Review: Cin-A-Mon – Tople$$

Cin-A-Mon – Tople$$ is a spicy dish of rap music with that Dirty South flavor produced by ATV Recordz in-house producer Madd Creole. Austin rap can’t get any better than this. Cin-A-Mon can be described as the Hispanic Lil Kim. The album includes the underground classics Top Notch Freak, Lowrider Swangin, We Don’t Care, Sweet Thang, Tople$$, and Fuck U Hatas.

Lowrider Swangin is an underground classic in Austin rap. The song is an ode to lowriders. Car lovers and gear heads will love this song. Don’t those Hondas look good? Coming through 3 wheeling with the hydraulics switch turned on. Lowrider swangin.

Fuck U Hatas is the raunchy packed rap song serving as a “fuck you” to all the haters out there who are envious and jealous of Cin-A-Mon.

Cin-A-Mon sings an updated rendition of Chaka Khan – Sweet Thing on Sweet Thang. The synths are extra thick and loud. Madd Creole was killing those synths in the 2000s era.

Cin-A-Mon describes herself as a top notch freak on Top Notch Freak. The synths and beats are all over the place. Madd Creole was killing those synths in the 2000s era.

Cin-A-Mon is a Grade A top notch freak. She is the type of bitch your momma doesn’t want to meet. She’ll put you in a trance and take you there. To show you why your momma always said beware. She’ll be fuckin’ all night long. She is single.

Tople$$ is another underground classic in Austin rap. The song is a representation of how there is no limit to what you can achieve and accomplish. There is so much you can do in this world. Tople$$ samples Club Nouveau – Why You Treat Me So Bad.

Cin-A-Mon stays topless just to make ends meet as a stripper. She throws in many different style but she stays on beat. She can go many miles. Her plans are to take things to the top level. You can’t top this. No matter how hard you try, you won’t reach her level. Cin-A-Mon is on another level and can’t be stopped. She is too hot to handle. Some people call her heartless because she shows no love.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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