How the 2001 movie The Fast and The Furious set an unprecedented follow for street racing.

The 2001 movie The Fast and The Furious (Fast and Furious) set an unprecedented following for street racing movies. This movie is what made street racing and drag racing become popular with the mainstream. Movies such as Tokyo Drift, Speed Racer, and 2 Fast 2 Furious soon followed the formula setting the trend for the 2000s. This 2001 movie is what played a key role in the expansion of street racing and the joy of owning a hot rod on wheels. This movie was the beginning of an unprecedented movie series.

This movie had some of the memorable scenes of the 21st century. Some of the most memorable scenes were made in this movie.

For example, some of you might remember when Johnny Tran was in his RJ de Vera (Honda S2000) was racing against a Honda Integra GSR.

Alice Deejay – Elements of Life was the song playing during the first race where a Honda Integra GSR was competing against Johnny Tran in his RJ de Vera (Honda S2000). The scene where they were racing against each other. Some might not remember that Johnny Tran had supercharged his Honda S2000 prior to the first race. Now not many people realize this but the race was 10 seconds long. This is because the director wanted you to see it from everyone’s perspective.

Another example is Brian experienced the rush and thrill of street racing for the first time when he races Dominic around the very beginning. This is how Brian begins getting caught up in conflict that is resolved in late-night car races.

Now the scene with the ending race which is collectively known as the Dominic Vs Brian Ending Race a scene that is forever iconic and is one of the most memorable movie scenes of the 21st century. The fact that there is no music and hardly any dialogue used make the scene more serious and appealing to audiences. This scene made the 2001 movie The Fast and The Furious a ride or die type of movie. This scene will always be a classic.

The Toyota Supra Rebuild Scene was an example of how deep the teamwork ran with the auto mechanics team. They gave each other useful advise that was meaningful and beneficial for the future.

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