Review: Steal Vybe – Past, Present, Future EP

Past, Present, Future EP is one of the more overlooked EPs in Steal Vybe’s discography. Despite getting positive feedback and favorable reviews from DJs, music critics, and fans alike, this EP of theirs sadly got very much overlooked. However this fresh 3 track EP of theirs displays incredible craftsmanship of electronic sounds as always. Steal Vybe included a songstress and singer named Monday Michiru this time. This EP was released as a digital download in FLAC format in 2015.

Cast In Your Spell is laced with many tribal house beats, deep house synths, and lounge sounds. Tribal house meets deep house on the song Cast In Your Spell. This song can do numbers on the dance floor or living room. Overall this song is badass!

Changes In Life is a flute driven deep house song backed by keyboard chords and house beats. The flute is what makes this song so dope. The song deals with the subject of change. Change is already here. Just look at the signs. Change is going to come. We hear this all the time. Time is always changing. Change can be positive or negative. This song can help you cope with change.

Where Were You When is another excellent song of theirs that got extremely overlooked. The title of this song is a dead giveaway of indicating there will be nostalgic vibes of yesteryear or memories of the past.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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