Review: Z-Ro – Rohammad Ali

Z-Ro proved that he was still a contender in rap’s boxing ring with his album Z-Ro – Rohammad Ali. He proves he has not lost his touch with songs such as Get Off My Dicc, Friends Ain’t Friends, Make It Bacc Home, and He’ll Be There. These are some Southern gangstafied songs. Now the only downsides are the overuse of trap beats and him using autotune in songs such as Right Here, Stop Roachin’, We Gotta Do Better, and Goin Up. Overall this album is a decent effort. This is one of Z-Ro’s more well known albums.

Get Off My Dicc uses a dark eerie warped soundscape over hard hitting beats and bass that will rattle your speakers. Z-Ro tells haters and biters to stay off his dick.

Get off Z-Ro’s dick. That’s where your bitch belongs. He’s the shit. He’s got these haters pissed like kidney stones. Balling is a thing that’s on his agenda because he was a born winner. He wants to see so much ice (jewelry). So much cash in that money printer.

Z-Ro has got his homeboys still serving packs they cook that work like a Sunday dinner.Chopping trees like timber. Y’all boys ain’t flippin work. You ain’t trapping. In H-Town pouring up. Z-Ro got your girl with him. She is going because she is on his dick. That’s funny I know. Z-Ro will laugh to the bank, but his bank account ain’t no joke.

Won’t you get off Z-Ro’s dick and tell your bitch to come here? You can’t afford to drink what he is drinking. Go get you some beer. Just because you checked him over there doesn’t mean you checking none here.You giving out ass whoopings over there, but you can get you one here.

Z-Ro is about his business, He is smoking his dope and pimping these bitches like he’s supposed to. If he’s through with a bitch, he’s through with a bitch. He ain’t tryna give her no closure. You standing there looking like a scarecrow. You scared than a bitch, boy. I knew you was a hoe.

Z-Ro hopes his girl doesn’t realize he left his phone at home. So that way she doesn’t get suspicious on his activities or his whereabouts. That is the storyline behind Make It Bacc Home. The clef in his rhythms fit the drum patterns. As do the half notes.

Z-Ro has to make it back home. Z-Ro hopes his girl doesn’t realize he left his phone at home. So that way she doesn’t get suspicious on his activities or of his whereabouts. He’s gotta trunk full of fed time, So he’s gotta get this gone. This shit’s so wrong.

He can’t even buy draws. So he’s gotta shop in disguise. All he is really worried about is when another bag is gonna come. And if you didn’t help him earn it, don’t ask for none. You ain’t getting shit. They already know he wants a Bourbon. He ain’t gotta ask for one. Z-Ro is so real if he dresses like a fuck nigga, he still couldn’t pass for one.

Let me tell you why Z-Ro don’t give a fuck. Z-Ro doesn’t give a fuck because people are always hating on him and talking shit about him. So he doesn’t give a fuck. If they hating on ya, cool. Let them hate. You should never think about giving up. Keep stunting on ’em like Z-Ro and Birdman. He will not accept a check if it fucks with his manhood. No. He ain’t with that. Don’t pass him the reggie. You know he won’t hit it. These ain’t loner keys. These are owner keys.

He just pulled a 84 Beretta out of the shop. Should he tint it up or leave it glass? If he’s gotta kill ’em, he will kill ’em dead, He would never kill ’em a lil bit. This shot will blow you motherfuckers out. The score is ridiculous. His life is like a movie.

He’ll Be There uses a touch of soul and rap thus creating a soul rap combination. Z-Ro interpolates the chorus from The Spinners’ 1973 hit “I’ll Be Around”. The song deals with the subjects of jealous, envy, hatred, and betrayal.

Z-Ro ain’t too good with that dealing with ungrateful cats. You got the nerve to blame it all on him. Even though he said he’ll be there. He has been around the world a couple times and it was all on him. Damn, you know what? He is good with that. When you couldn’t stand up, you used to fall on Z-Ro. And you hear him everywhere you go. You’re sick of him. Another summer on top is what it’s finna be. I bet you upset every time he gets the victory, fame, and notoriety. We know you weren’t doing nothing. And it ain’t never gonna stop.

Wouldn’t it be great if we were all millionaires? Big bosses in every chair. The whole room smells successful. Not just respected at home. We’d be respected everywhere. That’s how it is for Z-Ro. And maybe that’s the reason you’re mad. Bird ass niggas, stop complaining about your bird crumbs.

Goin Up that Z-Ro’s success will not cease because of some unsupportive haters. Goin Up explains how things used to be in Z-Ro’s life before he got famous.

Z-Ro remembers the way it used to be. Money used to look at him funny. He wasn’t used to having money. He tried to holla at hoes. But hoes was so rude to him. Z-Ro was like, “I ain’t rich right now, bitch. But I’m soon to be.” Z-Ro is comin dine in his Cadillac Biarritz. They say money makes him act funny. Might as well go get some more.

There was one time Z-Ro used to have this bad bitch. This bitch used to laugh at him. He remembers this shit. Now he saved her phone number in his phone under the contact information card as “I can’t remember this bitch”. Things are different now that he is rich.

In these lyrics, Z-Ro disses a person named Mr. Lee. “Mr. Lee you my nigga but I been knew you was a bitch/All that stealin you was doin how the fuck I’m still rich/I’m goin up”

Shit done changed because now he has so much money on in his account. He ain’t got time for y’all no mo’. He remembers way back when he knocked on the door but y’all wouldn’t let him in. Throwing money in the sky and poppin bottles gettin high is what he does now.

Z-Ro pays respect and tribute to long deceased rapper Nipsey Hussle in these lyrics at the beginning of Verse 2.

[Verse 2]
RIP to Nipsey his hustle was so strong
The marathon will continue real niggas won’t postpone
It ain’t a Nipsey in every city, there are no clones
Just be yourself and if you’re able then put your bros on
Got 200 on the dash, I’m doin half of that

RIP to Nipsey Hussle. His hustle was so strong. The marathon will continue because real niggas won’t postpone their hustle. There ain’t a Nipsey in every city. There are no clones.

Just be yourself and if you’re able then put your bros on. Z-Ro is doing half of that. They like “Ro ain’t that the .50 how the fuck you packin that?” They don’t respect you at the bottom. They ignore you in the middle. Then they hate you when you get on top. Z-Ro had been up here for a minute and he don’t plan on coming down Get off his dick because this shit won’t stop. He’s goin up.

These lyrics explain how unsupportive people can be regardless of what position you are in at any given point in your lifetime. “They don’t respect you at the bottom/They ignore you in the middle/Then they hate you when you get on top”

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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