Review: Trinidadian Deep – Depths Of Sound

Trinidadian Deep – Depths Of Sound is one of the most overlooked house releases of 2020. This house release uses fresh organic percussion and real deep house sounds. Trinidadian Deep proves himself to be a virtuoso of house music as he always masters production perfectly. This single will take you on a music journey and safari through deep house music as all of the recordings rely solely on real deep percussion sounds.

Balls Deep is a climatic deep house song that will definitely make you achieve an orgasm as the song has an erotic vibe. The rainstick and house beats are what make Balls Deep erotic and climatic. Sweltering beats from the motherland of Africa are used as well.

Project 5am is a relaxing deep house song with a rhythmic percussion selection which uses beats from the motherland of Africa. Real deep percussion sounds are what stand out about this song. This song is out of this world and on point.

Flux is a trance-like house song that is out of this world and will take you on a musical journey through house music. This Trinidadian Deep recording relies heavily on electronic synths and not so much percussion or beats as is the case with the other songs on this single. Flux leans heavily on funky electronic synths and funky bass which Trinidadian Deep seems to be obsessed with.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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