Review: Trinidadian Deep ‎– Soca Electric

Review: Trinidadian Deep ‎– Soca Electric

Trinidadian Deep ‎– Soca Electric is a perfect deep house single released in 2020 on 12” vinyl format. The single is laced with Soca music and deep house. Soca music meets deep house, tribal house, and electro on the Soca Electric single. Every single composition on the single is simply relaxing. Trinidadian Deep arranged and produced his compositions in an efficient manner. Trinidadian Deep is known for some of the best house along with several others. Ron Trent served as the producer for this single.

Soca music meets electronic music on the title track Soca Electric. The song uses a fusion of African beats and calypso rhythms. The steel drum and bongos give the song a Caribbean feel and relaxing mood in spite of being upbeat in tempo. Trinidadian Deep pays homage and tribute to calypso music on Soca Electric. Soca simply means the “Soul of Calypso” and is closely related to calypso music which originated in Trinidad and Tobago. Soca Electric is a highlight off of this single.

The Edge uses much light production and beats than the other 2 songs for some reason. The piano solo is what makes this song beautiful. Add that in with those orgasmic breaths and hand claps. Words that can be used to describe this song are climatic, orgasmic, serene, mellow, and relaxing.

Trinidadian Deep is known for producing some of the best house music out there currently which is exactly what he did on the song Future Travels. For example, take how he blended the beach waves you hear at the beginning of the song in with distortion. The beach waves blend in perfectly with the lush light distortion. The marimba fits and blends perfectly with calypso music on this composition.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!


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