orleans, Louisiana on some unknown ground. Mac and his brother are paranoid. They are ducking through the Southern Fallsspooked out.
Them niggas 6 deep in the Land Rover Jeep were creepin’. They fucked up his weekend. So Mac started cussin’ like a Puerto Rican. Mac and his brother headed back to New Orleans after coming from Baton Rouge. Mac performed at a show in Baton Rouge.

He stepped on the gas, but they crept on their asses. This shit is happening fast. His brother blast at the clouds through the sun-roof. A innocent bird dropped. But that was just to let the niggas know they had the glock. But they didn’t stop.

Mac had seen the Superdome. So they knew they were almost home. He told his little brother to give him the cellphone to call his niggas. They are being chased by these unfamiliars probably trying to kill them. He felt relieved as he turned on Gentilly Boulevard.

Then Mac saw his niggas pop out a store in a black Impala. So he jumped out of his vehicle. He opened up the trunk and got the funk out. They opened up the doors slowly and raised their hands. They say they followed Mac because they was Mac’s number one fans and all they wanted was some autographs. That got him paranoid.

Two For One tore up Nobody Make A Sound with Mac, Magic, and Fiend. We got 2-4-1 up in this bitch. You know what I’m sayin’? These No Limit Soldiers committed a robbery during the song.

And if any of you motherfuckers move, y’all gon get your fuckin’ heads blown off. Ya heard me? Alright. Nobody move and nobody dies. Don’t think about breathing as they bring forth a line of fire to your ass. Everybody’s gonna die tonight. Magic patted the victims down. 2-4-1 duct taped the victims. And if anybody moved Fiend disintegrated them.

Magic says, “Alright, I’ma pat everybody down. So keep your heads to the floor. Whoever in charge of this bitch better point me to the door! I’m lookin’ for the loot, so me and my people can leave. But any noncooperation and one of you bitches gon bleed. Now I want the rest of y’all to watch them motherfuckers bleed. Throw down your rollex, your Gucci’s, your Versace, your new Jordan’s and your cellphones. And anything else that cost over a hundred dollars.”

They call him Magic because he is known for making his victims disappear. He is about that kind/type of drama. He’ll tell you, “I’m ’bout that drama.” Magic tells everyone, “Now everybody lay it down, nobody make a sound! I got fifty fuckin’ rounds!”

Lights are beaming and people are screaming. 2-4-1 is dumpin’ in the clip with the triggers. 2-4-1 is gonna do your ass like Jason or either like Freddy. So you better get ready. The time has come.

The time has come. Niggas better know this ain’t no motherfuckin’ game. Mac got the M-1 which he borrowed from Big Ed. Don’t got much time to tell about the murder tale to each one of y’all. You got what Mac wants. Either you give it up or he’ll split ya. Mac is the camouflage assassin.

Beef exemplifies how they done made beef with one of the realest niggas rollin known collectively as Mac.

What them niggas in here wanted to know. They done made beef with one of the realest niggas rollin. Now it’s time to go. Well beefing with Mac is like sleeping with lung cancer. You know you’re gonna die. You don’t know where. You don’t know when. You don’t know nothing.

But that nigga was camouflaged with a mac 10. He remembered the days, times, and faces. He remembers he was in the mall and this nigga just wasn’t respecting him. Mac knew the nigga he was with and the nigga he was with was telling him. This nigga continued. This nigga couldn’t be for real.

Mac never said a word because TRU niggas don’t be yapping off at the mouth. He must take Mac for some kind of hoe. He is just full of that shit or just tryin to get his nuts off. Now Mac has beef with this nigga. Somebody’s gonna die tonight. As soon as Mac leaves the studio, he’ll be headed to his street.

Mac was at his partner’s house peeping out these beats that he made and produced. Mac was freestyling and chilling, Just thinking about some ways to get paid. Some new nigga Mac never met came around. This new nigga was acting strange. Mac was a product of the streets. He was taught that you never ever ever sleep with beef.

Mac and the No Limit crew show their compassionate side on Camoflauge Love. Mac showed us that even soldiers and thugs have a compassionate side. When you are making love to the Camouflage Assassin, you call it Camoflauge Love. Cherishing every moment like the last. Up and downs got you sheddin’ tears. Mac is just amazed by the site of seeing her naked. That is just his soft side talking. It ain’t no secret that he is an addict for her touch. Camoflauge love all night.

Empire is a freestyle song where Mac calls out record labels for cheating artists out of their publishing royalties. Read these lyrics for example.

I’m the one who slash rappers and be fucking they bitch
I hate rappers who hate other rappers for making it
Record labels be dickin niggas, niggas just be takin it
Fakin it with videos, with pretty hoe’s and limos
But callin No Limit tryin submit them fuckin demos
Fake ass niggas be hollin “keep it real”
I got family nigga, Keep it real to them god damn bills

Mac calls out rappers for selling their souls in these lyrics.

As a matter of fact they should’ve told you I was nothing nice twice
My rollie was dipped in ice, my g-ride was payed out
Crib was layed out before my record was out
Most of y’all go gold and never see a bank roll
A hundred g’s in the hole cause you sold your soul
When your broke, your yellin at TRU to hip-hop shit
I’m known damn well all you niggas tryin to get rich
East, west, middle, south nigga we all the same
We all speak the same shit but with different type of slang

My Brother is a song Mac wrote about his little brother for his little brother. This song is the closer of the album.

Sometimes we tend to say things that we don’t really mean. That happens between brothers.
They both shared poverty and eating commodity. His little brother was in the house sharpening his art skills. And Mac was in the backyard doin’ cartwheels. Mac used to envy his little brother because he was intelligent. But that was irrelevant. He was in the good schools, Mac went to the gutter with the thugs. When a nigga shot dice and all the teachers did drugs.

Now even though they look at life differently. His probably had the better view. He did homework and Mac did bitches. He was plotting on how to pass and Mac was plotting on some riches. It showed in the report card. He paid attention to the teacher.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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